Genre: News/Talk
Phone: No phone number available.
Fax: No Fax number available.
Address: 4880 SANTA ROSA RD #300 Houston, Texas 93012
Company Name: South Texas Broadcasting, Inc.Listen Online

You are viewing the details for KNTH AM 1070 which is located in Houston, Texas. You can contact KNTH AM 1070 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to KNTH AM 1070 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Houston and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for Newstalk 1070.

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5 Responses to “KNTH 1070 AM: Newstalk 1070 in Houston, Texas”

  1. KIDDGenevieve31

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  2. KNTH 1070 AM

    I’m disappointed that you chose to cut an hour of the Bill Benett show in the morning. I’d like to see you put it back!

  3. janice akeroyd

    I have been listening to this station for years and enjoy most of the hosts but my favorite has been Bill Bennett’s show. I am furious that you do not air his entire show anymore. I feel I am not the only person upset about this. What were you thinking?

  4. mike Longust

    good station. it would be great if they would remove the annoying background music during the traffic reports. Eric Johnson deserves better and so do my ears. Traffic reports are critical information- NOT entertainment. Please remove so we can hear the report!!!!!

  5. Gayle B

    After listening to your station throughout the night for MANY months, it has become a disappointment not to hear Michael Medved and Dennis. Janet’s programming is not to my liking, and, therefore, I have switched to another station until Bloomberg and William Bennett join the schedule. Please consider returning Michael and Dennis to late-night, early- morning programming.
    Thank you.

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