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Phone: 307-235-7000
Fax: 307-237-5836
Address: 6807 FOXGLOVE DRIVE Casper, Wyoming 82009
Company Name: Townsquare Media Casper License, LLCListen Online

You are viewing the details for KTRS FM 104.7 which is located in Casper, Wyoming. You can contact KTRS FM 104.7 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to KTRS FM 104.7 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Casper and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for 104.7 Kiss FM.

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    I knew going into this deal that this was a one-year deal and it should be,” Bruins coach said. “He’s a top-five pick. When you have that going for you, it’s absolutely the right thing for him. That was absolutely his last game in . I know that, he knows that, we all know that. We want the season to go as long as possible for him.”
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    That was Paris for me on my first visit. For every disappointment, there were a dozen pleasures. Best of all, everything you love about a major city is within walking distance. Then there’s the language itself, which rolls off their linen tongues like a torch song.
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    Breast Cancer Care surveyed 427 women and found that, up to five years after treatment, 45 per cent said they still thought about their breast cancer every day. So

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    Back at Yogananda Street, an upscale neighborhood in Sandy Hook with beautiful homes on large lots, a black armored truck with SWAT stamped on the side rolled down the street about 2:30 p.m.

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    Caroline Pardilla is the Los Angeles Localite for BBC Travel. She also writes .Part of an outdoor art installation called , this unlikely local celebrity has unified Southern California, from its humble beginnings in a rock quarry to its final placement at the museum, with a much-buzzed-about unveiling in June.
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    Obama says: Trust me, my desire to overturn(Citizens United) that expanded First Amendment protection of political speech, and my desire to “seriously consider” amending the First Amendment to expand the governments power to regulate the quantity, content and timing of political advocacy, should be untainted by what the IRS did to suppress advocacy by my opponents.
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    Former Knicks teammate Bill Cartwright, who had a 58.8 career true shooting percentage himself, said what made King unique was his ability to score inside, outside or in transition. His blend of speed and size made him a matchup nightmare.
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    Transportation consultant George Hamlin estimated that Sandy could cost the airline industry hundreds of millions of dollars. On top of lost flight revenue, airlines likely will have to pay their crews extra if they are stranded away from home base.
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    Hostess contended its biggest burden came from the multi-employer pension plans covering its unionized employees. Its contention is that these plans are designed so that when any employer goes out of business or otherwise withdraws, its obligations to its former workers are inherited by the companies that remain.

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    Weekly newspapers have moved in to fill the void left by cutbacks at local dailies. But in many communities, Rosenstiel fears that “people will suddenly discover that there hasn’t been a reporter at the city council meeting for weeks and that no one is checking the police blotter. It could happen little by little and be discovered after the fact.”
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    Nevertheless, parenting presents undeniable difficulties, and 79 percent report that couples with kids seek therapy more often than those without. While challenging in the beginning ?? having a newborn ranked first in terms of the hardest period on parents ?? there’s reason for hope: 80 percent agree that couples become happier as their children age.
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    It is this system of government that has been exposed in all of its barbarism and moral horror over the past few weeks. As the Westminster season mercifully draws towards a close, it is extremely important to ponder what comes next ?C for I am certain that there is a wonderful opportunity here to embark upon a new political era, and a new way of doing things.
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    Rachel Smith blogs at . Follow her on TwitterOttolenghi uses buttermilk in a sauce drizzled over roasted aubergine, Anna Hansen uses it for a twist on the classic panna cotta, Oliver Dabbous poaches salmon in a buttermilk broth and The Hummingbird Bakery uses buttermilk in their red velvet cakes. But it’s London’s fried chicken movement which is giving this once-maligned dairy product a new lease of life, with joints like Chooks or Spit & Roast serving buttermilk-fried chicken as a signature dish.
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    And: “wicked”. Guy Deutscher, in The Unfolding of Language, points out that if you were to hear two old ladies describing a play as “wicked”, you would assume they didn’t like it; if you heard two young women doing so, you would assume they did. Contradictory meanings rub along with each other for a long time.
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    A titanic match which defined a Test series of unremitting drama and tension. After the ageing kings (Australia) had triumphed over the young pretenders in the first Test at Lords, their chief warlord Glenn McGrath trod on a ball while playing rugby in the warm-up and was ruled out – something which made Ricky Pontings decision to field first all the more bizarre.
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    The major curve ball in the Virginia race, however, is the government shutdown, which is now entering its second week and could be expected to have an outsize impact in a state with such a large population of both civilian and military government employees. McAuliffe has led Cuccinelli in the mid-single digits in both public and private polling; his margin is wider in the POLITICO poll, and the shutdown is the most obvious explanation for that.
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    Government data showed that China’s gross domestic product expanded 7.8 percent year-over-year in the third quarter of 2013, snapping two quarters of slowing growth, easing fears that the world’s second-largest economy is in a sharp slowdown. Among the other data released by the statistical office, industrial output rose 10.2 percent in September, matching forecasts, while retail sales and fixed asset investment both decelerated slightly to grow an annual 13.3 percent and 20.2 percent, respectively.
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    In the meantime, there are the lessons of Argentina. The country’s debt restructuring points to how much can go wrong when you’re in uncharted territory. The holdout bondholders, some of which bought the deeply discounted securities in the hopes of making a killing in court, have benefited from the rulings of U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa in New York.
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    When I walked out of La Paloma, an elderly woman, her white hair in a bun, was sitting in the sunshine on the dock, embroidering a tablecloth. The local old men were greeting their friends as they came off the ferry. Life was slowly returning to normal, if you could ignore the great white ship and the tents along the quay that house the salvage operation.
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    In 1883, a coronation ceremony was held in the new palace, though it was slightly after the fact: Kalakaua had reigned since 1874. No matter. The European-influenced palace became the heart of parties and functions.
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    However, only on Saturday, Len McCluskey was boasting in the Guardian:

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    In every era, cultures go through numerous changes, and in recent years ours has been more impacted than anything else by social media. Large media companies are not likely to go away overnight, nor will the need to communicate by phone or meet people in person, but social media is providing yet one more means of engaging with people on this vast planet of ours, and if used effectively can give all of us greater choice in how we live and what happens in our world.
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    By exploring communication processes that are central to leading meetings and working in teams, course participants will gain improved problem solving and decision making skills, effectively facilitate group communication and utilize communication strategies for cooperation and collaboration. The course will cover developing leadership in teams, team vision and goals, meeting facilitation skills, active listening skills, increasing creativity, working collaboratively, building trust, and relationships and cohesiveness within a group setting. Course content on managing roles, group norms, conflict and groupthink will also be covered.
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    “Journalists, filmmakers all were greedy to come to Cuba to make films, to write articles. And Trinidad was one of their favorite places. I was hired as a ‘fixer’ to scout locations, translate, find people. That’s when I learned there was another way to take pictures.”
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    But Ron Paul complicates things by being a conservative libertarian, or paleo-libertarian. Usually libertarians don

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    Perth is Dennis Lillees town and was once the home of the fastest cricket pitch in the world. Lillee is now president of the WACA, as they call it, and the pitch still has enough fire to excite the crowd. After a day at the cricket, hit the beaches, Cottesloe in particular, or Freemantle as many did when Alan Bond won the Americas Cup back in 83. Now that was a party. The next day, Ian Botham went out to bat without his yup, without his bat.
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    “Sometimes you have what you think is this really magnificent language, but no one remembers it,” said David Kusnet, a former speechwriter for former President Bill Clinton. “An inaugural is a specific kind of speech. You want to have an impact on the events that are about to happen and you also want to leave a legacy for the future. But it’s not a stump speech. It’s not a partisan speech. It’s not a policy speech.”
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    Although it is still a mysterious process, scientists think that, on Earth, diamonds form naturally when carbon is buried about 100 miles below the surface. The future diamond then needs to be heated to approximately 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and squeezed under pressure of around 725,000 pounds per square inch. It also needs to quickly move to the Earth’s surface ?? usually catching a ride with some fast-moving magma ?? to cool down.
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    COACH CREAN: I’ll tell you what stood out. The humbleness stood out to me. Certainly when you see him on the court, the burst, the athleticism, his act to play at the rim.
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    Expanded R&D capacity: The combined talent of our engineering resources can be focused on R&D priorities such as a single search index and single advertising platform. Together we can unleash new levels of innovation, delivering enhanced user experiences, breakthroughs in search, and new advertising platform capabilities. Many of these breakthroughs are a function of an engineering scale that today neither of our companies has on its own.
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    The program should also offer hands-on experiences which will allow you to experience real world obstacles and challenges in the world of business and finance. It should provide opportunities for you to work with companies that will teach about corporate mergers and acquisitions, supply chain management and product development. By the time you are finished obtaining your degree, you will have knowledge and expertise in all of these areas, along with managerial skills and a firm knowledge and understanding of business ethics and economic practices and theory.
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    The most prominent display of colour is along the growing just northeast of downtown. Along the bustling strip, a four-storey mural of Indianapolis native and praised author Kurt Vonnegut oversees the street, which is full of food, drink and shopping opportunities. Restaurants like with its ever-changing seasonal menu, craft cocktail bar , and the innovative , which serves beef tongue and burgers, are interspersed with boutiques and art galleries, offering an urban experience that rivals more tourist-heavy metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and Boston.
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    That may sound like a radical idea, but the economic future of the country is at stake. So is the ability for Canada

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    The Forvision is clearly based off the Fortwo model, which is equipped with a 16.5 kWh and a 30 kW magneto-electric motor, and while Smart hasn

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    Not only is money a factor, but mayoral hopefuls have to follow Boston

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    Cricket on the sub-continent, like football in England, is an emotional business. One of my first assignments in Asia in the spring of 2004 was to cover the first One Day International between India and Pakistan since the diplomatic freeze which followed the 2001 Parliament attacks.
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    These grants emphasize evidence-based program design. Each grantee is required to collect rigorous student outcome data annually and conduct final evaluations at the end of the grant period to build knowledge about which strategies are most effective in placing graduates in jobs.Statement issued Tuesday:
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    As a subject, it is vast almost beyond comprehension – and the personal stories showing in the exhibitions around Arles ultimately add up to a picture of India that is far from complete.The Cardiff exhibition also demonstrates how eclectic and resourceful stage designers are: the variety of styles and approaches across over 100 stands is breathtaking. The Americans dont seem to produce much interesting work, nor is there sign of much originality coming out of France, Germany or Italy: the fresh thinking and wilder experiments seem to stem more from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, South America and Eastern Asia. But it isnt all outré concepts: the best stage designers arent the dreamers so much as the practical craftsmen and problem-solvers who can make magic out of the most unpromising materials, be it papier-mché or corrugated iron.
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    One must be polite. I genuinely admire Mario Draghi. I wish he was in charge of the European Central Bank.For as all Ryanair passengers know, the airline is, shall we say, unforgiving when it comes to baggage overspills. The prevailing emotion as we packed was fear. Everyone has seen those tearful families at the check-in counter, desperately repacking their bags then giving up and having an argument about whether to leave behind their underwear or their youngest child. Now we faced the prospect of becoming that family. And so we returned to a debate that had been going on ever since we mooted the idea of getting away: wouldnt it be simpler and easier to take a staycation?
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    And our strategy of buying the panics and then selling euphoric spikes has worked very well over all. I don

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    If you want one of the 1,400 300SL coupes Mercedes built before replacing it with a less radical open roadster in 1957 carrying the same name, simply bring $1 million to a top-tier classic car auction, though even that might not be enough to land a prime example. In 2012, one of the 29 SLs equipped with an all-aluminium body attracted a record $4.2 million winning bid at a Gooding & Company auction. Back in 1955, the 300SL priced out at around $7,500 about $2,000 more than a Cadillac Eldorado.
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    In other words, you can change a few settings, but you cant get the spanners out. “Each driver gets eight per season, so its our job to make each one last. Engines must pass an exam before they leave here, which mimics everything from driving down the pit lane to a full-throttle straight.” Then, on a Sunday afternoon, theres a team of people here in the Track Support room. They take data from the cars and play it back on an engine across the hallway. Mr Hamilton not happy in the first practice session? Just let the boys in the factory try a few tweaks before firing the new settings to the track.
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    Those numbers are silly, and they illustrate how Bryant’s talent has advanced beyond the college level — he could probably hit in high-A minor league ball right now. Bryant — listed at 6-foot-5 and 215 pounds — won’t be a masher in pro ball, but he’s a first-round lock this June and could be the first college hitter selected in what is viewed as a weak class overall.
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    Zalicus announced top-line results from its randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, Phase 2b clinical trial of Synavive in rheumatoid arthritis or RA. The company noted that the drug achieved the primary endpoint compared to placebo in the trial, but missed the key secondary endpoint compared to prednisolone.
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    This incarnation of the theatre has been here since 1856. Post-restoration, it looks almost exactly the same as then, helped by a stroke of luck the Bolsheviks considered destroying the building after the Russian Revolution of 1917, but instead decided to use it for party meetings. The ballet and opera companies survived, the dancers in particular maintaining an international reputation for excellence. The hammer and sickle no longer appear on the theatres curtain, nor the buildings façade.
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    Tango has had a renaissance and classes are available everywhere. Head to the Barrancas de Belgrano park, where casual dance events take place on Sundays at 8pm. Otherwise Confitería Ideal is the mother of all historic tango halls (00 54 11 5265 8069; confiteria; Suipacha 384; 2-5).
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    But perhaps that wasn’t a bad thing; traversing the country by car meant we had time to snooze. The right-on-the-button concierge at Le Gray had booked us a table that night at the fabulously kitsch nightclub, The Music Hall, which gets going only at 11pm. After fresh ginger martinis, then meltingly tender scallops on Le Gray’s rooftop, we had plenty of energy to
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    And small innovative firms are 16 times more productive than large innovative firms in terms of patents per employee. Companies with less then 500 employees produced 27 patents per 100 employees, compared with 1.6 patents per 100 employees in large firms.
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    Explaining the move in a , Brian Krzanich, Intel’s senior vice president for manufacturing and supply chain, said the company “recognizes that portable power solutions will be essential to consumer electronics.” The question will be whether the Lilliputian device answers that need.
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    Inline Photos: When you post multiple photos via email, Posterous automatically creates a gallery of those images. It’s quite nice to look at but it does force viewers to tab through the gallery to view each photo. If, however, you’d like all your images to appear inline in the same post, minus the gallery, just add this exact syntax to your subject line: ((nogallery)).
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    This means that if you die before your predicted life expectancy, the insurance company will make a profit which is used to pay the incomes of those who live longer than predicted.

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    As the economy improves and a growing number of Americans quit their jobs to look for something better

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    VirtualBox is not a bare-metal (type 1) server-virtualization hypervisor, but rather a hosted (type 2) hypervisor

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    Papara’s black-sand beach picks up the south swell, and waves range from small and gentle to overhead, big and fast (check local conditions). This beach is also Tahiti’s widest stretch of sand and if you tire of surfing, settle in for some sun worship and meet friendly picnicking Tahitian families or groups of young people drinking beer. There are two small, inexpensive restaurants, a fruit stand selling ice cold coconuts and a surf shop a five-minute stroll from the beach.
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    No way to confirm that. >> HE FACES A DETENTION HEARING AT 2 P.This transcript is automatically generatedFOR EVERYBODY OUT THEREto get her ten best tricks for keeping cool all while keeping your energy costs under control.Go Solar: Single-pane unshaded windows account for up to 45 percent of a home’s accumulated heat All window treatments have energy saving properties but some are inherently more efficient than others are a great choice for addressing energy concernsDitch the Dishwasher: Instead of using your dishwasher (which adds to the house temperature) pull out those rubber gloves and scrub the dishes with cool water insteadHelp Out Your AC: Properly maintaining your air conditioners is a great way to maximize efficiency and it’s important to clean the filters often Also when buying a new air conditioner always make sure it is properly sizedClose the Shades: You may not realize this but turning off the lights shutting off your air conditioners and closing all of your shades when leaving a room will keep it cooler for when you returnStay Hydrated Even Inside The Home: Keep your body cool and hydrated with icy refreshing beverages like cold water or frozen drinksStay Low: If you don??t have air conditioning stay on the lowest floor of your home and set up a fan An electric fan won??t cool the air further but it will create circulation and help to keep your body temperature downConserve Energy: Unless you absolutely need them turn off incandescent lights and other heat generating appliances Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents which use less energy but produce the same amount of lightKeep Cool Air In and Hot Air Out: Insulation is not just for the winter Make sure your windows doors and attic are well insulated Upgrading your insulation not only keeps you cooler but also saves on energy billsWindow Treatments Are Key: Use white shades blinds or drapes to reflect heat away from entering your home Curtains facing west and south should stay closed during the dayShade For Your AC: Plant trees shrubs and bushes to shade your outside air conditioning unit from the sun Your unit will use less electricity and be more efficient just as long as the plants don’t interfere with any airflow coming into the house AREN’T THEY GOING TO HAVE A WAVE OF CANCELLATIONS OF A DIFFERENT VARIETY. THAT BEGS THE QUESTION ABOUT WHETHER HE KNOWS AND WHETHER THIS IS ABOUT THE PRESIDENT JUST BEING ABLE TO SAY — LET’S HEAR THE SOUND BITE FROM EARLIER. HE SAYS — >> IT’S A MEDICAL DEVICE. >> MAYBE YOU DIDN’T NOTICE BUT I’M A LONE VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS HERE. But there aren’t many patients that benefit from the addition some T three into the — – management to hope that broke back hair longer and stronger.
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    Chesimard once listed her phone number in Havana’s phone book, The New York Times in 2007, but has largely lived under the radar. The Times noted that several other U.S. fugitives are living in Cuba – including fellow black radical Charlie Hill, who killed a policeman and flew a hijacked airplane to Cuba in 1971 with two friends.
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    The (EMI), a monthly gauge derived from several purchasing managers surveys (PMI), showed a reading of 50.8 in September, from 50.7 in August. The neutral 50-mark divides expanding activity from contracting business activity.

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    Under every scenario, even under optimistic technology assumptions and less aggressive oil use and greenhouse gas emission reductions, it found that the United States will need to moderate per capita vehicle miles travelled related to BAU projections which suggest vehicle miles travelled will be approximately 40 per cent above 2010 levels in 2050.
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    The judge has directed to register a case under section 376 (rape), 313 (to force abortion against the will of woman), 315 (to kill a newborn), 370 (illegal confinement), 384 (threatening life) and 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code.
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    “Male stroke survivors in the US who subscribe to traditional health-related beliefs may be accustomed to, and value highly, being in control of their health,” lead author and University of Cincinnati researcher Michael J. McCarthy said in a statement Wednesday. “For these individuals, loss of control due to infirmity caused by stroke could be perceived as a loss of power and prestige. These losses, in turn, may result in more distress and greater depressive syndromes.”

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    Predpelski is not the only one who thinks fondly of her brother. A writer in Washington state who is a native of Neodesha is organizing a push to name the city high school’s music room after Poznikov, Hollywood screenwriter wants a remembrance plaque installed on Fisherman’s Wharf, and College of Marin Professor Tara Flandreau wrote an opera about Grimes.
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    police and military personnel have carried out a major operation in Maguindanao against those suspected of involvement in the massacre last month. saying the massing of armed men in Maguindanao did not constitute sufficient grounds for the measure. Liam Moore (Leicester City) header from the centre of the box is close, Theo Robinson (Doncaster Rovers) header from the centre of the box misses to the left.The veteran goalie was deputising for the suspended Alan Mannus and it was his poor clearance that led to the opening goal. Aberdeen defended determinedly, It follows a decision last month to save the X94 from Wrexham to Barmouth. assets, 18:24 Jack Wilshere (Arsenal) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 0:00 First Half begins.
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    You would probably see a red triangle used two or three times a year, there is a confident forecast of light snow showers so it is very likely that snow will fall,” said ,Expect people to worry on your behalf Quitting a job may seem like a huge risk to others around you.53 Women’s 400m Individual Medley 1 Mireia Belmonte Garcia (Spa) 4mins 21.08 6 Tomas Klobucnik (Svk) 2:04. “These changes are desperately needed to support the future development of youth football.Its main street, burlesque clubs and tapas bars began to pop up with astonishing frequency,7-mile Carnia run.
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    And in June, you’ll recall, Eric Pickles’s Department for Communities and Local Government announced, with much fanfare, that in future green energy targets would not be allowed to override the wishes of local communities to oppose wind farms. The night before it was announced I even got a call from a senior government minister briefing me about it. “I thought you’d want to know that we ARE doing something about it,” he said, proudly.
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    Over the next couple of weeks, payment capacity will drop to $22bn, which will still be enough pay the $6 billion coupon and roll over the bills maturing on this date, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynchs Marcus Huie.
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    “There is some cheer, but the struggle is still on,” said Vishnu Mathur, director-general of SIAM, as quoted by the Reuters.”Next month will be quite critical for us. We’ll have to see whether this growth is continuing or it is coming down,” he added.To offset the country’s liabilities, BCA says China also has “a massive net asset position,” including owning interests in publicly listed firms, large companies and the country’s land mass. According to BCA, if you look at only state-owned enterprises, the net assets are nearly “as large as the total public (local and central combined) debt.” By these stats alone, it appears the emerging country does not have a solvency issue.
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    The 39-year-old will continue doing item songs as she loves dancing. She reportedly has no interest in acting. Some of herhit item songs include “Chaiyya Chaiyya”, Pankhudiya Ye Gulaab Si”, “Munni Badnam” and more.
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    The purists will doubtless say that no translation of Shakespeare can ever possibly match the original, but this production played to a full house nonetheless. Salman Rushdie once said that more things tend to be gained in translations, rather than lost. And, in Korean, this play perhaps all too familiar to me in English seemed suddenly like an entirely new work.
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    And the third, and most crucial, came half way through David Cameron

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    “They also agreed on the need for safeguards to protect the integrity of the single market as a whole, and the interests of non-Eurozone countries, as the Eurozone moves towards banking and financial union.

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    While established lead-acid battery manufacturers like JCI and Exide will be the first beneficiaries of the stop-start market as their revenue per vehicle doubles and their margins triple, the energy storage system that offers the best combination of price and performance will ultimately win the lion’s share of the market. While it???s impossible to pick a winner at this point, second, third or even fourth place in a $7 to $10 billion dollar market niche with no solidly entrenched competitors could be a company maker for any of the emerging technology developers.
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    “With the Financial Conduct Authority about to unveil the new rulebook for consumer credit providers, the CFA remains committed to driving out irresponsible lending practices by delivering the promises in our Code of Practice and working with the government, regulator, debt charities and consumer groups to continually drive up standards.”Payday lenders are set to face new rules including advertising curbs and closer supervision after an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) found extensive malpractice across the industry.
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    In addition to the NS 999 project, Norfolk Southern is working with Axion to develop a retrofit hybrid drive system for multi-purpose locomotives that will use 1,600 to 1,700 PbC batteries to improve fuel economy in long distance freight transportation. A prototype is expected by next spring.
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