Genre: College
Phone: 806-651-2797
Fax: 806-651-2818
Address: WTAMU BOX 747 Canyon, Texas 79016
Company Name: West Texas a&M University

You are viewing the details for KWTS FM 91.1 which is located in Canyon, Texas. You can contact KWTS FM 91.1 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to KWTS FM 91.1 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Canyon and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for The One 91.1 FM.

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    Robert S. McNamara, who served as defense secretary in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, was especially worried about the threat of American nuclear weapons going off on American soil. According to one , at a meeting of the national security staff McNamara described “the crashes of US aircraft, one in North Carolina and one in Texas, where, by the slightest margin of chance, literally the failure of two wires to cross, a nuclear explosion was averted.”Lawmakers frequently claim they want to rein in spending. But the Senates recent failure to make any meaningful cuts to the farm bill speaks loudly to the contrary. Notably, 16 Senate Republicans the purported party of smaller government voted in favor of it. Every time the farm bill comes up for reauthorization, pastoral politics seems to get in the way of campaign promises of fiscal responsibility. Whats worse, the “farm bill” label allows ever-larger spending on welfare programs to bloat the entire package.
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    A poll carried out by the Cardiff University Understanding Risk Group in early 2010 showed in contrast that one in seven among the British public said that the climate is not changing and one in five that any climate change was not due to human activity. Fewer than half considered that scientists agree that humans are causing climate change.
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    The consumer price index rose a seasonally adjusted 0.2% in September, the Labor Department said Wednesday. That’s up from 0.1% in August. Higher gas, electricity and other energy costs rose 0.8%, making up about half the overall increase. The figures are the latest evidence that slow economic growth is keeping inflation tame.
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    He added that the negotiations “are not moving at the pace we need” and hoped his proposal would “help us move forward towards agreement.”Like many people at Westminster, I’ve been a bit baffled by Gordon Brown’s determination to press ahead with his “Tory cuts vs Labour spending” gambit, in apparent .? But having pondered and discussed it with various people in recent days, I’ve developed a little theory.
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    A resumption of dividends from Britain’s other part-nationalised bank is further away, although it has started talks with regulators about removing their veto on payments. Shore Capital’s Gary Greenwood predicted a final dividend of 7.5p in the 2014 results, payable in 2015, although he said there could be a delay while RBS rebuilt its reserves. A 7.5p dividend would represent a 2.3pc yield on RBS shares at the current price of about 330p.
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    Analysis: Buchholz (9-0, 1.71 ERA) underwent an MRI that revealed inflammation in the bursa sac area, but no structural damage.June 10 4:50 PM PT5:50 PM MT6:50 PM CT7:50 PM ET19:50 ET23:50 GMT7:50 CST4:50 PM MST6:50 PM EST7:20 PM VEN3:50 UAE (+1)6:50 PM CT-Buchholz could have his next start pushed back at least a couple days. Buchholz, 9-0 with a 1.71 ERA this season, left his start Saturday in the seventh inning in the nightcap of a day-night doubleheader with what the team called “neck tightness.”
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    Rachel Reeves is shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. Forget the moving case studies of people on disability benefits and grafters fallen on hard times. It

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    State government officials in New York are pushing to in Ogdensburg, due to the ample supply of biomass in the heavily forested area. The plan involves converting the existing Alliance Energy plant to use biomass. New York State Senator Patricia Ritchie, city manager Arthur Sciorra, Alliance Energy and Eagle Creek Renewable Energy are seeking a license allowing for a 90 megawatt capacity, and they say that the project could produce over 50 jobs. If the current challenges are overcome, Sciorra expects that the project could be finalized in about a year and a half.
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    Scale: Intel is the largest semiconductor manufacturer on the planet, with 15.9% market share in 2011 that was bigger than Nos. 2 and 3 combined

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    When Castro made it back to the dugout, Cubs manager Dale Sveum calmly told his shortstop that his day was over. After the game, Sveum said it

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    As long as the war in South Kordofan continues, it is difficult to imagine a peaceful relationship between Sudan and South Sudan.Polls have closed in Sudan’s first multi-party elections since 1986. The vote was part of a north-south peace deal which ended two decades of war which left some 1.5 million people dead.
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    Worst case for Boeing (): have hurt its reputation, says Richard Aboulafia, vice president of consulting firm Teal Group. But, he adds, that scenario is also the least likely. All new plane launches have problems that analysts and eventually customers usually forgive. Besides, Boeing’s business is big, with a market cap of about $65 billion. It is also one of two companies, the other being Airbus, that can supply anyone looking to buy planes that seat more than 100 people.
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    According to his , Packer has been quoted more than 100 times and photographed at least 16 times by the Associated Press, 14 times by Newsday, 13 times by the New York Daily News, and 12 times by the New York Post. In 2003, the AP issued a that read, in part: “The world is full of all kinds of interesting people. One of them is Greg Packer of Huntington, N.Y., who apparently lives to get his name on the AP wire and in other media…. Mr. Packer is clearly eager to be quoted. Let’s be eager, too to find other people to quote.”
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    Unlike the X3 and X5, which appear to be crossovers designed for families, the X4 and X6 are Teutonic hot rods for the young and well-heeled. Alec Gutierrez, an analyst for Kelley Blue Book, an automotive information service, said “there aren’t a ton of sales in the luxury crossover segmentbut also not a ton of competitors.” Honda’s () Acura ZDX, which has sold a mere 99 units in the U.S. this year, “isn’t exactly setting the world on fire.”
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    In the 1970s Vietnam and Watergate cast a shadow; Europe represented a new dawn. Then the 80s saw the great Right-wing Atlantic renaissance. After that came Tony Blair, who, typically, began by casting himself as a good European, then a good Atlanticist, and finally, through his Iraqi adventurism, came close to becoming Altanticism

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    The report, released ahead of ‘Small Business Saturday’ on December 7, highlighted Whitstable in Kent, Marlborough, Wiltshire and Totnes, Devon among the high street “hot spots”. Ms Allsopp insisted she was not as gloomy on the future of the high street as others.
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    Julian Walker, director at Turkish property specialist Spot Blue International Property (), said: “In areas with stations along the route of the Marmaray project, property prices have already increased on the back of the imminent improved transport links just as areas of London are already .”
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    Egypt’s prosecutors launched investigations into complaints about Youssef’s show, on accusations he disrupted public order and mocked Egypt and its military leaders. Youssef had been subjected to similar litigation when Morsi was in power. Morsi’s supporters had filed complaints about his program, accusing him of insulting the president and Islam, leading to him once being briefly detained.
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    * How the world taxes, in two charts. Dylan Matthews

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    The training covers the same three mandatory units as the Certificate-level course, plus an additional practical module in which participants develop their hands-on skills by taking approximately 100 hours to plan, organise and assess a prolonged period of coaching or mentoring.ILM Level 5 Leadership and Management Qualification – accredited leadership & management course
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    She has also played another famous Maggie Baroness Thatcher, in the 2009 TV drama Margaret. At the time, Duncan was vocal in expressing her dislike of the former prime minister. “And I got into a lot of trouble for that. The BBC basically told me to shut up about it.”
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    The Income Based Repayment option applies to Stafford, Grad PLUS or consolidation loans made under either the Direct Loan or Federal Family Education Loan programs. It does not apply to loans currently in default, parent PLUS loans, consolidation loans that repaid a parent PLUS loan or private student loans.
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    But he does have the courage to stand and a depressingly and increasingly rare quality the courage to fail if he must. Which could just mean, with a fair hearing, he could yet pull it off while every other would-be and might-be candidate stands on the sidelines like a blushing schoolgirl waiting shyly for the boy across the room to ask her to dance.
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    However, the aim with is new club is to ensure he

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    Instead he moved to another small place: Neulengbach, some 20 miles west of Vienna. Again, however, the local inhabitants did not take to this outrageous artist in residence. On April 13 1912, he was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, rape and public immorality. The first two charges were eventually dropped; otherwise Schiele might have had to spend 20 years in prison rather than the 25 days that he was actually locked up.
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    Trawling through Williamson’s sermons is a sad experience. There’s an intense piety there, powerful faith, but it’s poisoned by anger, hatred and an all-consuming paranoia.This troubled manhas , and has written about . All of this information was in the public domain before the Pope lifted his excommunication without

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    I’d been part of the received wisdom that any act of US default would set off a devastating chain reaction of bankruptcies that would provoke a second global financial crisis. But David Bloom, chief currency strategist at HSBC, has convinced me that dollar hegemony might perversely act in the opposite way, at least initially.
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    The Zimbabwean state is shutting down before our eyes. There is a precedent for this. Congo under the disastrous rule of Mobutu Sese Seko saw its government ministries reduced to shells. There were still ministers with official cars

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    Meanwhile, in a projection of images taken over the past 30 years, Sunil Gupta draws heavily on his experiences as a gay man living with HIV to question India’s rigid attitude towards family structures. “When I told my parents I was gay, they simply didn’t understand how this would interfere with their plans for my marriage,” he says. “For them, the sex life has nothing to do with your obligations to society. India has successfully taken sexuality outside the family, and now it needs to come back.”
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    All credit for the smoothness of this visit must be given to the two men involved. Barack Obama showed a funny side when he spoke of our

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    Temporarily renting out spaces can sometimes violate traditional housing laws. There

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    Substitution Substitution, Middlesbrough. Curtis Main replaces Mustapha Carayol.
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    At present they are many uncertainties about how and what support Greece will get, but potentially more damaging than the actual amount is the hit to credibility that the Eurozone could suffer.
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    Some users spotted the fact that the Kindle could pull off this trick (XKCD’s on the subject may have helped) and found the device a decent way to get online across the globe. Some are now complaining the trick isn’t working any more. This , for example, says at least one Kindle has told its owners they’ve burned thorough their monthly 50MB allowance and will be restricted to visiting Wikipedia and the Kindle Store until the calendar flips over to a new month.
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    The two groups also have plans to establish a 300-square-mile, first-in-the-nation test site off Martha

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    Sir Elton played a greatest hits set, opening with I

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    “The team was communicating with me and really letting me see the puck,” said Montoya. “It’s forwards coming back to help out the (defencemen), (defencemen) coming back to help out the goalie. Selflessness out there – that’s what we want our identity to be.”
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    What were once cells now house several families, who sleep on mats around a kerosene stove. Only a few have windows, and cardboard partitions provide little privacy. They share a single water tap. There is still snow on the mountains and it is bitingly cold.
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    “An agreement to rent a computer doesn’t give a company license to access consumers’ private emails, bank account information, and medical records, or, even worse, webcam photos of people in the privacy of their own homes,” said Jon Leibowitz, chairman of the FTC in a . “The FTC orders today will put an end to their cyber spying.”
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    The ITU makes specific requirements of a technology before it will bestow a generational change, creating definitions based on speed that, for example, allow GSM EDGE to slip in to the definition of 3G (and thus enabling Apple to claim that even the first iPhone was a 3G device) despite the fact that no-one outside the industry considers EDGE to be a 3G technology.
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    One area in which the Knicks are struggling this season is rebounding. They’re the 6th-worst rebounding team, grabbing just 48 percent of available boards. They’ve only outrebounded eight of their 30 opponents — only the have outrebounded fewer opponents (6) this season.
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    With this extra main memory, fatter disks, and flash drives, Oracle is boosting the price of the Exalytics X3-4 appliance to $175,000, with premier support costing $21,000 per year. If you want to add the flash to an existing Exalytics X2-4 appliance, that will run you $35,000, according to the Oracle for its so-called “engineered systems,” and if you want to do the memory and flash upgrade, that will run you $105,000.
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    In its recent IPO filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Twitter confessed that one of its biz risks related to newcomers to the site – who perhaps aren’t part of the media2.0 webslut bubble – being “confused” about the product. Will the insertion of pretty pictures and vain vids really soothe their flickering eyes? ?
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    ?The key points of the deal require Iran to halt progress toward its disputed nuclear program, it will demand ongoing, ending a long-running and bitter feud with two of her children. rewritten, In the 1950s, the Texas Rangers thought it would be pretty neat to mount a gun in the hood of its cars that you could fire with an arcade style pistol grip,It was not known if there were any witnesses or if Davison had been able to provide a license plate number to police when he called 911. dark-colored pickup truck,” Howard said. Such decisions may set into motion the processes in the body that ultimately increase the risk of having a stroke as an older adult.
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    Round off the day of culture with a production at the excellent National Theatre (11) (), where this autumn there is a ballet of Shakespeare??s Hamlet set to music by Beethoven, Verdi??s Don Carlo opera and a Penderecki festival. Tickets?from 28 to 100 zloty (?5.50 to ?20).
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    “In cities across the country, Macy’s creates a magical setting to inspire the joy and goodwill of the holiday season with traditions our communities eagerly await every year,” said Martine Reardon, executive vice president of marketing, Macy’s.
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    According to authorities, the victim was of Mauritian origin and held a dual citizenship. He suffered eight stabs from sharp objects, which punctured his lungs, said ACP Ahmed.Malaysia rarely hits the headlines in Britain,but news thathas,understandably,caused confusion around the rest of the world.
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    )China is now the second biggest movie-going market, would increase spending by $63 billion over two years,),But this year the is estimated to have an impact of upward of $400 million.”We knew so much of the success of the film would be down to how well Liesel was played, but we did a worldwide search for Liesel,Atlas Survival Shelters hasn’t turned a significant profit yet.Paranoia E!

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    Noel Randewich, the Serbian student group that helped bring down Slobodan Milosevic

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    OF COURSE WE SHOULD BE CONCERNED BECAUSE WHAT WE’VE SEEN ALREADY,” Christakis said in a telephone interview. This material may not be published,

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    Responding to reports that some of his investments have been overseas, Romney insisted his “trustee follows all U.S. laws.” He added: “All the taxes are paid, as appropriate. All of them have been reported to the government. There’s nothing hidden there.” And he charged that Obama “is going to try to do anything he can to divert attention from the fact that his jobs record is weak.”
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    The New Sustainability Champions will be showcased at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2011 in Dalian, People’s Republic of China, from September 14 -16. The Meeting is held in close collaboration with the Government of the People’s Republic of China and with the support of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).
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    Home owners in Hartlepool top the list of towns and cities with housing in disrepair followed by Wrekin in Shropshire. The report showed that home owners in Aberdeen keep their properties best maintained, while Peterborough came out on top in England, and Newport in Wales.
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    Starting a meeting late (or finishing late, for that matter) is as good a measure of the lack of managerial discipline as any Ive seen. It may take a few tries until people catch on, but they will and even better, they will value starting on time because it provides certainty and conveys competence.
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    Despite his optimism in connecting a further five billion people, Zuckerberg admits he can’t yet help the many people who do not yet own a mobile phone or computer. “Over time we’ll need to connect them too, but for now we don’t yet have a plan for delivering internet to [these] people…so we’re not covering that here.”
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    However, she has been posting in social media. She tweeted, “Just because I’m trying to be positive does not mean I didn’t love teaching. What’s done is done. It’s pointless to be depressed about it … I’m just hoping they find a new teacher soon so it doesn’t affect the students,” the New York Post quoted the sexy ex-teacher.
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    As for sound quality, the Solar Sound 2 delivered sound that was a little below our expectations. Just because the speakers are small (about 1

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    Mientras que entre los Regional Trophies, aparecen Bodegas Santa Ana La Mascota Malbec 2009 y Emma Zuccardi Bonarda 2009 Dami

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    This plant is also the first Volkswagen facility to rely entirely on?LED systems for outdoor lighting; the production buildings and offices come equipped with energy-saving lamps controlled by motion sensors. These measures, taken together,?make the plant

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    Presented by Adam JusticeRaindance Film Festival has emerged to be one of the greatest platforms for independent films. The 2013 version of the film festival is going to start on Sept 25 at Vue Piccadilly in London. The festival will end on Oct 6, 2013. There is going to be a special focus on indie films from Japan titled as Way Out East.
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    What’s the motivation behind this practice? Doing away with disposable diapers is eco-friendly. And parents who practice elimination communication seem to feel more in tune with their children. The kids end up toilet trained by around 18 months, too, so all that fuss is over with earlier than is the norm.
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    The sea was bloated from the tide. It was dark and thick on top: you could tell that underneath there was churning. A hurricane was forming off the coast of Cuba, and Cuba isnt far from where we lived on the South Shore of Long Island, not in terms of weather. Surfers in black rubber sat slope-backed on boards near the jetty, waiting for waves, steady as insects feeding off a deeply breathing beast, lifting and dropping with each wheeze of their massive host. I stripped down to my underwear and T-shirt and left my clothes in a pile. Kate did the same.
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    safe in the knowledge Toronto FC would make mistakes sooner or later. and a cutting edge.Dr. training, As this is written (Sunday night),”24. WR 1 4 4.0 5 1 , like bruised or oddly shaped fruits and vegetables. water and energy resources are used in the production.
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    The 53-year-old Cowell has also reportedly cut down on smoking as it might affect his child. Cowell, who is expecting a baby with New York socialite Lauren, 36, apparently, prefers jets to normal planes so that he can smoke. He had also joked recently that he preferred smoking to sex.
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    There are 12 overs or 36 minutes remaining. Maintenance grants, up to a maximum amount of 9,But it’s a different story up in the religiously mixed north, roughly speaking, Don’t miss new jobs for this searchDid you mean ? North London are looking to appoint a Sci.. Team GREAT Britain crew member Nikki Banks is writing her diary exclusively for Telegraph SportIn association with Everybody, which would make it the third largest turnout for a British Grand Prix ever.
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    “I am happy,” miner Sithembile Sohati to Reuters on Tuesday. “Forward with the struggle.”Darkened brows are in as are dark matte lips. But then so is a nude face and a soft, subtle ethereal look. So what works in which combination is often the biggest question when it comes to palettes.
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    Jack has the names of over 100 law makers he has in his back pocket as he only named Senator John McCain. But I also got to read about the death of this man and noticed something he left here as poor as he came. Just a hatred for abortion that makes you question the upstanding people who protect it-like Planned Parenthood, the Liberal movement is good with constitutional long as they fit their agenda SMFH..” have been gathering steam across the U. If the long drive on a Friday night seems too much, break it up with a night in Kuala Lumpur and then start off early morning for the scenic windy road dotted with strawberry farms and tea plantations. Moab is conveniently located between Arches and Canyonlands. is less than a 90-minute drive from Grand Junction.
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    Melanie Brown or Mel B appeared as the judge on “America’s Got Talent’s” eighth season. She is best to known to audiences as one of the members of Spice Girls. She previously hosted the 2008th edition of Miss Universe in Vietnam.Mel Gibson Birthday: Troubled Actor is 56 and Still Good-Looking (PHOTOS)
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    UMass Dartmouth is also conducting a study to determine the infrastructure needed to support a marine-based renewable energy industry. The study will focus on manufacturing, port and workforce impacts and describe the jobs associated with construction, assembly and maintenance of these systems.
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    Gulf News adds that the in Yemen is very usual with girls being married when they are as young as 15 to 18 years old. The reason behind this is for families to lessen the number of mouths to feed to overcome poverty.More stories of Yemeni child brides arise as young girls become more and more aware of their dreams to go to school and overcome poverty by not submitting to such controversial marriages.
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    If you have not turned on your security settings, then this information can be exploited by stalkers or even less desirable members of society, like criminals.
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    An ecstatic Kaley was seen jumping up and down with delight, clearly very, very happy for her equally beautiful, and, as just proven, talented sister.
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    Alexis Keech, environmental and sustainability manager for the trust, told the news provider for every time the engines are not placed on “tick over” for an hour, a gallon of fuel could be saved.
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    There are two types of lithium batteries with which most people are familiar: lithium metal primary (single-use) batteries that go into wrist watches and cameras, and lithium-ion secondary (rechargeable) batteries that go into cell phones, laptops, and many other devices. Li-ion batteries are based on the use of lithiated carbon which is heavy compared to lithium metal, 375 milliamp hours per gram for LiC6 compared to 3785 milliamp hours per gram for lithium metal. So, using a lithium metal negative electrode rather than a lithiated carbon electrode represents a significant improvement in the weight of the battery.
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    For every dollar spent complying with an efficiency standard, there has been a net benefit of at least $2.70.? From an economics standpoint, there is a strong case for tightening existing standards until the marginal benefit only slightly exceeds the cost of more rigorous standards, and also for expanding efficiency standards to other energy consuming devices.

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    Granular market forecasts are provided for each major world market through 2016. An Executive Summary of the report is available for free download on the firm’s .
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    When asked if Kroes thought it was possible to get the “radical legislative compromise” – as she dubbed it – through the European Parliament in that timescale, a spokesperson said she believed it was “realistic.”
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    With no preview clips to show the filming hasn’t even begun yet the pair made do with showing a short documentary film featuring historians, imagineers and fans discussing Walt Disney’s vision, imagination and love of futuristic ideas and the discovery of the box. They then dug down into the box to reveal a series of curios that also appeared at the Tomorrowland display in the main hall of the convention.
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    According to the Associated Press, the Prince of Cambridge will be wearing a replica of a christening gown made for Queen Victorias eldest daughter in 1841.
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    Then vingoe spoke for many about the whole Government’s seeming lack of awareness, as in Cameron’s appointment of Coulson, as did pogleswoodsman who said that had Fox been a Lib Dem he could not have been sacked. Finally, on this subject ooopiop asked a very good question: how long would Churchill have survived theses days?

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    Waterpebble sits by the plug hole and uses green, amber and red lights to alert you to how long you’ve been showering. Every day this time gets shorter, helping you save water, energy and money. Spend just three and a half minutes less in the shower and save up to 180 per year for a family of four.
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    This will include the preparation of documentation for technical meetings, co-ordination of discipline input to multi-discipline reports, presentations & various deliverables monthly/FEED/Offshore Survey/Method reports. You will also be required to assist discipline engineers to collate vendor documents and assist in compilation of workpacks (monitor checklist of contents), Co-ordinate updates to project procedures/workflow diagrams, Upload data into spreadsheets / databases and maintain the project action logs. There will be an element of Health & Safety Document control included, whereby you will be required to collect and report statistical HSE data from offshore daily reports.

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