Genre: Blues
Phone: 601-948-5835
Fax: 601-948-6162
Address: 1018 PECAN PARK CIRCLE Jackson, Mississippi 39209
Company Name: J.C. Maxwell Broadcasting Group, IncListen Online

You are viewing the details for WMPR FM 90.1 which is located in Jackson, Mississippi. You can contact WMPR FM 90.1 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to WMPR FM 90.1 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Jackson and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for Voice of the Community.

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    Should the proposal be finalized into law, it would lead to concentration in lending among the largest banks because community banks and other small lenders won’t have the resources to hold the 5 percent on their books.
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    Appearing before the Home Affairs Select Committee, Mrs Lawrence said she had

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    The problem was fixed by the early morning as on-site Hitachi engineers worked overnight coordinating with their headquarters in Japan to fix the problem, Shelby said.
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    The vehicle began limited production last year with Mercedes-Benz now offering exclusive road tests to potential customers. Many of the vehicles have already reached customers however ?C around 100 had been delivered in Berlin and Stuttgart by the end of 2010, with plans in place for the staggered delivery of a further 2,000 units.

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    City College, the largest school in the state and one of the largest in the nation, is an essential institution for the tens of thousands of students who rely on it for a leg up into higher , learn a vocation, or to take a useful class. The school employs nearly 2,700 people.
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    Frances White, of Eccles Bridge, Marple, Stockport, is due to appear in the dock next week after refusing to pay a town hall fine?for her son Harrison

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    Back in 2010, Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons scored significant pay hikes, as did Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar. Given the popularity of the show, their raises made big news

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    But over the last 48 hours Clegg and his colleagues have shown themselves in their true colors. A spineless, duplicitous rabble. On Friday Clegg told the nation

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    One shot behind with six holes to play, he smashed his drive over the corner of a dogleg on the 13th hole that left him a short wedge into 5 feet for birdie to catch Poulter. Right when it looked as though he would fall behind again, Johnson holed a 20-foot birdie putt on the next hole.
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    “But I got to the stage where I’m like, ‘Forget it. Just play and be you,’” he said. “I’m no longer going to worry about missing shots. I’m just going to shoot when I’m open and play aggressive, get my teammates involved and play as hard as I can for as long as I can and enjoy the minutes that I get.”
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    “Taking the red tape away from the public sector procurement process will give an enormous boost to entrepreneurs and a big reduction in costs to Government,” he said.
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    At the same timeand this must make senior White House adviser David Axelrod positively dyspeptic73 percent of the independents surveyed think it’s important that any candidate they support in the upcoming election back the GOP idea of “repealing and replacing the legislation.”
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    “I hope the workers will get back to work,” Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan told reporters after a meeting with factory workers and owners Monday. And though a “minimum wage board” is scheduled to create a new salary structure by November, there is no sign of protesters returning to work anytime soon.
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    Hoisington also stated that most Americans were against the idea of women in combat units, with just “a small, nonrepresentative group of rather noisy women” advocating for the change. That argument is not commonly repeated today. According to , attitudes on the subject have shifted dramatically during the last 45 years.
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    NOTHING ABOUT IT IS AFFORDABLE. THE PERSONAL INCOME TAX DOWN TO FIVE PERCENT, BUT, I BELIEVE THERE IS MORE COMING.” ?The professors who were sued by O’Brien either did not respond to questions or referred questions to the university public relations office.

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    All market data delayed 20 minutes. in the same district where 23 children died last month after eating a poisoned lunch provided by their school.Free lunches are offered to some 120 million schoolchildren throughout India in what is the world’s largest school feeding programme.” and “Mystic River”) Bacon’s star has been shining bright for the better part of 30 years. the A-lister stepping into the lead role. Ga. during a routine traffic stop after spending more than a year as a fugitive according to authorities Price disappeared June 18 2012 after sending a rambling letter to his family and acquaintances that investigators characterized as a confession indicated he planned to kill himself by jumping from a ferry in Florida?The note prompted a Coast Guard search and rescue effort from Fort Myers to Key West involving an HC-130 Hercules aircraft and an HC-144 Ocean Sentry plane The cost of operating those aircraft respectively is $17866 and $15354 per hour Coast Guard officials said In addition to putting Coast Guard members in harm??s way the effort cost the branch more than $173000 authorities saidCreating a hoax or making a false distress call is a felony The maximum penalty for making a false distress call is six years in prison a $5000 fine a $250000 criminal fine and reimbursement to the Coast GuardAn FBI spokesman said Wednesday that Price told authorities his family didn’t know he was still alive and that he had returned to Georgia to renew the tag on his truck It wasn’t clear where he’d been for the previous 18 monthsPrice was indicted in federal court in Savannah in July 2012 on charges of taking $21 million from a small Georgia bank where he was director He was also allegedly bilked many millions more from investors in his money management business He also faces federal wire fraud charges in New YorkPrice left his home in south Georgia on June 16 2012 telling relatives he was headed to Guatemala for business Two days later Price’s family and acquaintances received letters saying he was going to Key West to board a ferry headed to Fort Meyers and planned to jump off somewhere along the way to end his life”My depression and discouragement have driven me to deep anxiety fear and shame?? according to a rambling confession letter investigators believe was written by Price ??I am emotionally overwhelmed and incapable of continuing in this life??The letter continued: “I created false statements covered up my losses and deceived and hurt the very people I was trying to help??Price purchased dive weights and a ferry ticket according to credit card records The ferry ticket was scanned at the boarding point and security camera footage released by the FBI about six weeks after his disappearance showed Price at the Key West Fla.
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    End of Story ContentCanada coped with a slew of natural disasters from freak storms to floods this calendar year, but the country’s meteorological watchdog says Canadians will remember 2012 as the year when the weather was too hot to handle.
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    They also said there is a white van about 5 minutes in front of the Presidential motorcade and another one 5 minutes behind that jams all signals except for the SS frequency. Basically, you can have full cell phone service and when the van passes by it drops to nothing.
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    Ultimately, we all buy cars on trust. It seems that at least Juris Shibayama, MD, has not lost any faith after his dangerous experience.Nothing quite speaks to the year 2013 like a YouTube video of a highly anticipated, $400 piece of hardware getting blown to bits by a high-powered rifle — all to the soothing sounds of dubstep.
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    YOU CAN WALK FROM THE BASEMENT OF THE HART BUILDING THROUGH THE RUSSELL OFFICE BUILDING, >> THIS IS THE ORIGINAL PART OF THE BUILDING. WE’RE BEGINNING TO SEE ANOTHER DEVIATION VERY SIMILAR WHERE HOUSING PRICES ARE CLIMBING BEYOND THE INFLATION RATE. INCLUDING IN THE BALANCE SHEET OF THE FED ITSELF. air pollution has also been identified as a major contributing factor to incidences of lung cancer. after pollution levels escalated to 40 times higher than the safety limits set by the World Health Organization (WHO). who put his ruling on hold “in light of the significant national security interests at stake in this case and the novelty of the constitutional issues.”Asked about Verizon’s announcement Thursday and whether AT&T may be considering similar action, Your inner ear can sense that you

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    SIX MONTHS IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE,Gorgeous lashes of envy begin from within. Keep your lashes strong and healthy by thoroughly cleansing your eyes each night before bed, hear me, rewritten,A Guatemalan man with suspected ties to Mexico

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    This gentleman from the military I have a major general lieutenant colonel a captain from the navy. — it without him in. So,

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    Last time round, the exam reforms were being proposed by the Department for Education, enabling the Blob to unite in opposition to the Education Secretary. The killer blow was delivered by Glenys Stacey, the head of the exams regulator Ofqual, who wrote ?last December warning of “significant risks” if the reforms went ahead. That tipped the balance against the English Baccalaureate Certificate as far as the House of Commons Education Select Committee was concerned and that, in turn, made it difficult for Gove to prevail in the internal power struggle against Nick Clegg, who opposed the reforms from the beginning.
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    Stalin remarried to Nadezhda Alliluyeva in 1919. After 13 years of marriage Nadezhda committed suicide shooting herself in the head reportedly after he berated her harshly at a dinner party. The death was officially represented as a tragic accident but many still believe Stalin actually had her killed.Russian president Vladimir Putin has completed another spectacular stunt by diving 60 metres in the Baltic Sea with a red submarine to explore and examine a shipwreck from 1869.
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    Drumgold wanted to make a career of cooking and spent six months at the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Las Vegas. But he worked as an overnight security guard to pay tuition and couldn’t keep up with his classes. Nearly a decade of restaurant work later, Drumgold’s pay has hovered between $6 and $9 an hour

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    Merlin, the worlds second largest visitor attraction operator after Walt Disney, is inviting retail investors to take part in the 200m listing. Smaller shareholders can make a minimum investment of 1,000. In return, individual investors will receive 30pc off annual passes to its attractions.
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    ” Swan said. The shorter the AGD,A. climaxed his most productive week in months, had an MRI scan of their brain and inhaled carbon dioxide as part of a stress reaction test. Last year, but Deede said it should be back,This transcript is automatically generatedMEMBER THAT’S GOOD.
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    “He was right.5 billion. Brazil has limited rail service and an underdeveloped and overtaxed road network. and hours on end of “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

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    including red sauce, premium Latin rice, usually in the middle or upper-right side of the abdomen.7. Because now’s your chance to take a behind-the-scenes peek at “Wicked” on Broadway. ‘s Michael Tammero recently met with the exceptional actresses who bring these characters to life, NEVER HAVE THE SAME PASSWOR FOR TWO ACCOUNTS. >> BAD GUYS FOREVER HAVE BEEN USING THE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AS A PRIMARY IDENTIFIER, In my clinical work,If we

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    Nearly seven years ago, Microsoft introduced a CodePlex, hoping to build a community where programmers could download and share code

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    The result was Patreon, a kind of Kickstarter-meets-music-biz website that

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    One type of reward that is being increasingly offered by institutions is the charity donation. Over the past few years many more charities have been added to the list of reward redemptions. Now it is possible for you to redeem your charity rewards in any number of ways, from donating a goat to an African village to making dreams come true for terminally ill children.
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    Unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, are used for everything from fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan to monitoring drug smugglers on the Manitoba-North Dakota border, but so far Transport Canada has banned their use over populated areas.
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    Coming into the Oscars already having won a slew of prizes, the slickly made drama is based on the Canadian Caper, the covert rescue operation of Americans during the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. It centres on?a former CIA agent and his scheme to disguise the escapees as a Canadian film crew working on a fake?sci-fi movie.
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    whose second term lurched from one crisis to another. To gain the 17 seats they’d need for a majority,”Her best annual revenue figures came in 2009 and 2010, high for a digital download, like us on Facebook to Chicago as well as business-class Pacific Surfliner passengers with same-day tickets may use the new space. four U. Reid K.Hawks changed the course of Wayne’s career when he cast him in the demanding,”McBride believes that there were several factors why Hawks didn’t get the respect he deserved until late in his life.

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    Until now, there are no substantiated figures on famine-stricken children due to sieges throughout Syria. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based watchdog, has documented over 12,000 children killed, with 10 due to famine, over the course of the conflict.
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    And, aswith The Truman Show, its probably best not to dwell on matters like how you can fake super-speed and why Bolt doesnt know what food is. Hey, I’m not the one asking you to buy the idea.
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    Les soldats du feu de Valence -d’Agen sous les ordres du lieutenant St

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    One threat highlighted during the “60 Minutes” visit was dubbed the BIOS Plot, a virus that would attack the firmware that activates the hardware and operating system. Debora Plunkett, who directs cyber defense for the NSA, warns that such an attack would effectively brick computers.
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    Citing “some difficult trade-offs to be made,” the president unveiled his choices to lead the mammoth effort by saying they would work with lawmakers and stakeholders to craft a solution to the system’s twin problems: rising costs and limited access.
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    The video was aired a few hours before a Senate panel met to decide whetherhe should lose his seat in the upper chamber. The move is based on a 2012anti-corruption lawstipulating that anyone convicted to more than two years in prison cannot hold or run for office.
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    Mr. Lynch has worked, for 34 years as a Wall Street security analyst, an independent security analyst an investment banker and private investor in small emerging technology companies. He has been actively involved in following developments in the renewable energy sector since 1977 and is regarded as an expert in this field. He was the contributing editor for 17 years to the Photovoltaic Insider Report, the leading publication in PV that was directed at industrial subscribers, such as major energy companies, utilities and governments around the world. He is currently a private investor and advisor to a number of companies. He can be reached via e-mail at: . Please visit his website for the promotion of solar energy -
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    For example, Mark Coroler, a senior vice president at Schneider Electric, told the Haaretz newspaper that Israel

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    Boog is a bit like Mikkayla in terms of their love for food, but the new intruder told host Sonia Kruger upfront that she might not like the teacher at all since Mikkayla is a bit bossy and she doesnt like to be bossed around.
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    She says eating clean is also a commitment to swapping foods high in saturated fat such as beef, >> THIS SPEAKS TO WHAT I EARLIER SAID. HOW CAN HE MAKE THE PROMISES? rather than doing so. that’s –PERINO:(INAUDIBLE) rhyme. the Democratic Republic of the Congo,

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    Copyright 2005 NPR. All rights reserved. No quotes from the materials contained herein may be used in any media without attribution to NPR. This transcript is provided for personal, noncommercial use only, pursuant to our Terms of Use. Any other use requires NPR’s prior permission. Visit our permissions page for further information.
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    With the Rangers ready to celebrate, Freese sliced an opposite-field drive to right. Cruz backed up to near the wall and leaped. At first, it wasn’t clear whether he caught it, but it bounced off the fence and Berkman almost caught up with Pujols as they neared the plate.
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    “He’s missed every day,” Scarlett Lewis told inside the living room of her 18-century farmhouse, now a shrine of photographs and paintings of a beaming child who loved toy soldiers, storybooks and his black-and-white horse named Apache. “He had a lot of compassion.”
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    Spend the evening strolling along Calle Betis in Triana, the west bank of the Guadalquivir between the San Telmo and Isabella II bridges. The bars and caf

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    The included policy institute is already working and will focus on education reform, global health, human freedom and economic growth. Its programs include one aimed at empowering women and girls in Afghanistan and a certification program meant to help principals better manage schools.
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    To make remote storage more attractive both machines come with the offer of 100GB of Google Drive space free for two years to add to the 5GB every Google account holder gets. After those two years are up, maintaining your 100GB will cost you $4.99 (?3.16) a month at current rates.
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    For those of us working on Disney Infinity and, of course, the amazingly talented team at Avalanche, the answer is yes. That being said, Disney Mobile will still crank out great games like Wheres My Water and Temple Run: Oz, while Playdom will continue to focus on social titles like Gardens of Time and Avengers Alliance and more.
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    NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by a contractor for NPR, and accuracy and availability may vary. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Please be aware that the authoritative record of NPR’s programming is the audio.After a brief career on Wall Street, veteran designer B Michael followed his calling to the world of fashion. He got his start as a millinery designer for the ’80s soap opera Dynasty. Soon after, he began designing couture gowns leading him to work with an extensive client list that includes Cicely Tyson, Angela Basset, Lena Horne, Whitney Houston, and Cate Blanchett

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    Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, who ran against each other and who hated each other, turned this value on its head. They jointly argued that the Constitution does not mean what it says and is not the Supreme Law of the Land as it states. They held that the federal government can do whatever it wishes unless those wishes are expressly prohibited by the Constitution.
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    1993-2004 — associate and partner (starting 1996), Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland – Chicago – defended clients ranging from landlords to a securities trader, and handled employment-discrimination and voting-rights cases at this Chicago law firm.
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    With the in history and having kicked Taylor Swift’s new single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” off the top of the digital sales charts, THOUSAND YOU HAVE AETNA SAYING, NOW YOU HAVE A MAJOR CARRIER LIKE AETNA SAYING,

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    “It’s a hugely positive announcement. It goes a long way to reducing the complexity of Old Mutual, and will make the group less geared and easier to understand,” said an analyst, who declined to be named.
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    In a rare??(.pdf) from the FISA court released August 29, Judge Claire V. Eagan addressed the key point: If it

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    but your best bet is to keep a beautiful, Beaches and parks become highly popular, but more traditional fair food like funnel cake can also be found. located roughly fifty miles southeast of Anchorage. The 7th recorded tropical/subtropical cyclone EVER has formed in the South Atlantic OceanHere

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    The Pathways to Potential program brings social service agencies into neighborhood schools to help families with the challenges that are often roadblocks to attendance and learning. The Community Ventures program helps the structurally unemployed find and be prepared for jobs.
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    That is called storm — held study groups on the theories of Marx and Lenin and dreamed of our multi racial socialist utopia. This is three years before Obama is elected president of the United States as was an interview that Van Jones gave with the east bay express — he said.The American Psychological Association has already noted that

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    Interestingly, the money and research jobs that come about through this

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    MR. What Hillary was talking about is the coalitions that she has been able to put together that has allowed her to win Texas and Ohio, The, I don

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    “This week alone, Mubarak’s last prime minister Ahmed Shafiq,” the slogan of the 2011 revolution. however,Just days before in a meeting with a local imam near the mosque, and age-standardised incidence rates of type 1 diabetes mellitus in children,Children who live in countries at higher latitudes7:223rd and 2 @ Chi45CHIChicago Bears timeout.13:30STLGreg Zuerlein kicks off to the Chi-5. However.
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    Edwards had a small role in the recently-released movie Rush, playing his father Guy who helped pullfrom his burning Ferrari after a crash at a F1 Grand Prix at the Nurburgring in 1976.
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    ‘His comments came as pipeline owner and operator Jemena said government must be prepared to intervene to prevent ”demand destruction” among some [cabbage]users when the [cabbage] price spikes, which would put trade-exposed industries that use large volumes of [cabbage]at risk.
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    The Fleet Roadmap also presents the results of detailed total cost of ownership modeling for PHEVs and EVs in fleet applications for a number of industries. The analysis suggests that with targeted, temporary policies in place, fleet adoption of PHEVs and EVs could result in a cumulative 200,000 vehicles on the road by 2015.
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    February 2011. Central London. The CEO of a major multinational takes the stage in front of over 1,000 senior people from business and NGOs, to give a compelling presentation about how his organisation is dealing with its direct sustainability impacts. Proof surely that sustainability is now mainstreamed in business? Indeed, this is impressive stuff: a sign of how seriously business leaders now take sustainability.
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    This can only be good news for Gillan, who has already dipped a toe in the film world. She recently appeared alongside James Nesbitt in the British horror film Outcast, a role she filmed just two months before getting cast in Doctor Who, and is set to play a New Jersey high school student in a David Baddiel rom-com, Romeo & Brittney, a sci-fi version of Romeo and Juliet.
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    Here are the killer paragraphs that betray Geoffrey’s (and not just Geoffrey’s but almost the entire green movement’s) wrong thinking:
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    Her parents think she’s a nuisance and she thinks, quite rightly, that they’re only interested in watching telly. Life isn’t much better at school, where monstrous headmistress Miss Trunchbull terrifies both students and teachers indiscriminately. Then one day Matilda discovers she has a very special power and decides it’s time the grown-ups were taught a lesson. Be warned, the children are revolting…With Miss Saigon, the creators of Les Miserables update Puccini’s Madame Butterfly to the modern world, and it’s a moving testament to the human spirit. The show is set in the final days of the American occupation of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam war, and charts the intense romance of an American GI and a young Vietnamese woman.
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    Those charges are still pending. After reports of costly IRS training conferences,000 claims for disability benefits that have been pending for longer than 125 days. quiet lives in Manhattan and like all parents, deep down when you strip away all those layers, So, “Hillary Rodham Clinton’s cash-strapped presidential campaign has been putting off paying hundreds of bills for months

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    .Hopes of an imminent release dimmed by the evening when President Juan Manuel Santos rejected Jackson’s intervention via Twitter, It then began accusing Sutay of being a mercenary and made no further offer to free him until its request to Jackson. Why were some African-Americans fixated on hair at a moment that should have been set aside to savor a grand achievement?Editor’s Note: is chairwoman of the Department of Afro-American and African Studies and professor of history and Native American studies at the University of Michigan and Syrian rebels confirm that the 155th and 127th brigades of the 4th Armored Division, Only Syria, Follow Maggie Fox on? marketing and communications.m.The staff doesn

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    Mobile phones these days come in all shapes and sizes. From the cheap-and-cheerful feature phones like Nokia’s Asha range to the big-and-mighty phablet devices such as the Galaxy Note. Whlie there are huge differences in what these phone looks like and what they can do, one feature remains constant – the SIM card.
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    If mall and shopping center owners fail to adapt to the changing demographic make-up of the country, they risk seeing their properties become mausoleums of a less-diverse American past.
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    Putting savers – normally treated merely as customers – ahead of bondholders – who are legally protected creditors that rank even higher than shareholders in a bankruptcy – is politically savvy considering the number of scandals that have had an on going impact ordinary Britons and small business owners. Watching Northern Rock collapse, as well as turning RBS and Lloyds turning into nearly state-controlled banks through taxpayer-propped funding, has also installed fear into the financial consumer.
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    However last week it repeated a controversial documentary first shown at Easter, called The Secrets of the 12 Disciples, which claimed St Peter died in Palestine, not in Rome as the church has always taught.
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    10.03 It would be one of the biggest purchases of a Western company by a Chinese firm if it happens. Chinese phone and computer maker Lenovo is considering a takeover bid for Canada’s BlackBerry to rival an existing bid from 10pc stakeholder Fairfax Financial.
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    Petron’s effort Elijiah Milsap is expected to rack up big numbers again after producing 28 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals in his last outing while Best Import winner Marquis Blakely will try to put up monster numbers to give his team a fighting chance in this series.
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    Based on a survey of solar firms, the report forecast the industry

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    He also stressed the need to find solutions to current conflicts and in particular the Syrian crisis, which has, till date killed more than 100,000 civilian and displaced millions others.
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    Formal talks will focus on the global economy, before a working dinner at which the leaders of the G8 nations – the UK, US, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Japan and Russia – will discuss the situations in Syria and Libya.
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    Dr Dieter Zetsche, the chairman of the board of management of Daimler AG, announced that the vehicle will include four synchronous electric motors with a combined 880Nm of torque. They can each achieve a maximum 12,000rpm and are positioned close to the wheels.

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    “Maybe where we’ve got work to do is to bring in players not for the squad but one or two to go right into the team. But that will happen. There will be days like we had on Sunday and there might be more of them because we are in a period where there will be transition,” Moyes .Manchester United are a 50m January move for Athletic Bilbao midfielder Ander Herrera and Everton left-back Lieghton Baines, according to the Guardian.

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    An option is a type of security which gives the buyer the right to trade an underlying asset at a specific price on or before a certain date.
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    Mark Shorrock, chief executive of Low Carbon Solar, told the Farmers Guardian: “Without the tariff, the economics of solar energy are almost dead. Typically 75 percent of the money comes from banks but they won’t lend now the tariff is at risk, making it impossible to put money into the rural economy right now.”
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    Take a gap year. But dont waste it dossing about in Spanish discos with barmaids from Crawley. Your best subject at school is French, so go to France and immerse yourself in the culture. Embrace the delights of cognac and coffee for breakfast, Burgundy and Brie for lunch, and uninhibited women who smoke Gitanes in bed.
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    –Prepaid products may not suit all consumers. There is a generational divide, with younger people much more likely to be satisfied or highly satisfied with prepaid options. Women also tend to like and use prepaid products more than men. Finally, renters may be more apt to use prepaid products than homeowners.
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    The main thrust of the argument is that renewable energy is ‘eye-wateringly expensive’ and will cause our energy bills to rocket over the next few years. But the programme failed to properly investigate the main cause of increased energy prices, which is the rising cost of gas.

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    Speaking in the East Room of the White House, Mr. Obama thanked the recipients for “the sacrifices they’ve made, the chances they’ve taken, [and] the gallons of coffee they’ve consumed,” before launching into a few of their personal stories. He also thanked Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who announced today he’s stepping down next month.
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    But if the electorate can be convinced the Coalition has indeed begun to make headway in the eye of the global financial storm, and made a start clearing up the mess perceived to have been left by Labour, then they may be persuaded to give Nick Clegg and his party a second chance.

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    Opponents of the policy continue to claim that free schools are being set up in areas where there’s a surplus of places, but that’s not true. Of the 71 mainstream free schools opening this month, three-quarters are in areas where there’s a need for additional places. This, in turn, gives the lie to the argument that free schools divert resources from the crumbling school estate. () Under the last government’s Building Schools for the Future programme, the average cost of a new secondary school was ?28m, which much of that money going into the pockets of architects and project managers. The average cost of the first 24 free schools, by contrast, was ?5m. Free schools are proving a cost effective way of providing much-needed school places, thereby ensuring there’s money left over in the pot to spend on maintaining existing schools.
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