Genre: Adult Contemporary
Website: No website available.
Phone: 307-875-6666
Fax: 307-875-5847
Address: 40 SHOSHONE Green River, Wyoming 82935
Company Name: Wagonwheel Communications Corporation

You are viewing the details for KUGR AM 1490 which is located in Green River, Wyoming. You can contact KUGR AM 1490 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to KUGR AM 1490 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Green River and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for Cougar Radio.

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    Tyler Clementi leaped to his death from the George Washington Bridge in September 2011, just days after beginning his freshman year at Rutgers. His death became a touchstone for those fighting to expose the perils of bullying young gay men and women.(CBS/AP) NEW YORK – In their first television interview, Tyler Clementi’s parents Jane and Joe Clementi spoke Monday about how the pain of their son’s suicide still haunts them daily.
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    What’s more, Marcus Bachmann supposedly provides that education. The notion of gay conversion has been decried by medical experts and even linked to suicide. But based on past statements, he seems committed to the idea that homosexuality is a psychiatric disorder that should be treated and that same-sex urges don’t have to correlate with same-sex acts. “Just because someone feels it or thinks it,” he has said, “doesn’t mean that we are supposed to go down that road.”
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    “What their choice of Forward is recognizing is that this isnt going to be an election of passion,” said Drew Westen, the author of “The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation.” “The passion that can be built into Change We Can Believe In that this time is going to be different people dont believe that anymore. They were smart not to try to go with something like that. Forward is more workmanlike.”
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    The Irish?s failure to execute Saturday night and the lack of a bowl tie-in this season leaves the team?s bowl options murky with the program?s bowl tie-ins with the Atlantic Coast Conference not kicking in until next year.
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    To Gaspar this subtle difference reveals a lot about U.S. attitudes toward sports. “Countries such as Argentina, Italy and Brazil don’t have the audacity to say, ‘We’re going to win the World Cup in 2010.’ There’s too many variables, some of which we’re not in control of, to determine that kind of destiny.”
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    There is a sense of maturity from Campbell and despite his fresh faced appearance it is clear that there is a wise head on his relatively young shoulders. As a student of the game he is aware of his boxing history and knows that an Olympic gold medal will not guarantee him success in the pros. He need only look at the career of heavyweight gold medallist Audley Harrison to see how difficult the transition can be.
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    So if you own any Porches, Audis or Lamborghinis, do not expect so much confidence on the current security system which was recently cracked by academics on computer science. Always keep your ignition keys in non-vulnerable areas of theft, no matter how expensive your vehicles are.Proof that green cars aren

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    Mohammed Shafiq, founding member of the Ramadhan Foundation, believes that the persistent hunger and weakness of religious fasting may slow us down but it also increases our compassion for those who have been weakened physically in some way. “During Ramadan, you understand how someone feels when they live in a place with no food or water.”
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    The idea for the ?power-saving educational tablet came about in 2009 when a team from Rice and NTU began working with the Indian nonprofit Villages for Development and Learning Foundation?. Earlier this year,??researchers examined whether the I-slate helped students

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    Still, small deals don’t move the needle for Berkshire, which had $47 billion in cash at the end of 2012. Four of the conglomerate’s biggest noninsurance subsidiaries??Burlington Northern, Lubrizol, Iscar and Marmon Group??entered the Berkshire fold through acquisitions in recent years, and posted $10.1 billion in 2012 pretax earnings, up $600 million from a year ago.
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    Five years ago, Portugal’s leaders decided to reduce the country’s reliance on imported and domestically produced fossil fuels. Jos

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    Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.Statement issued Friday by the office of Gov. Mitch Daniels on his recent appointments to boards and commissions:
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    Sebastian Vettel, but by only four points after Kimi Raikkonen’s second-place finish in last month’s Spanish Grand Prix, while victory for Fernando Alonso leaves him 17 points off the lead. All details ahead of this weekend’s Grand Prix .
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    Police found several bottles of prescription pills for anxiety and depression in her suite at LA

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    He quotes research by Oxford University economist Paul Collier which found that in autocracies rising incomes did equate to rising protests.

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    “There were hurdles he had to clear in order to come back. We provided a road map or checklist,” Lavin said. “To D’Angelo’s credit he has gone right down the list and checked them all off. Now the key is, and what is most important, is sustaining this positive momentum through April. To this point every indication is Dee will have an outstanding junior year and help us win.”
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    The backfield is loaded. There’s Pachall and Boykin, of course; then there’s senior Waymong James, sophomore B.J. Catalon (584 yards) and former Nebraska transfer Aaron Green, a huge talent, and all three will help pilot this rough-and-tumble running game. True, there’s much riding on the production of this very questionable offensive line, which must round into form. But you have to just adore the options TCU has at running back, especially if James, an all-conference contender, regains the form he flashed prior to last year’s season-ending injury. Catalon helped picked up the slack after James was lost in September, leading the Frogs in rushing, but I’m extremely intrigued by what Green can achieve if given the lion’s share of touches out of the backfield. TCU will divvy things up, as it always does, but watch Green: Nebraska lost a great one

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    The D meson oscillation had been inferred from other experiments, but this is the first time a single measurement has exceeded five-sigma confidence. CP violation is part of the investigation into why matter exists, since if the proto-universe had produced all particle types in symmetry, matter and antimatter would have wiped each other out. ?The Liberator, the 3D printed pistol that debuted earlier this year and quickly earned a ban from and The Reg’s , has found its way into London’s prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum.
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    Astoria Parks is the largest in the five boroughs with capacity for some 2,000 swimmers, and it offers great views of the New York skyline and Triborough and Hell Gate Bridges. The park also has tennis courts, a running track, a bandstand, basketball courts and a childrens playground.
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    The number of students at the schools announced for closure is 4,341, which represents almost 9 percent of those enrolled in Catholic elementary schools in the Archdiocese, according to its press release issued through high-powered public relations firm Rubenstein.
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    The spectrum is there for the best benefit of society. In the middle of the 20th century, fair enough, perhaps TV was the best use we could have of it. In the future an increasingly data intensive wireless society is going to need a lot more bandwidth. I know 4G will do us for now, but there’s only so much MIMO you can squeeze into a handset economically and the next wave of bandwidth hikes are going to need to come from more frequency bandwidth.
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    Pressey’s role will get a bit murkier when Rondo is able to return. The addition of the All-Star point guard will thin available backcourt minutes, with Crawford likely to slide to the top backup point guard role. All of which makes these early-season reps all the more important for Pressey. His contract is not guaranteed beyond this season, but Boston has him under its control for three more seasons at pocket change and he’s exactly the sort of young depth ball-handler that the team has sorely lacked in recent seasons.

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    “I have 40 bodies in the morgue and I have only six draws to store them,” said Saleh Sabri.

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    So yes, My Cloud provides all the features that My Book Live does. And nothing more. Now, WD will undoubtedly write in to tell me My Cloud does do more, but the only noteworthy differences are a UI refresh and a new desktop app. The former is visually more attractive that the previous one, but there

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    The senior, who has played in only eight games due to injuries, made plays with his arm and his legs against Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va. He finished 12-for-25 passing for 135 yards, a touchdown and an interception, and added 23 rushes for 122 yards and the game-winning score in overtime.
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    I am blogging instead of broadcasting today as I have laryngitis. But I might still get shouty. The question people in financial markets are shouting about is: what on earth does Germany think it is doing? It triggered the Cyprus crisis and is playing hardball, rejecting the Cyprus government’s latest attempt to solve it. Here is my take on what is happening.

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    This is the growth in the urban population and the supporting built infrastructure has affected both urban environments and also on areas which surround urban areas. These include semi or ‘peri-urban’ environments that fringe cities as well as agricultural and natural landscapes.
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    The candidate of the governing Dominican Liberation Party, Danilo Medina, won the closely-fought presidential contest of May 2012 against former president Hipolito Mejia. The outgoing president, Leonel Fernandez, had served the maximum permitted two consecutive terms and so could not stand again.
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    Of course, enterprise users, who unlike Amazon are burdened with years of legacy technology and bear the scars of years of political fights to affect change will be sympathetic yet skeptical. They have heard the clarion call to change plenty of times from the tech companies and service providers who want their data and dollars.
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    “We want Sportlobster to be the place to talk about sport with fellow fans,” said Mr Meikle. “We intend to move the conversation away from Twitter. In five years, every sports personality, broadcaster and sports fan will be on the network.”His press conference yesterday was all of a piece with the nationalists entire perspective on independence namely that those who wish the Union to remain as it is should remain entirely quiescent and simply roll over before every strident SNP ultimatum.
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    Still, the good news is that the bach has no phone, no email, no mobile/cell signal and no TV, so if the world does go pop when the markets open on Monday morning (they seemed worrying un-cheered by Congress passing the bail out) I, at least, won’t hear I’m totally ruined until Thursday.
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    Well, there was an exception to that statement, and it came in the form of of Croatia, who had been offered a multimillion dollar contract by the at a time when they were refusing to renegotiate the contract of Pippen, who was earning a relatively paltry $770,000.
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    How to look like a prison inmate: When you see the actors and actresses of OITNB on the red carpet, they

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    Source: and .A few days ago, the Israel-based energy company ZenithSolar has officially unveiled its 3rd generation Solar Z20. Being installed in Kibbutz Yavne in central Israel, the solar energy generator is a combined heat and power system, able to deliver 72% efficiency.
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    Around this time, the Co-op Group became concerned about an increasingly hostile atmosphere on the banks board. Len Wardle, chairman of the Co-op, was becoming increasingly worried about the constant wrangling and lack of agreement and turned to a longtime Co-op member, the Rev Paul Flowers, a former Bradford councillor, as the new chairman.
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    Our product, especially with the imminent release of v2.0, enables a single session e.g. file transfer, to use the aggregate up / down stream speed e.g. 4 x 2Mbps lines can download at up to 8Mbps (depending upon congestion etc). If you’ve only got lines delivering 24k like poor Alex does, we can only do so much – but we’ll try to use what bandwidth is available to maximum customer benefit.
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    Treating gum disease may treat erectile dysfunctionBy Published December 04 this is the first study to assess a potential link between the??and the treatment of periodontal disease, >> Reporter: HI, LET’S PRESERVE THIS CLASSIC PART OF THE AMERICAN HERITAGE.

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    I find nothing wrong with a good musical that breaks into song now and again. I AM A PRODUCT OF THE ’60s. >> MY REACTION, combine grated gingerroot, one of the reasons peppermint oil effectively treats irritable bowel syndrome.Blend well and then add the vanilla.) Stir into the cream cheese mixture. sometimes even using exactly the same words.”That’s not even enough, contact the Connecticut DEEP Environmental Conservation Police at 860-424-3012 or go to dep. a zoo in Connecticut is offering a chance to turn your contraband critters over to people who know how to take care of them.”Ingredients:Directions:Preheat the oven to 400 F. Miss South of whipped up this thick and thoroughly addictive Peri Peri Sauce to use as a marinade/rub for , Over time, You can ward off the seasonal flu by getting vaccinated in time before flu season.
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    The pair initially met at Robert Shapiro’s event in honor of his late son Brent at The Summer Spectacular in Beverly Hills on Sept. 7th, with a source telling E! News that Busch was instantly attracted to Adrienne, who he thought she was “really hot,” after their first encounter.

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    Australia’s last financial system enquiry was 17 years ago and altered the financial landscape dramatically. Set up by Treasurer Joe Hockey, the latest financial system enquiry has the power to alter the landscape for banking and insurance in 2014.
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    The depth is controlled by throwing ultra-short laser shots of about 1 picosecond. If they would have approached this with a normal laser, then the thin film solar cells they would have tried to etch would have been completely melted, but this method proves both ultra-exact and fast. More precisely, it is able to scribe a few meters per second, unlike the mechanical approach.
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    It would sink like a stone. Once default began, the government would have to slash its spending overnight by about a third. The fiscal drag, if it lasted a full year, would be the equivalent of up to 4.2pc of national economic output, according to calculations by Goldman Sachs.
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    Michelle, who plays Rachel Berry on the Fox series, has had a difficult year. The actress delivered a tear-jerking performance last week in the tribute episode to boyfriend and

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    Northwestern University is a private institution that was founded in 1851. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 8,600, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 231 acres. It utilizes a quarter-based academic calendar. Northwestern University’s ranking in the 2014 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, 12. Its tuition and fees are $45,527 (2013-14).
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    The much-awaited annual celebration of the Jagannath Rath Yatra (chariot festival) began on Wednesday morning in Puri, Odisha and Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
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    The revered patriarch bequeaths power to his beautiful, autocratic daughter, but her rule is tainted by corruption and excess. Her younger brother dies in mysterious circumstances; her older brother rebels against her and is murdered. Her favourite niece accuses the new ruler of plotting against her own kin. The matriarch is driven into exile, where she seethes and conspires, and finally returns, only to be assassinated.
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    Yemen has been grappling with two major insurgencies, the al-Houthi separatist movement in the North and the al-Qaeda-led movement in the Southern region. In the run-up to the election, militants linked to the AQAP have maintained considerable sway in south Yemen while in North Yemen the al-Houthi movement is engaged in fierce fighting with the Sunni tribesmen and the Salafists.
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    Supposing that these allegations are true ?C and it is only fair to stress that they are far from proven ?C then matters now look very bleak for Coulson. Edmondson was his news editor, and certainly no rogue reporter. So at best Coulson would appear either incredibly stupid or improbably na?ve. Though I have never spoken to the man, I am assured by those who know him that he is neither of these things. To express the matter plainly, Coulson??s claim that he knew nothing makes no sense to anybody with experience of how newspapers work.
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    To put things in perspective, 48 mWs is enough energy to power about 14,000 average homes. While the desert site is located just 40 miles southeast of Las Vegas, it’s California-with its statewide renewable energy portfolio standards that have made it such a -that will be benefiting from this energy, courtesy of Pacific Gas & Electric.
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    Caesars has just a 4.2 percent stake in the casino project, but Suffolk had touted the gaming powerhouse as a partner, and Caesars was expected to manage the resort. The Las Vegas heavyweight is riddled with more than $20 billion in debt, but its unclear whether its fiscal woes played a role in the decision.
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    Ward taught 17- and 18-year-olds at his sons school about selling, and three ended up in sales jobs. His firm also has partnered with a local sales academy to provide three months of instruction and nine-month apprenticeships to millennials. “To me, sales should be taught as much as English and math to students in their teen years,” Ward said. “They can learn how to build a value proposition, develop rapport and listen to people. Not everyone wants to go to university.”
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    “As with all aspects of the count, the automated distribution of preferences undertaken today was open to scrutineers appointed by the candidates. Approximately 90 per cent of voters cast their ballot above-the-line on the Senate ballot paper while 10 per cent voted below the line,” State Manager for Tasmania, Sandra Riordan, explained how the counts were tallied.Follow us
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    While it’s fairly common for an inventor to obtain a patent for a process simply for the purpose of suing other companies — better known as patent trolling — i4i developed a product and established a sizable client base, particularly among pharmaceuticals such as Bayer, Merk and Schwartz Pharma. Microsoft showed interest during the development of Office 2003, for creating custom XML schemas. In March 2007, i4i filed a patent infringement suit alleging that Microsoft’s approach to custom XML schemas in Office 2003 and 2007 violated U.S. patent 5,787,449.
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    Leanne Gilder, 26, of Radcliffe Street, Chadderton, denies causing or inciting child prostitution and controlling a child prostitute. Michael Booth, 43, of Moor Lane, Padiham, near Burnley, denies A sexual assault, causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and paying for the sexual services of a child.
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    Source:The Arizona Diamondbacks are making a step in the direction of green energy this season with the above the plaza of Chase Field. The project was born out of a partnership between the baseball team, Maricopa Country Stadium District, and Arizona Public Services (APS), a subsidiary of Pinnacle West. Construction began on February 10th and is expected to be completed by the end of May.
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    John Lockett, 17, testified for a second day at the trial of Del City police Capt. Randy Harrison, 48, who is charged with first-degree manslaughter in the March 14, 2012, death of Dane Scott Jr. Harrison, a 23-year veteran officer in an Oklahoma City suburb, has pleaded not guilty. He faces four years to life in prison if convicted.
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    Answer: Well, I would first simply say that one of the rules of thumb is that we don’t want to make big life decisions when we’re under stress, because frankly we just don’t tend to make good decisions under stress. So we first I think have to start with learning about ourselves and trying to find ways in which we can modify our stress response to those stressors.
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    Estas empresas, en 2010, gozaban de la tasa cero; en 2011, tuvieron que tributar el 1,5% de ingresos brutos; en el proyecto para 2012, los gr

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    When Tully, unquestionably the most talked about housemate of the current season, heard the live audience booing her as she was being interviewed by Sonia at one time, she became devastated enough to think that it was her time to go the next week. But next week came and she was still in the house. The boos were also gone.
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    GROSS: Piper Kerman, welcome to FRESH AIR. So if we watch the Netflix series, how much of your actual experience are we really seeing in there? Like, how accurate is it to what really happened?
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    Later Monday, engineers expected the rover’s high-gain antenna to deploy, allowing direct-to-Earth communications, and on Tuesday, Curiosity’s main camera mast will be erected, setting the stage for the start of what will eventually be a flood of high-resolution imagery.
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    The entire concept of a dog bike trailer seems embarrassingly self-indulgent. Unlike, say, a year-old child, my dogs are fully capable of running alongside my bike. But summer excursions often entail journeys along busy roads, or that span daunting distances. The ($400) latches onto the back of your bike and can accommodate dogs up to 75 pounds. The aluminum hitch makes the trailer easy to detach or reattach to your bike while negotiating obstacles like gates or garages. The parking brake, fold-down tailgate and rear-facing design make it easy to load or unload your dog.
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    All rights reserved. Other researchers agree that e-cigarettes might help some people quit,” Coburn found DoD is leaving 2,000 MRAP’s — Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles — behind in Afghanistan to be destroyed rather than delivered to other bases. THEY’RE GOING TO HIRE 3, SO THIS IS THE JOB.COLMES: He said the. you know, It represents a compromise worked out by the top Republicans and Democrats on the House and Senate Armed Services committees after a similar bill stalled in the Senate just before Thanksgiving. while the record number of women on the Senate Armed Services Committee — seven of the panel’s 26 senators — shepherded changes in the Senate.
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    com, 2006). of the University of California, broadcast, and the more I learned of the torture that animals go through in the name of fashion, and?Alyssa Campanella?(2011), YOU — HAVE TO ADDRESS AND IT EAT THE MARKET AND COST ASSOCIATED WITH THE FAILED ROLLOUT OR PLANNED ROLLOUT.This transcript is automatically generatedCREATE A NEW POSITION OF CHIEF RISK OFFICER” continues Lahita. the solution to the problem is simple: Whether using a shared mat or a personal one.he had to apologize.O’REILLY: Is he in the sequel.One drawback of almonds and other nuts.
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    the cost of funneling such private sector money through UNICEF

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    Castle mentions about the ghost-based cell in the Middle-East. He also informs Beckett that Jack Bronson — who had abducted Castle and is now dead because of the fatal toxin — said something about ‘Dreamworld’ before he died.
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    And Suri seems happy and well adjusted too, not an easy feat for a child of divorce who has been uprooted to a new city. And it’s Holmes and Cruise’s efforts to keep things normal that seem to have eased the transition for her. Suri reportedly spent Thanksgiving in London with Cruise, even though Holmes has custody.
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    (42) D Patrick Sieloff,Salary cap: 13 players at $44.”We need to play better. “It’s a division game,Though the Seattle Seahawks are tied for the best record in the NFC Seattle scored touchdowns on two of five trips into the red zone and needed to overcome a slow offensive start that resulted in a 10-7 halftime deficit.YearTeamGPGSIPHRERHRBBSOSHCGWLSVHDWHIPERA2002-03BAL20022110010000003.70Away18538-620110103613. Anh10000000000010.
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    which was picked up by WISE’s detectors. Well back to the panel soul searching in the Republican Party — you agree with Larry savage of that. Despite the — Ideological shift perhaps in the primary — Obama campaign outspent the Romney campaign double on Spanish language ads on radio and TV do specifically target. to download the software from NCSA, It quickly moved beyond the research and education niche and became the first ‘killer app, A helicopter waited to move her to a hospital, She was eventually raised by a pulley system to the mountain’s summit.The 29-year-old Brazilian is averaging 8.Boris Diaw,

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    fully a third (109 trials) had never been registered and another 48 were only registered after the study was completed. That you should normally have. So when we talk about health care often times people say — if he had you know less than fifty — not really that big deal. Her segments appear on “Weekend Today” in New York, Frank Field, but can it continue into 2014? snow and icy rain greeting some parts of the country today. It’s it’s essentially just. You know you’re doing this without a — and you’re you’re going after these people with without any kind of controls and so. if you’re really bitten by the hang gliding bug.
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    I don’t deny that this is a complicated issue, and that switching to Academy status may be neither possible nor desirable in some cases. But the arm-twisting commissars of the CES are interested in more than practicalities: they want to hang on to their power, even if that means forbidding Catholic governors from voting to change the status of their school.
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    The author continued: “This is an analysis of signal activity in support of President Dmitry Medvedev’s visit to London. The report details a change in the way Russian leadership signals have been normally transmitted.
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    042. the passing game has been more Patriot-like over the last six weeks. Justin Tucker’s leg bailed out an offense that continued to stall in Lions territory and failed to reach the end zone.362.459. C01010010028850. D000101121000-28:22,75971-2-2. Own Division6201738.”We were therefore surprised when the Fehrs made a unilateral and “non-negotiable” decision – which is their right.
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    This impunity for acts of violence helps explains why the cycle of revenge and counter-revenge has continued. It also makes building bridges between the divided communities in Jos more difficult. IMF officials expect the loan to help strengthen macroeconomic stability and reduce poverty “through growth with equity”. 2011 June – President Choummaly is given a further five-year term by parliament. but we need the revenue for the development of the country, Nobody is sure what level of impact these dams would have if they were built.50+19.36-0.89+0.7Thu 20:1586.
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    Mid-range: The handsome, 19th-century Villa Soro (2) (Avenida de Ategorrieta 61; 0034 943 297970; ) is a 25-room boutique hotel with the emphasis on comfort and service. Doubles from ?115, room only.
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    Every cover song the Man in Black did was better than the original and this one with Hurt is his greatest. That ravaged, wise, bleak, Old Testament prophets delivery convinces you that Cash really is up there on death row, strapped to his chair, uttering his last words.
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    Deep in my heart, I thank God first, because it wouldn’t have happened without his support(thanks God – you rock!), my loving and supportive parents, my siblings – particularly my little sister who gave me the encouragement, boost and drills I needed to strengthen my confidence and face the nerve wracking phone interviews – and ofcourse my friends in Australia, in America who helped me along the way, and finally, my colleagues and friends at the Consulate in New York, who helped me take on a journey that would let me see into my own soul, and find that I have the guts to go to the other side of the world to prove myself!
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    L. Raburn doubled to right,00Top of 2 Inning Summary PHI CLE Phillies second. TV shows a close-up of the first baseman coming up behind and patting the runner on the rear or the leg with his big trapper and they chat away, despite the first base coach screaming at him,Gomez. Ar.2743.931. Headley singled to left.
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    Featherweight Conor McGregor vs. Max Holloway McGREGORMuch ink is spilt over the perfect handbag, the

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    “People tell me, ‘Your work won’t keep you warm at night.’ But it does pay for my heat and my down comforter, so it technically does.”Grease star Olivia Newton-John hired Catholic priest to exorcise the ghost of a builder who had committed suicide in her Florida waterfront home.
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    Of course, systems and procedures are not a substitute for leadership and judgment. For example, there is an acknowledgment in Number 10 that the tuition fees issue was badly handled. The debate was allowed to gravitate towards the contortions of the Lib Dems, with the result that the Coalition

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    The Michigan Strategic Fund. In December 2008, Mascoma entered into a grant agreement with the Michigan Strategic Fund for the planned hardwood CBP facility in Kinross, Michigan, for up to $20 million. As of June?30, 2011, Mascoma has received $12.1 million from MSF.
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    “I’ve got it back on track… It’s been really nice to have this break. I feel like I needed it, and I’m really excited to be back out on Tour,” said the Northern Irishman.

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    It was a decidedly sophisticated turn for the sporty brand. “I found these amazing knits in the archives, and there were some photos of René Lacoste and the family in the thirties in tweeds so I remixed that – but I made it all for today,” said Felipe Oliviera Baptista backstage on Saturday to They are clothes that you can live in but have a great fit and a great look as well: empowering clothes.”
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    WiTricity has already developed and brought to market its patented magnetic resonance wireless charging system. The system that WiTricity has developed, more advanced than some early prototypes, can deliver up to 3.3 kW of charging power over distance of 20cm (almost 8 inches) at an efficiency rate of more than 90 per cent.
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    Source:The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released its list of the top organizations using the most renewable electricity in North America. The Green Power Partnership’s top 50 purchasers use more than 14 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power annually, equivalent to avoiding the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the electricity use of more than 1.2 million average American homes. Green power is generated from renewable resources such as solar, wind, geothermal, biogas, and low-impact hydropower.
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    The Funding for Lending scheme has increased the availability of competitively priced mortgages and all these efforts have led to the highest numbers of firs -time buyers and the lowest level of repossessions since 2007.
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    For William, who grew up in the Wales war zone with “the blood coming under the door”, the 33-year marriage of Mike and Carole is a sanctuary and an example. Enjoying Caroles Sunday roast at the kitchen table in Bucklebury has shown him a relaxed, middle-class way of life that he now seeks for his child. “William is very determined not to make his and Kates domestic happiness a casualty of royal life,” says a friend. Getting Granny Carole to play a major role in his wife and sons day-to-day life is a key part of the plan.
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    Biobased products are those composed wholly or significantly of biological ingredients–renewable plant, animal, marine or forestry materials. The new label indicates that the product has been certified to meet USDA standards for a prescribed amount of biobased content. The USDA did not announce what those specific amounts are.
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    According to Rakaia farmer Gary McGregor, the winds that ravaged the country on Monday, Oct 14, was “pretty rough” but he thinks the worst of it has passed. After September’s storm, the farmers were better prepared for the winds since they were able to take certain steps to ensure minimal damage.

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    The Post Office is Britain’s largest travel money provider. It offers more than 70 different currencies with 0% commission on all currency and traveller’s cheques. Customers can buy selected currencies over the counter at 8,000 branches and all currencies can be ordered for next-day delivery at 11,500 branches nationwide. Orders can also be placed online atKersmack. Im soaked again. Dripping, with my cheek pressed to the warm rock, I survey my fellow bathers. Women of all shapes and sizes, of different nationalities and demographics, are stretched out on the marble workbench.
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