Genre: Carribean
Phone: 954-584-1170
Fax: 954-581-6441
Address: 6360 SOUTHWEST 41ST PL. Davie, Florida 33314
Company Name: Alliance Broadcasting, Inc.Listen Online

You are viewing the details for WAVS AM 1170 which is located in Davie, Florida. You can contact WAVS AM 1170 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to WAVS AM 1170 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Davie and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for Heartbeat Ofthe Caribbean.

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    “Our concern is that an illegal gun owner is going to have an AK-47, which is an assault rifle. We’re concerned that if someone has a brand new truck in their driveway, someone will break into the home,” said Morgenstern. “But people have guns all over the country.”
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    Technically the selection of a Pope is supposedly a reflection of God

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    NOTES: Injured Lightning star Steven Stamkos briefly skated Saturday. Stamkos, who broke his right leg Nov. 11, resumed limited on-ice workouts about 10 days ago and skated for over 30 minutes Thursday. Stamkos has said he hopes to return in February. … Hurricanes RW Radek Dvorak played in his 1,230th NHL game, which is two away from tying Dino Ciccarelli for 84th on the career list. … Tampa Bay LW Ryan Malone (broken ankle) had an extensive on-ice conditioning session and could return by early next month. … Lightning C Tom Pyatt played after missing 32 games due to a broken collarbone. … Carolina D Mike Komisarek was scratched for the second straight game after being activated from injured reserve.GAPPG+/-PIMSOGHitsBkSGvATkAFOWFOLFO%TOI, D000102310000-17:35, LW000003100000-7:18, RW000001001010100.014:28, RW00000310101325.013:32, D010-103200100-25:10, LW000-100000000-16:50, D100102100000-19:23, D000001610000-14:15, D101003001000-15:49, C000000400161331.615:21, LW000042001000-11:26, D000-102101000-24:53, RW000120010100-20:50, LW010004201210100.016:02, C1001262001141253.822:00, C000-102021014863.618:50, LW0000031110010.016:21, G010000001000-60:00, RW000001100000-1:57GAPPG+/-PIMSOGHitsBkSGvATkAFOWFOLFO%TOI, RW000001201000-5:10, G000000001000-58:23, C010101100051131.216:33, C000-1003100131448.123:21, LW000101402100-11:32, D000003220300-20:13, D000100221200-20:08, D000-101331100-19:57, C000041100013861.920:09, RW000-103112000-21:03, LW100102000000-11:41, LW1000051000010.020:15, C0001202000020.014:01, RW000000010000-3:03, D000-102701200-24:58, D010120402100-17:31, LW000-203001020100.024:49, G000000000000-0:32, D010003422000-17:38, C00000000004180.03:20Comments on this story are pre-moderated. Before they appear comments are reviewed by moderators to ensure they meet our . Comments are welcome while open. We reserve the right to close comments at any time.
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    “Sky Player Sports Highlights Service” means our broadband content service available to both Non-Sky and Sky TV Customers (whether or not they have Sky Sports included in their Sky TV Pack) which provides catch-up and highlights programming (but not live content) from Sky Sports;
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    While dissolved gas bubbles (like the ones in a drink) can form anywhere there’s a rough surface, bubbles in boiling pots of liquid only form on the hot surface of the pan, because that’s where the molecules get the energy they need to separate from each other to form a gas.
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    facing every sort of double team, 12 at home,Mileage varies only slightly among the models,000 commitment over the standard V-6 car, NY andNew York,Don’t let that junk car sit around collecting dust anymore.So let

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    Now Duke is proposing to do the same with its Lee Station nuclear project, which is likely to lead to rate hikes for North Carolina customers while jobs and tax base benefits would be created in South Carolina.
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    Sloane admitted this without being a sore thumb. “Obviously she’s No. 1 in the world for a reason,” Stephens said. “I thought she played really well. It didn’t go how I wanted. All in all I competed well and played well. That’s all you can do, really.”
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    In the north-eastern city of Maiduguri, the heart of the insurgency, telephone lines were still down but some life returned to the town after a curfew was relaxed. Yellow rickshaws used as taxis returned to the sandy streets, which were still heavily guarded by military checkpoints and patrols.
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    “The Army chief, Gen V K Singh, who undertook a number of reforms within the armed forces, was asked to resign this month by the defence minister, citing an error in his officially reported date of birth. The opposition claims that the government terminated Gen Singh’s services since he was opposed to the corruption in the armed forces. A loyalist of the ruling Indian National Congress party, Lt Gen Bikram Singh, will take over the leadership from Gen V K Singh on June 1, 2012,” it added.Terrorists linked to the Taliban are believed to be behind an explosion in the Kissa Khwani street market in Peshawar, northwest Pakistan, that has killed or wounded dozens of people.
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    And then there was the initiative stemming from a patented technology developed by scientists at CSIRO, Australia

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    The passenger, whose name is disclosed only as John, had to take control of the 4-seater Cessna 172 after the pilot became unwell. The passengers were heading back to Sandtoft, a small airfield near Doncaster situated in the north-eastern part of England. The plane, however, had to be taken to a bigger airport after it had been decided that a flying instructor would instruct one of the passengers to divert the plane to Humberside Airport. Roy Murray was given the responsibility to instruct John.
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    Its unfortunate that Mikkayla wasnt afforded the same treatment as the other evictees. This writer feels that somethings amiss about how the show has portrayed her in the episode. Perhaps this isnt really the case and all of the aforementioned were just imagined.
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    SOURCE:Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, online November 23, 2011.For years, physicians have been prescribing vitamin D supplements for older adults to prevent bone loss. But now, a new study shows that these pills might not really be that effective after all.
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    Nadal beat Philipp Kohlschreiber 6-7, 6-4, 6-3, 6-1 in the last round. The first set of that match was the first to be dropped by Nadal in the whole tournament thus far. In particular, Nadal’s serve has been exceptional. Despite losing a set, his serve has not been broken in the entire tournament.
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    A buyout of Verizon Wireless would be the latest of a string of mergers and acquisitions in the U.S. mobile-phone market, which has surpassed Europe in technologies that enable faster Internet browsing and video streaming for computers and smartphones.Verizon Communications confirmed a $130bn deal with UK mobile phone giant Vodafone to acquire its 45% stake in the pair’s profitable US joint venture, Verizon Wireless.
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    In this day and age, any reality competition is as good as the judges sitting on the panel. With the formulaic male and female judges, they help discover the next big thing in the music industry.
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    However, in the past six months it has become increasingly apparent that my wife is unhappy with our relationship. She looks young for her age (50), is fit, healthy and beautiful. On the other hand, I have had significant cardiac health issues and could pass for 10 years older than my age of 53. Alas, my wife tells me that she just does not find me physically attractive any more. While she has been fantastic and has tried to get along with me despite this, I recently discovered that she had been having a hidden exchange of texts with a mystery man. She claims it is nothing, but after seeing some of the messages and noting their frequency, as well as the fact that several of them are exchanged late at night I find it hard to believe her.
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    - Toyota EV Prototype ?C Making its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011, the EV Prototype represents the installation of an all-electric powertrain within a Toyota iQ package (see ). It will accelerate from 0-62mph in 14 seconds; has a driving range of up to 105km; and can be fully charged from a 200V supply in four hours.
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    14.04 Back to the US debt ceiling, Fidelity Worldwide Investments have done a good graph which shows that markets shrugged off the latest crisis and always expected a deal.
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