Genre: Oldies
Phone: 870-863-5565
Fax: 870-863-5567
Address: 970 NORTH KALAHEO AVE. Aiea, Hawaii 96734
Company Name: Salem Media of Hawaii, Inc.Listen Online

You are viewing the details for KKOL FM 107.9 which is located in Aiea, Hawaii. You can contact KKOL FM 107.9 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to KKOL FM 107.9 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Aiea and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for Hawaii’s Kool Gold.

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One Response to “KKOL 107.9 FM: Hawaii’s Kool Gold in Aiea, Hawaii”

  1. Anastacha

    I’m actually a big fan of Waikiki Beach, which is weird becsuae I normally dislike both beaches and crowds, but other than a couple of really tight spots, I found the beach very nice to walk along. It got really nice as you got up towards the Hilton, with practically nobody else on the beach with us (except during the Friday night fireworks of course).We also took one of those catamarans out. A whole lot of fun.

  2. Carlo

    I’m the same way. I’m normally not a big fan of busy behaces but Waikiki is the big exception. I think it’s because it has perfect waves (big enough to be fun but not so big that they’re dangerous for the kids to play in) and you have the city right along the edge of the beach. I’m only 2 weeks removed from there and I already miss it a lot. [url=]axvnyay[/url] [link=]qgfzzulbkzl[/link]

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