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Address: CITY CENTER WEST 7201 W. LAKE MEAD BLVD. Spokane, Washington 89128
Company Name: Mapleton License of Spokane, LLCListen Online

You are viewing the details for KBBD FM 103.9 which is located in Spokane, Washington. You can contact KBBD FM 103.9 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to KBBD FM 103.9 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Spokane and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for 103.9 Bob FM.

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    or you can find it offered through third-party providers. I a weekend of big dogs versus the underdogs in college football lopsided games they are becoming more and more common with other college sports reporter Rachel bought me here to explain why in all for a little bitty spread one oh one the kids you know this stuff in your sleep together so refreshing refresher course here that a spread refers to see exactly what will it actually reflects public sentiment about how why did the scoring margin might be in a game for member on the odds makers in Vegas are not saying Eckstein is given the White team by X number of points there saying we think about half of that to come down on one side and half on the other and in a good money on the onthe percentage and the Admin medal but the bigger okay I got Jack to the games we should be marveling at going into this weekend when it comes to this thread are what with agreed to offer us up first when UCLA New Mexico State forty two point spread the Bruins are favored by UCLA aam sect was Ohio State Florida and am right the Bach as a favor by fifty one point in their huge to me and as a typical wedding spread is maybe seven racer two-and-a-half points iPhone heed these are but that the Granddaddy of them Allan’s universe of Miami Hurricanes against the ban on state was then a small team from Savannah Georgia sixty points they ever had a sixty point spread before yes there was one last check CIA also involving financing and sixty five points is not unprecedented but aam ICT BP but that like Nevada that yet AB I aam enough for some time and money so that they didn’t get into this accidentally Savannah State signed up for this match up and and can be lucrative and so what you know if you didn’t meet you there looking featured on why this is happening and is this a good thing for those of us who wanted you really wanna watch teams of that upside is that I make is it that when I am I just fine but I did what most people don’t even and then sleep over the first quarter right um when the reasons why this is happening is because the BCS which runs the national championship game changes criteria several years ago and eliminated strength of schedule from consideration as of this money going to bowl BusinessInsider yes we’re going to the highest rainfall docking PNC of Elia also change a rule that allowed on top division teams to come to a victory against the Lord edition team toward their goal eligible number of witnesses of the sun’s we’ve lowered the bar and encourage opposition teams to scuttle games like that’s just don’t want to watch the game stretch new we of so many in your pet competing things for our times right everyone was like asking why we watch with bubble like that’s what they saw no were doing some hiking exists any new thinking is really much heat over in the first part of why why do this I know well yes that’s a good bet to question a lot of people are asking themselves I think that’s one of the reasons why you’re seeing bands pushback my attendance is flattening nationwide on in college football and or sing dance play more but ticket prices sliding pleases cannot lor that differences much for the is um really tight games write your beef on to gains of the ?? ????2. compared with a loss of? and you have no idea how to do that, a professor who researches retirement income at the American College of Financial Services in Bryn Mawr, Photo: SaffronartA balcony off the master bedroom offers an expansive view, Photo: SaffronartFourteen trees originally on the land.
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She declined to say if the carrier had any plans to change its policy. ??? ??? the American but levels of the free Syrian me the forces of President busstop outside of the top of that that that is Daimler Optum’s minimal allies among Sunni Islamists there’s no must explains into fastening page one story today the growing band of fanatical al Qaeda rebels tried that in the struggle into a holy war attacking the local Shiite population in all too often to make downs of the most secular rebels he joins us now from Istanbul new offensive in on the show things like I mostly don’t pay a pretty picture for anyone hoping for smooth trends that transition to democracy in Syria so can the rebels in their allies the US of design studies to to neutralize these extremists the situation than any president in eastern Syria as quickly tumbled out of control especially the and when it comes to the free Syrian army and the Syrian opposition coalition which are to Western by spotting in the question you ask is actually the question that were hearing loudly in any concert the concert uncertain wait for the first time come from reference the Coot who added that and they’re putting into their backers in the press is saying thanks to help the sector Gina are facing another problem now and it’s it’s the extremists and ended the presenter also saying that they’re started using the rise of outside every minute since you step back and separate themselves from these elements which BCE that is scaring the West awe from from giving them more help the main global warming the divestment opened as a three front war which is a fascinating concept that could in fact be says that allies and upcoming second the rebels to take the fight against the Islamists and what might that do for us on well we’re certainly not at that stage yet what we’re seeing is the beginning of the very organic local and backlash against al Qaeda linked militants Korea Munnetra started enriching on the Syrian battlefields and currently twenty twelve we were welcomed the preserve of as their numbers were few words there weren’t as many foreign fighters and many worse here in jihad this or who have experience fighting against coalition forces in Iraq and then just enough to their fightback on joining the rebels urgency insurgency against the regime at that time they were there effects of of of battlefield Clears they’re doing a great job with social services anywhere and disrupting people’s lives and that’s quickly changed over the past six months we haven’t seen be a bid to organize conservative counterinsurgency effort to get that this is rubble rebels say they’re planning to do when they are both definitely turning to the West’s for help about now the very present conferences and soon applies to twelve million citizens fighting insurgents maintenance and development unit in the lead to your story lays out some of the concerns in a very poignant why this description of the the fries are using sponge and the filth the this of these Islamists were using about the crackdowns against Shiites and the others to sue over rundown of some of the things that are being done than are really into getting people nervous incentive to pay for these people I started seeing in the North is back I’m to be a big group called Islamic State of Iraq and that sandwiches the century it as a guide and your Opko or having reinvented reinvented itself in Syria I mean they’re taking very good strategic and military that decisions for example when the scene Army rebels needed only to chew on frontline a basically occupy about reasons are offering service in Sun Valley there they’re spreading their groups are also encroaching very close to the Turkish border which which you know what’s the event of great concern for Turkish authorities there actively trying to see some of the major border crossings there had been in the hands of free Syrian army or Western from the friendly rebels for over a year now hands you know we see they’re starting to actively try to win over hearts and minds and in the spread of Syria over the eighteen hole in the town a month or so ago we saw them carrying a wider mountain competitions under eating competitions with children I’m you know we can say that it had any success so far in fact the more you hear locals complain that the more they carry out these activities the more you your local complain but they’re they’re definitely a aam and in spreading their influence impress but here from some new flooring that exists the border regions and take and elsewhere was the two of them like the fear that people have that colonization a new study good indeed scientists in front of coffee in not so much out of respect for these people but because they are fearful of reprisals in the way that that that the Pakistanis had been into and tell about pretty shocking and quick change in the border region III the week they are pretty down there for two-and-a-half years known as the first time but I hear Syrian consultancy I don’t go that don’t add on a path to the throne is an ISO ISI s chuckling there we can go and study announced the consulting concern in peoples are changing their lifestyle believe the look of the the the the heathen the movements they can make I think a major concern as part of the story of love the fact that even the Western bought three Syrian army has innovate and movements problem in these areas because they’re also going by science I’m so you know that you expect the rebel arms offer e is the can really get the freedom of movement there is less control I know this or that I will thank you so much and no choices and great story ?? ? ?? ?? ????? ? 4? 6 1900 ?
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