Genre: Christian Contemporary
Phone: No phone number available.
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Address: Roswell, New Mexico
Company Name: Educational Media FoundationListen Online

You are viewing the details for KRLU FM 90.1 which is located in Roswell, New Mexico. You can contact KRLU FM 90.1 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to KRLU FM 90.1 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Roswell and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for K-Love.

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  1. k love

    My name is dimas I lost my wife you’re go went through a divorce I traders so. bad I was controlling and I didn’t want to hear her at all and I lost her on April 12 2012 we went through a divorce and she was even after year we did not talk or see each other because she was so mad who I was so I went to church start living at a men’s home Christian outreach ministry and I give myself to the Lord and I pray for my wife to come back and give me a chance but I have to change myself before she can’t even give me a chance so that’s what I did I took anger management cancelling for myself and I get myself to the Lord now I am a changed man a week ago I was talking to my ex wife who is now my wife now we talked on Sunday then I seen something God laid his head on his my wife and all her anger towards me went away God does miracles we were talking for getting back together n and we’re getting back married and she is happy who I am now I am a changed man because the Lord God I think im for bringing my wife back I never gave up faith on my marriage God does my no are god miraculos things in peoples lives trust in him don’t give up whatever you do don’t ever give up god never gave up on us thank you for all those prayers everpaper marriages to be restored and thank you Chris Augustine for that song restore help me through it never give up my faith on my marriage thanks u god if u what to know more call me 575-499-8423 or 575-627-6059 what god is doing in my marriage

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