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Address: Wright, Wyoming
Company Name: Legend Communications of Wyoming, LLC

You are viewing the details for KDDV FM 101.5 which is located in Wright, Wyoming. You can contact KDDV FM 101.5 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to KDDV FM 101.5 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Wright and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for The Drive.

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    First, many voters can remember the bossiness, arrogance and sheer bad temper of the Brown years. Compared to that, Cameron and Clegg retain a novelty and grace which many even-handed and reasonable people can appreciate and admire.
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    But Weisberg continues with the same idea when he defends Rubin

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    Another lot joined the growing green movement, which has been dominated by the far Left ever since. As I

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    On Tuesday, Esquire fired back, arguing in that McCloskey, in fact, was wrong. They said that the SEAL was not automatically eligible for the five years of free health care. They also admitted that due to an editing error the online version of the story did not include a crucial paragraph.
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    The initial was based on financial information provided to DiNapoli

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    “There’s a tendency to say, whenever agreement isn’t reached, that it’s both sides’ fault,” the aide said. “If we reach out and we put entitlements on the table and are serious about it, and the Republicans still can’t get to ‘yes,’ there is no other answer left other than Republicans just can’t get to ‘yes.’”
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    I explained to Lauren why the names were in the magazine and how “Lauren Rousseau” was one of the brave teachers at the school and that her mother, Teresa, was somebody I worked with for years at The News-Times in Danbury.

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    Sanborn recommends taking about four to eight weeks for the experiment (or as long as you can comfortably be away from your job), even if it’s unpaid leave. “The truth is that unpaid leave will give you the best opportunity to practice, since you’ll have to really think about how to fund living expenses without a steady paycheck,” she says.

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    “I think we could potentially get on a slippery slope, where people will be picked on because of how they look as opposed to what they have done, and that is, I think, something that we have to try to avoid at all costs,” he said.Senators working to draft a new immigration border security amendment to the immigration bill fell short late Thursday night and will try again Friday morning.
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    Both Murphy and Blumenthal — still smarting from their failed campaign to persuade the Senate to expand federal background checks for gun purchasers — said senators who voted April 17 against the background check bill will now have a chance for redemption by supporting federal aid for a new building.

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    But not everyone in the cast is as capable as Pill of distracting us from the script’s awkwardness. The complicated plot, involving the whereabouts of a doll stuffed with something extremely valuable and no doubt illegal, is shot through with implausibilities. (Even Susan’s blindness, explained in a joke about her doctors being able to fix everything but her headlights, seems contrived.)

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    The medical center’s executives had a long and fraught relationship with Kempner. Some details became public after one of Kempner’s former patients sued him and Duke in 1993. Sharon Ryan alleged that between 1970 and 1987 the doctor whipped her bare buttocks with a riding crop when she violated Kempner’s strict rules by gaining weight. Kempner said in a deposition he thought the risk to his patients’ lives was so great if they deviated from his regimen that it warranted harshness.
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    In a statement Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated a warning for Russian nationals not to travel to any country that has extradition treaties with the United States if they suspect they are wanted by U.S. law-enforcement agencies.
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    “I’m hearing the gunfire in the hallway, and in my mind I’m thinking I’m the first classroom … I’m thinking we’re next,” Roig told ABC’s in an emotional interview Friday.

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    “We were shocked by that,” said , as he sat in the New Canaan office of Voices of September 11th.

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    Tokoto provided most of his value as a tough defender last season. Hell look to score more this year, especially with a renewed confidence in his mid-range jumper. Tokoto made 1 of 11 attempts from 3-point range as a freshman. He made most observers cringe when he stepped to the free-throw line as well, shooting a horrid 10-for-26 (38.5 percent).
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    About half the states have agreed to expand their Medicaid programs to most low-income residents in 2014. Under the law, the federal government picks up nearly the entire cost of that expansion for the first several years.

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    For the campaign, James worked for months with one consultant, then dumped him in favor of his current team. He also has plowed through money he’s raised $332,000 but already spent $489,000 interesting for a candidate who champions the city’s need to restrain spending. James is clearly a less-experienced manager, but this is, after all, part of his pitch: that he’s the person to break a calcified culture.

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    Over the course of his 17 years on the City Council, Farrell championed South African divestment, neighborhood organization and an ambitious Jobs With Peace initiative; he also fended off two recall campaigns and allegations that he steered thousands of dollars in city money to his ex-wife (the district attorney closed that investigation without filing charges).

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    His books are meant to be helpful for parents, he said. “They don’t speak to crime or violence,” Robison said. Rather, they’re about how those with Asperger’s can live fulfilling lives.
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    Hilton recently announced that he was. Apparently he went house hunting in the Big Apple this weekend, when Gaga said fans tipped her off about him viewing an apartment in her building. That’s when she lost it and lashed out on Twitter on Sunday.
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    I found out about it because the consulting group called me it was very flattering. I was sitting at my desk in Riverside County and they’d given me a call and said, “We have this opening and we’d like you to consider applying for it.” I thought to myself, this is the only job I’d consider leaving Riverside County for.
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    I suppose on another level we should have some sympathy for David Cameron and his advisors. You can plan and strategise to your hearts content. But there are some times when you simply catch a nasty one.

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    The Belgian was certainly well beaten when Southampton took the lead from a Lallana corner, needlessly given away through a mix-up between Tour

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    The public should be thanking climate scientists for an open and honest assessment of uncertainties, which

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    Even as downtown Los Angeles enjoys a renaissance and Walt Disney Concert Hall collects deserved accolades as it turns 10 years old, elsewhere we are seeing more and more support for the idea that every major pocket of wealth in Southern California deserves its own concert hall or performing arts center.
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    Clearly aware of the risk that conservative hardliners would use that fact against Liz Cheney, they added: “Compassion is what is called for, even when there is disagreement about such a fundamental matter and Lizs many kindnesses shouldnt be used to distort her position”.
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    These are valid points, but Portman’s evolution is hardly uncommon and it’s hardly unique to Republicans. President ‘s declaration of support for gay marriage last spring came about, he said, after considering “members of my own staff who are incredibly committed in monogamous, same-sex relationships.” ‘s announcement Monday that she, too, was hopping on the marriage-equality bandwagon, included the words: “My views have been shaped over time by people I have known and loved.”
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    Four ecstatic hours later, the universe having been unveiled in rapturous music and imagery and movement, the Einstein chorus was back, counting again over that that same bass line. A speech about love was read. All seemed ineffably right with the world. When Glass, Wilson and choreographer Lucinda Childs came out to take a bow, they received one of the most thrilling, thunderous ovations in the history of L.A. Opera.
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    Prime Minister Stephen Harper, however, said the government hadn

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    The presidential palace was said to be equally as packed throughout much of the day. Sitting officials are not allowed to run for president or vice president, and all day long Cabinet ministers and governors showed up to have Hamid Karzai sign their resignations so they could sign on to a presidential ticket, Afghan officials said.Two smaller drug makers with similar products haven

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    Youth unemployment rates are lowest in Germany and Austria, with 7.7 percent and 8.7 percent, and highest in Europe’s southern economies, which have been hit hard by the debt crisis and government austerity measures. They were around 57 percent in Greece and 56 percent in Spain.
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    This time, with Argentina and Colombia already qualified, Ecuador, Chile and Uruguay are vying for the remaining two direct berths and November

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    The move could help to attract more mobile advertisers. Though mobile ads were a big concern for Facebook’s investors even before the company’s initial public offering last May, some of the worry has subsided as the company muscles its way into the market.
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    If a person receives a call like this, they should hang up and provide no information to the caller. Unfortunately, if someone has been tricked into releasing information, they should contact their bank immediately. 1st Source clients should stop in or talk to their neighborhood banking center, or call the client service center at (800) 513-2360 (after hours call (800) 554-8969). The card will be cancelled and a new one issued. Clients should also review their account history to ensure no fraudulent transactions have taken place.
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    And if bodies fill the seats that have been purchased for the game, there will be an impressive crowd to witness UM

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    The war in Vietnam, by contrast, was financed through the normal budget cycle. This meant that some programs in the base budget were reduced or eliminated to pay for war costs, forcing the services to decide whether to build an unnecessary facility or buy another plane, ship, or tank.
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    Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart, who made headlines in May after appearing at a Victorian parliamentary inquiry into a child sex abuse case of another priest, apparently was not the one who requested the order, “but someone else unknown has gone over his head and contacted the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith,” Mr Reynolds said.
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    Ed Balls attempted to clarify Labour’s fiscal policy, and partly succeeded. A Labour government would “work within” the departmental spending totals the Coaltion will set for 2015/16, he declared. But he reserves the right to spend more on other bits of the budget, namely capital projects. And when asked about the past, he insisted that the last Labour government had not spent or borrowed too much. Listen carefully and you can hear CCHQ chuckling over that last point.
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    Humphries displayed an easygoing personality at Monday’s introductions, playfully joking at times, including when last season’s wrestling match with Rondo was referenced. Ainge busted his chops about being pushed around too easily by a diminutive point guard and Humphries playfully fired back by recounting the story of how Ainge during the 1994 playoffs. Quipped Humphries, “[Ainge and Elie] are friends now, so it’s all good [with him and Rondo].”
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    Hissuicide was preceded by doubtlessly stressful, unproven and strenuously deniedallegations of sexual assault on a 17-year-old boy; his suicide note cited adesire to spare his family ??further embarrassment??. Perhaps commentators tookthis as an admission of guilt (I don’t). Perhaps that’s why the news wasreacted to with such precious little sensitivity, and why he’s now rememberedin such a one-dimensional manner.
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    On smaller projects, over 90 percent of permits are typically issued over the counter in one day or less. These permits denote more than $160 million of work or 35 percent of the total local, annual development investment.Statement as issued Friday by the city of Fort Wayne:
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    Austin opened the profile by asking himself whether he should call the Conservative leader “David” or “Dave”? And that was very much the theme of the half-hour: Who is David Cameron? Does his privileged background render him incapable of relating to ordinary people? Is he a conviction politician or just an ambitious young man with his heart set on becoming Prime Minister? Austin worried away at these questions, only to confess at the end that he was none the wiser.
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    Allen’s behaviour here really is so intellectually dishonest it almost makes me want to give my Oxford degree back. He’s acting like some drunken slapper who has put out on the night, but then the morning after suddenly feels she ought to come over all ladylike

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    “I think this will help allay fears and is pretty good news,” said Barbara Coombs Lee, president of , the leading advocacy group for physician-assisted dying. “Stephen Hawking is probably the most famous person with a disability in the world.”
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    The national police gave televised reaction immediately, highlighting the fears of an escalation.
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    22. You agree to indemnify and hold MarketWatch harmless from and against any claims, loss, damage and/or expense (including reasonable attorneys

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    And yet I have no doubt that Cameron was drawn into politics by a deep sense of patriotism and public duty. He was speaking from the heart on Wednesday when he talked of the Big Society and called on all of us to put our private interests aside and respond to his national call.
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    Gary Mabbutt, the former Spurs defender, says: “I was at the game last weekend and [Patrice] Evra will be having nightmares about the way Lennon was going past him.” For Mabbutt, the last Tottenham captain to lift the FA Cup, in 1991, Lennon is becoming “the complete winger”. He explains: “I played with some great wingers in my time at Tottenham, the likes of David Ginola and Chris Waddle. He’s getting himself into that bracket.”
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    Glittering alumni: Actors galore – Gary Oldman, who played Lee Harvey Oswald in JFK, Sirius Black in the Harry Potter films and directed the film Nil By Mouth; Tom Baker (Dr Who); Cathy Shipton (Duffy in Casualty); Freddie Jones; Nerys Hughes; Ray Fearon. Playwrights include Roy Williams (‘Sing your Heart for the Lads’). Production and design alumni too numerous to mention.Rose Marie (“Rosemary”) Kennedy: born Boston, Massachusetts 13 September 1918; died Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin 7 January 2005.
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    The communication faux pas went unnoticed for several minutes, during which the conversation between the two heads of state ? which quickly reverted to other matters ? was all but open to members the press, who were still in possession of headsets provided by the Elyse for the sake of simultaneous translation during the G20 press conference.
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    Mr Bloom said it was best to start training birds from a young age. “You hand-feed them so they see you as a food source and you use that food source to keep their attention,” he said. “If they eat a big lump of meat before you teach them, I am afraid it’s game over. They have to be keen and hungry to work, but if they are too hungry, they are looking for food and not concentrating.”
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    The report is partly a call to arms to protect the capital

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    28. (SBU) Safeguards Concept and Planning Director Jill Cooley described the Department’s input to the 20/20 study, though she noted that for Safeguards the perspective was more like year 2030, since the early provision of design information allowed the Department to look 10 years beyond. Safeguards is focused on optimizing inspections and anticipated a reduction in the number of field activities in NNWS. Hayward expressed concern about reduced site presence, but Heinonen and Cooley clarified that the Agency sought to optimize inspections by prioritizing and tailoring them to countries and facilities of concern. More emphasis would be given to evaluative information to differentiate (though not discriminate) inspection priorities and to the use of unannounced inspections. This would reduce the number of visits but increase effectiveness. Thousands of working days are currently spent conducting routine inspections, Heinonen noted, with only five percent of that time dedicated to Iran. Hayward characterized this effort as “smarter” field inspections.
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    In February this year she was told she would no longer be working on the account of one of the company’s biggest clients, despite her strong performance, and would not be getting a 20% bonus she’d been promised months before.
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    The fourth gold was Rebecca Romero’s, who beat team pal Wendy Houvenaghel in the women’s cycling pursuit. Rebecca said: “It’s magical. It’s been so hard. I was facing the demons, I was up against tough opposition and a week ago it wasn’t in me at all.” Her feat was remarkable given that at the last Olympics she won a rowing silver.
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    From afar, you might be tempted to ascribe this Bulls’ loss as another example of the inconsistent play that has plagued them this season. And , who became the first Bulls player to hit 20 points and 20 rebounds in a playoff game with his 21 and 20, said he hated the way the entire team became discouraged when the bottom began to fall out in the second and third quarters.
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    While there was no doubt that most of you posting comments , not least roberteve, pogleswoodsman, crowmarmourer, nickr, billrawmone, fastpencil, anynamesleft, greenacre, grumpyoldben, bobbo, norto, reaguns, were in general agreement with my comments on both Greece and the EU, there were plenty of issues raised.
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    This is where I have to think Zuckerberg would like a mulligan. Congress had given him an easy out, but he ignored it. Maybe he was worried about an employee revolt, given that so many paper millionaires were already scoping out Palo Alto real estate. Maybe he was softened by LinkedIn’s () in June 2011, to the point that he overlooked subsequent post-listing troubles for both () and Zynga (). Or perhaps he just got carried along by the momentum of the thing.
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    Elena and Damon’s relationship has just begun but it is already being put to test as Elena embraces her new college life far away from boyfriend Damon. Season 5 will apparently focus on how Elena and Damon will keep their relationship strong even though they are faced with problems and danger.

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    I (Liz) caught Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. on his cell phone as he was waiting for the meeting to start. He cautioned against assuming everyone is going to sign off on this, despite the fact that Sampson – the conference leader and an outspoken opponent of reauthorizing mayoral control – brokered it along with Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott.
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    Beatriz Corona of Life is Precious said language and cultural barriers can leave teens feeling isolated and depressed.
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    on Wednesday that Harvey threatened to beat up Rauch last year after the journeyman reliever threw water on Harvey during a nap. According to a source, Rauch was

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    Oh, and there are going to be lots more increasingly grisly atrocities involving exploding Islamists on aeroplanes, as well as Bombay-style machine gun massacres, most likely somewhere like London where it will be ages before armed police arrive. But I shan’t dwell on this any further, for I have brought you down quite enough already.
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    The main reason Sarah Palin gets so much attention of course is because she was the first female GOP vice presidential nominee. Beyond that she and Bachmann both get pub because of their propensity for saying things thattake your pickstir controversy or are simply flat-out dumb (often both).
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    Loglisci got relatively little in return for his criminal actions. He received a promotion to chief investment officer and his brother got people linked to the pension fund to give him hundreds of thousands of dollars to help finance a poorly received movie,

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    Mandela is physically frail today, but his legacy as the liberator of his country remains as strong as ever. He is seen as a hero not only in South Africa, but all around the world.
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    A Woman’s Hour regular feature is ‘Cook The Perfect…’ and on Thursday, Henry Dimbleby, co-founder of restaurant chain Leon, cooked his idea of a perfect school dinner – live on the show.
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    In response to my query, a Dish spokesman directed me to the board resolution appointing Ortolf and Brokaw, which states the board

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    In the end, Lindsay handled herself with such class. I really respect her. Best of luck, Lindsay. You will absolutely find your match. You have a beautiful heart and the man you spend your life with will be so very lucky.

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    Visiting the Chinese city of Chengdu, the car was driven by the country’s most popular blogger among the China’s urban youth, Han Han. Both of the record times have been certified and will be approved by the Chinese Auto Sports Federation to validate the quality and accuracy of times.
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    Professor Tony Travers of the London School of Economics says its a “no-brainer” for the Tories to insist on English votes for English laws, noting that Labour is dying out in the southern English shires just as the Tories have all but disappeared from Scotland. “Next year we are going to see the backwash of the Scottish independence debate flowing into English politics,” he says. “This will have a profound effect on the power of England and thus of the UK.”
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    Captain Richard Phillips kisses his wife Andrea goodbye and takes charge of his cargo vessel, the Maersk Alabama, bound for Mombasa. When Somali pirates are spotted off the bow and eventually board the vessel, Phillips conceals the crew below deck. With guns pointed at him by chief hijacker Muse and his hot-headed compatriot Bilal, Phillips cleverly keeps the Somalis away from his crew, putting himself in harm’s way to ensure the safety of every other man on board.Phillips, who was being held at gunpoint on the ships bridge, then allowed himself to be taken as collateral for a “prisoner swap”, figuring that one US hostage was better than 20. Finally, as the pirates tried to take Phillips to the Somali coast, two US Navy warships blockaded them, resulting in a tense three-day stand-off.
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    The Arizona senator, either ahead in the polls or in a statistical dead heat with former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney, is leaving no promises behind as he fights for what he says could be a one-vote victory. “Get out the vote tomorrow,” he told a raucous crowd at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H.
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    The Cardinal denies the allegations, whose publication has been carefully timed

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    Lavender added: ?There has been some speculation about Wave Hub’s future given that the South West RDA is due to be abolished by March 2012. But the future of Wave Hub and its ongoing operation are not in doubt, and the project is fully funded as we continue to seek commercial customers.
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    Vodafone posted full-year results in line with forecasts and stood out from its peers by promising another strong dividend as strength in emerging markets and Germany, Britain and Turkey offset a slump in spending in Spain and Italy.
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    Sean David McKinley, 25, of Silverdale Road, left 15 threatening messages on the girl

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    An Ecuadorian diplomatic vehicle was reportedly seen at the Moscow airport where Snowden is believed have holed up. According to reports, Ecuador’s ambassador to Russia, Patricio Alberto Chavez Zavala, was at the airport to greet him.

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    I think the first time it went on the air, Aaron Spelling came down to the makeup room and said Girls it went through the roof! Its unbelievable! And I didnt even think about ratings then. I just thought about the work, and it was a new thing for me, being on a series. Id done McCloud and Switch, but being day-to-day on a series and having it be your series. So that was like Oh, wow the ratings were good! People like to watch us! And from time to time hed come down and say things like You beat “Gone With the Wind!”
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    These connections, and Icelandairs northerly “great circle” route, can knock a few hours off the travel time to Alaska. The flights have the bonus of a free 48-hour stopover in Iceland, long enough to explore the capital Reykjavik, as well as offering a stunning journey over Greenland and the Canadian Baffin Bay.
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    Bondholder returns are fixed: the upside is capped (at par) while the downside is a total wipeout of the lender’s capital. Shareholders, on the other hand, can be wiped out too, but their upside is unlimited (because a bank stock can, in theory, rise forever).
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    6) So great…I have to email you AGAIN trying to get a CLEAR answer from you whether a Dec 24th delivery date is possible and if not, what the new date is. Rinse & repeat: You give me an update of the delivery process (wow, thanks…you haven’t told me anything I don’t know about the order of international shipping procedures) but instead say “…so its wither before or after Christmas.” WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? GIVE ME A DATE!? One that you’re actually going to follow, because I already see “late Nov to early Dec”; “Dec 17″; and now “CHRISTMAS” in my rear-view mirror.
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    He became known for his poetry in the 1960s and was inspired by the singing and oral storytelling of his Ewe ethnic group – his first published collection was called Rediscovery. Q: “Autonomous Madhes [Terai]” region is written there. A: I have already said that he will remain in office.1029112.1645028927.042.05510-0. ‘Coup plot’ uncovered 1996 June – The government says it has uncovered a coup plot by an Iranian-backed group,00600-0.016509.
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    CPINE is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Power New Energy Development Company Limited. CPNE is a company incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability. The shares of CPNE are listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 735). CPNE and CPINE are committed to the development of environmentally-friendly energy projects, including wind power, hydro-electric power, waste-to-energy power, natural gas power and environmental protection-related projects.
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    that takes place between Castle and Emma. Emma was disturbed and unstable in that sneak peek. It looked like she would pull the trigger any moment. Castle has to prove her innocence to ensure the safety of the hostages and himself, as well.
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    Microsoft’s fourth development centre in the world opened in Serbia in 2005 and quickly became an ‘innovation centre’ that reports directly and works with ‘in collaboration’ with Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, US.
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    The worrying point is simply that the 24 GW project pipeline in the US utility scale sector is one of the most significant remaining sources of support for solar demand in the aftermath of the pullback in Europe. There must be a concern that financing these projects is going to become more difficult as room for any further government support mechanisms dwindles. For a fuller discussion, see my original article on the issue?.
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    Judging by the jarring installations that appear in the final eight rooms, I assume this means creating stage sets. But, then, hows that a development, when Picasso and Matisse did the same for Diaghilev decades earlier? Or perhaps it means immersive, walk-through installations. But if so, why the rope-barrier in front of Karen Kilimniks Swan Lake (1992) or the alarm when one enters Marc Camille Chaimowiczs imagining of Jean Cocteaus bedroom?
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    Developers are not going to support a platform that is clearly sinking beneath the waves, and therefore the BlackBerry World app store is soon going to reflect supermarket shelves following a nuclear fallout.
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    “We are very pleased with the level of demand we have received from new and existing institutional investors and the enlargement of our shareholder base that this placing brings to our share register,” he said. “The increase in the free float following the placing will provide additional liquidity to our shareholders and should assist Restore in achieving its longer-term strategic aims as the company enters the next phase of its growth.”
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    The Cardinal denies the allegations, whose publication has been carefully timed

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    It is the intention of both to create an electric vehicle customer experience centre in France to promote projects. In addition, Energy??s Industrial Solutions will supply and deploy infrastructure products needed to make the projects possible, and particularly charging stations and an installer network. They will also work together on a joint commercial offer for PSA customers, which is likely to include an electric vehicle and charging infrastructure.
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    It could also spur a boom in labour intensive areas like manufacturing, food processing, textiles and pharmaceuticals, while opening up the opportunity for new low-cost service industries like the call centres that aided India’s rise.
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    In his memoir, The Dogwood Tree, Updike talked of the ‘Three Great Sacred Things’ that had animated his life and work – religion, art and sex; and he was one of the first American novelists to explore with unblushing candour the perilous terrain of sexual desire and marital infidelity. “Sex”, he once wrote, “is like money; only too much is enough.”
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    Rush is released on September 13The London think tank Chatham House has just recognised Hillary Clinton with its annual

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    In the early days, most of them played in each others bands, in fluid line-ups. “A lot of us were under-age and it was the only place where we could drink,” says Winston Marshall, banjo player with Mumford & Sons. “The only other qualifier to be in there was you had to be willing to engage in some way.”
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