Genre: News/Talk
Phone: 317-266-9422
Fax: 317-684-2021
Address: 40 Monument Circle Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Company Name: Emmis Radio License, LLCListen Online

You are viewing the details for WIBC FM 93.1 which is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can contact WIBC FM 93.1 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to WIBC FM 93.1 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for radio stations.

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2 Responses to “WIBC 93.1 FM in Indianapolis, Indiana”

  1. Reynaldo

    While I dont like the fact that Abdul is nothing but Tom JOhns lttile butt buddy puppet, the CCP for his show is not bad at all.You are wrong on your numbers. He has about 1,360 in the 35+ demo which is what they are going after. You cannot use the 12+ numbers, they dont mean a thing.Besides when you are buying Abdul you are not buying stricikly Arb numbers, you are buying some type of influance with Abdul. His AQH is fairly stable, and that is what you want in a show. Bob and Tom have had the best AQH for years.Typicaly the 35+ demo have solid CCP and fall into a very highly desired buy pattern. Besides, I am willing to bet that because it is a must buy for politics that they wil do well in the 4th Quarter.Abduls show nothing but a toy for the corporate suites to showoff. Every station must do a % of minority broadcasting. His corporate goons can parade him around and look good doing it.Tyey make NO money on that show. in fact the station is not doing well at all. Every other top 25 market has Glenn Beck # 1. Not here in Indy.Dennis Miller is getting his ass handed to him by Wank, so put Beck in the PM drive spot. But again the problem is the AM signal.They blew it when they did not take the talk format to the FM frequency. Abdul might have increased his numbers.The only time that AM 1430 had any numbers was when it was the old WFBM AM.As for the price of the station, the CPP is in line with the other stations in this market. The spot $$$ amount means nothing unless it is translated into APL segments.

  2. Open

    that Abdul should just join his caimpagn because at least then he’d be getting paid. At this point, voluntarily or not, Abdul is where you’ll hear the MCRCC talking points be presented.Kind of funny, because I’ve seen the suggestion more than once that the Republicans should get an Indianapolis Times-like blog. But now they have it.Gary, I’ve never had a problem getting Abdul’s radio show in the morning, but I usually listen from home. But I also listen to Alan Colmes, which runs from 10pm-1am. Dead air usually sets in around 12:00-12:06am, and might continue between 1-2 minutes or longer. Once, it stayed dead for 20+ and I just gave up. I don’t know if the signal got mixed up, or someone didn’t push the right button, or what have you, but it frequently happens. I usually don’t even try to listen to Colmes on WXNT anymore and just listen to Fox News Radio’s online feed.I also think WIBC gets better ratings because of more local hosts. WXNT has Abdul, and then a mix of repeats and local hosts on the weekends. WIBC has their morning show, Garrison, Ed Wank, and Denny Smith, and offer some local programming as well on the weekends. [url=]qejwzckmn[/url] [link=]rvschk[/link]

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