Genre: News/Talk
Phone: No phone number available.
Fax: No Fax number available.
Address: Spokane, Washington
Company Name: Capstar TX Limited Partnership (Clear Channel Group)Listen Online

You are viewing the details for KQNT AM 590 which is located in Spokane, Washington. You can contact KQNT AM 590 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to KQNT AM 590 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Spokane and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for Newstalk 590.

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7 Responses to “KQNT 590 AM: Newstalk 590 in Spokane, Washington”

  1. Daniela

    Courtney – Megan I love checking your blog. I wish you much luck in Spokane! We loved Seattle and Canada when we were there a few weeks ago. You would have so much to pogpohrath if you visited the peninsula Beautiful!I LOVE the name Cohen and thought I would be the only one who thought of it I have been waiting to use it on our first boy. Cute pictures. I hope all is well in Washington.

  2. Henri

    Beautiful pictures of a beutaiful wedding. Can’t say which is our favorite for they are all so spectacular. Can only wish you as many happy years together as your Grandfather and I have had.

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