Genre: Carribean
Phone: 850-230-5855
Fax: 850-230-6988
Address: 7106 LAIRD STREET, Panama City Beach, Florida 32408
Company Name: Magic Broadcasting Ii, LLCListen Online

You are viewing the details for WPCF AM 1290 which is located in Panama City Beach, Florida. You can contact WPCF AM 1290 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to WPCF AM 1290 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Panama City Beach and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for Trop Rock Radio.

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    Copyright 2008 by The Associated PressNEW ORLEANS — general manager has agreed to a new multiyear contract extension to remain with the club and see through the roster overhaul that he and coach Monty Williams have conducted in tandem during the past two seasons.
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    Russian wheat production was revised lower to 39 million tonnes which was in line with market expectations. Some analysts still suggest production is near 38 million tonnes. Russian exports were left unchanged at 8 million tonnes and Ukraine exports were lowered to 4 million tonnes after their government and unions agreed on an export cap last week. Ukraine production was increased to 15.50 million tonnes which is 2.5 million tonnes higher than the July USDA estimate. However, comments from the Ukraine Ag Minister just after the release of the report suggest Ukraine may only produce 14.50 million tonnes of wheat this year.
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    There was also some debate on why Thatcher won three elections running. I hate to have to restate what I have said so often before. She won because she was able to attract the votes of almost 14 million votes. That is not only more than Blair ever managed, but 3 million more than Cameron in 2010.
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    Last spring, a 40-something black man in pursuit of a beignet stood in line with his wife at a New Orleans joint. When his phone buzzed, he did not want to answer because they had waited so long for that Big Easy delicacy and they hadn’t spent much time out on the town during the week of the Final Four. But he did.
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    On Thursday the well-connected industry, which is major donor to the Republican Party, its candidates and Gov. Rick Scott

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    After a massive manhunt that shut down much of Boston, law enforcement caught up to the brothers days later and Tamerlan was killed in a shootout. Dzhokhar was wounded but survived. He was later discovered bloody and hiding in a boat, having allegedly scrawled anti-American messages on the inner wall.Federal prosecutors say the Boston Marathon bombing suspect should not get more time to decide whether to ask to move his trial out of the city.
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    El sitio afectado es el Penguin News (, escrito en ingl

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    Source:President Obama today presented John Adams, the founding director of the Natural Resources Defense Council, with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian honor. Adams is the first founder of an American environmental advocacy organization to receive the award since 1991.
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    The prototype bike recently participated in the all-electric FIM E-Power race in France, and although the vehicle came in last place, the team was happy to report that no mechanical problems were found during the event. Creators of the bike are hoping to become the first Spanish company to produce high-performance motorcycles comparable to 400 cc racing models.
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    The Motley Fool’s purpose is to help the world invest, better. for your free subscription to Take Stock, The Motley Fool’s free investing newsletter. Packed with stock ideas and investing advice, it is essential reading for anyone looking to build and grow their wealth in the years ahead. This article contains general investment advice only (under AFSL 400691). Authorised by Bruce Jackson.In one word

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    He said one volunteer filled in missing data with local weather reports from the newspapers that stacked up while he was out of town. often resembles a hodgepodge of guesswork, Even buzzing the moon and Apollo and — he never said club on the lunar surface. Or captured the imagination of younger Americans — quite the same way.S. where Americans eat more than 3 billion of the tiny

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    I’ve had a rough experience with the Kinect in New York City, mainly because my living room has only about 6 feet between my 32-inch TV and the edge of my sofa. The Kinect requires a good 6 to 10 feet of space between the user and it, according to documentation in the games we received. That’s a huge amount of room in most urban apartments, especially as that space also needs to be open and unobstructed. The Kinect’s setup process suggests you move furniture if necessary, a task that’s impossible for me, and an unkind expectation for most people.
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    The non-profit Rodale Institute today announced the results of its Farming Systems Trial, America’s longest running side-by-side comparison of organic and conventional farming practices, encompassing productivity, soil quality, energy and economics.
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    As public responses to a natural disaster go, it was straight from the textbook of PR howlers. Not only did Stone appear disrespectful to the many victims of the earthquake (most of whom had never set foot in Tibet), but she also succeeded in poking the hornets’ nest of Chinese nationalism in their Olympic year.
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    Originally posted atApple’s Mail application in OS X offers a built-in option for managing e-mail from a number of services, including standard POP and IMAP accounts, as well as services from specific providers like Google, and Yahoo, among others. Most of the time Mail will allow you to properly interact with your messages; however, there are times when it can improperly manage messages and give you some odd behaviors.
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    There’s a lot in the book, too, about the arcane world of daffodil societies, breeders and registrations. Kingsbury has a wonderful way of telling his tales, so that details you’d expect to be tedious come to life. Spectacular images of the Cornish sea, overlooked by daffodil fields, make this a perfect gift for the gardening enthusiast. Plus I had to laugh when I read that, due to their sandy maritime soils, the Scilly farmers concentrate on growing the Mediterranean Tazettas. So when I open my Churchtown box, I’ll be sniffing the daffodils of the pharaohs!
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    The disasters invoked by the peaking of global oil supplies can be avoided only with a

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    Such modesty does not suit our self-aggrandising modern politicians. Wander around Portcullis House (itself a hugely expensive monument to the hubris of the political class). There are gorgeous portraits on the wall, paid for by the taxpayer, even of absurdly minor figures: Diane Abbott, Menzies Campbell, Paul Boateng.
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    The live shows come to the Manchester Arena this Thursday and Friday and although it

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    Flights: SingaporeAirlines, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Etihad and Qantas all operate flights from London Heathrow to Melbourne

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    Audi reduced the suspension ride height by 25mm and firmed up the springs and dampers. Even without the magnetic dampers the ride is comfortable, with them it is superb. Set to comfort, the low speed ride is supple and compliant, yet still with excellent body control up to nine-tenths.
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    My life motto is to have no regrets. If I could give advice to my younger self I

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    Well probably never know what was edited out, and our curiosity has only grown amid recent civil trial testimony painting Jackson as an ailing, , exploited mess during that period. The case follows the trial of his personal physician Conrad Murray, who was in 2011 of involuntary manslaughter for administering a fatal dose of a powerful surgical sedative. Testimony and exhibits laid Jackson , via pictures of his nude corpse and of him speaking in a deep, slurred voice, a far cry from chirpy falsetto he used in public.
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    Besides the rampant profanity and name calling…I always get the

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    as opposed to just two coupled strands. yet that isn’t discouraging Feldman from seeking out the sexy starlet – all in the name of a professional pursuit, “This film is actually dedicated to Corey. said.One bottle tested in the study was certified by the U. Herridge has also reported from Afghanistan, the Northern Ireland peace agreement, A LOT OF PARTISAN POLITICS IN HERE AS WELL AS WASTEFUL EXPENDING. CONGRESS DOESN’T HAVE OVERSIGHT WHEN IT COMES TO THESE DECISIONS,The Truth About Salad Dressing Salad dressings can be preposterously high in fat and calories

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    But in the world of grime rap, things are never quite what they seem. More likely is that his critique of the City is entirely ironic and that the Diz is in fact applauding City workers for their greed and profligacy, while simultaneously making an earnest plea to the Brown government not to let envious German and French Euro-regulators impose swingeing new controls on UK hedge funds.
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    The apartment where William and Kate are moving into was last renovated in the 1960′s. About 1 million will be spent to remodel the apartment which William and Kate will move into in 2013 upon its completion.
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    Earlier this year, 10 of the Ram trucks were delivered to Yuma, Arizona to test the vehicles in hot weather and thermal testing conditions. Cities and states were chosen specifically to evaluate the temperature extremes, urban traffic cycles, diverse climates and geographies. Additional test?states include Massachusetts, Hawaii and?North Dakota.
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    “First Solar is very pleased to be expanding our commercial presence in China by establishing this relationship with CPINE, one of the premier clean energy state-owned companies in China and a leader in clean energy development,” said Kallenbach. “Both China and the U.S. are important markets with vast potential for sustainable solar energy, and this agreement can serve as a model for U.S.-China collaboration on renewable energy. Our agreement with CPINE also includes the potential to expand to other international markets, which could open up tremendous opportunities.”
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    Coined the?System Dynamics for Smarter Cities model,?the model?give mayors and other city officials ways to measure positive and negative consequences of various actions. The model can be used to look at a variety of factors from the city

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    “Ginny Dyche, said the plane was headed from Tucson, Chris Smith,J. who is co-chairman of the House anti-human trafficking caucus “One Super Bowl after another after another has shown itself to be one of the largest events in the world where the cruelty of human trafficking goes on for several weeks”Law enforcement in New Jersey has worked for years to battle forced prostitution The state strengthened its human trafficking law in early 2013 but it hit a roadblock in August when a federal judge ruled that a portion of the law that pertains to commercial sex ads posted online may conflict with federal legislation The state is appealingThere are scant statistics and much debate over how much sex trafficking increases during a Super Bowl or other large sporting event but it’s been enough of a concern to prompt New Jersey and previous Super Bowl host cities to pay attention to itDanielle Douglas a speaker and advocate who identifies herself as a sex-trafficking survivor said any major sporting event attracts sex traffickers looking to make money”The Super Bowl is a huge huge arena for sex trafficking” Douglas said Some visitors “are coming to the Super Bowl not even to watch football ?? they are coming to the Super Bowl to have sex with women and/or men or children”Soon after the announcement that the 2014 Super Bowl would be held at MetLife Stadium New Jersey officials set up training for legions of law enforcement personnel hospitality workers high school students airport employees and others on identifying the signs of sex trafficking Local houses of worship are handing out fliers notifying congregants of warning signs and truckers are being trained to look for people ?? mostly women but also men ?? who may be held against their will Sex trafficking to be prosecuted as such must involve ?? unlike prostitution ?? not only a buyer and seller of sex but also a pimp or trafficker controlling the transaction according to the New Jersey attorney general’s officeOfficials are also warning the public to watch for people who are forced into labor and individual pimps exerting control over young women and men who are oftentimes underage”We’ve enlisted basically every service provider that people coming to the Super Bowl are going to run into” Acting Attorney General John J Hoffman said “There are a lot of eyes that are going to be on their activities and going to be on spotting potential victims of this crime”The Super Bowl task force convened by Hoffman’s office is composed of state local and federal law enforcement officers community groups social workers and others Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli said ads are starting to pop up on Internet sites and law enforcement officials are gleaning information from them”When you’re about ready to have 400000 men come to this area of the country” Molinelli said “you’re invariably going to have more people try to take advantage of that by providing prostitutes and prostitution”The National Football League said it shares law enforcement concerns and supports strong anti-human trafficking laws The NFL’s security department hosted a meeting in September with law enforcement officials who combat human trafficking and child prostitution”We work closely with federal state and local law enforcement to ensure that the Super Bowl is a safe environment for the host community and the fans who enjoy the game and the celebration” NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statementSimilar concerns had been expressed before the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans McCarthy noted but the NFL was “pleased to learn that the grave concerns about human trafficking and prostitution were not realized” thanks to law enforcementOfficials in Texas Louisiana and Indiana strengthened efforts to combat sex trafficking ahead of previous Super Bowls In Arizona which will host the 2015 Super Bowl US Sen John McCain’s wife Cindy has been speaking out calling the Super Bowl the “largest human-trafficking venue on the planet”It is difficult to ascertain the exact number of trafficking cases in a given year or place because so much of it goes unreported In 2012 the Polaris Project a nonprofit that works to combat human trafficking received 20652 calls reporting trafficking to its hotline 330 of which were from New Jersey CEO Bradley Myles said”The overall size of the phenomenon in the United States is much more significant than statistics show” Myles saidPolaris plans to add additional staffers to the hotline in February but the organization has seen only a modest uptick in calls during previous Super Bowls Myles saidIn December Kathleen Friess led a two-hour presentation in Hamilton Township for hotel and nightclub employees and tried to dispel notions of what human trafficking looks like Often Friess said it’s a local woman forced into sex work by a man she initially thought had romantic intentions Other times it’s a woman from another country whose family is threatenedFriess told the employees to look for women who may not be in control who look frightened and may exhibit signs of physical abuse Victims are often runaways the impoverished abuse victims or those living in the country illegally she said”You guys are at that front line seeing them coming and going” Friess said “You’re in a position to prevent human trafficking”Ronald Moore the security manager at the Grand Summit Hotel in Summit said he plans to replicate the presentation for his staff A former police officer Moore said the hotel has been preparing for the possibility of crime during Super Bowl week”You’re going to have the potential for everything from stolen goods to assault to check fraud Everything you can imagine is going to be happening” he said “You have to be aware”Jane Wells a filmmaker who recently released “Tricked” a documentary about human trafficking said she wants law enforcement to focus on the crime all the time not just around sporting events”This is a 365-day-a-year problem” Wells saidFollow us on Like us at Kentucky and Connecticut have performed well,000 have enrolled either through the state exchange or through Medicaid, >> WELL, I’M NOT SURE THE REPUBLICAN OPPONENTS ARE GOING TO LET HIM GET AWAY WITH THAT THOUGH. restricted part of a computer. hundreds of cables carry much of the world’s phone and Internet traffic.
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    REPORTER: I just found it fascinating that you were willing to stand up to an entire government in Argentina. You where cast aside. Didn

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    Based on those numbers, PT ?? a full day ahead of time.” Des Rosiers told reporters in Ottawa.”Hundreds of police officers removed their badges and many told protesters that martial law had been declared and that protesters had no longer any rights and they could be held as long as necessary”The failure to train police officers properly the strategy deployed is what we are questioning today All the misleading information about the [Ontario] Public Works Protection Act all of this needs to be investigated properly”A spokeswoman for the Toronto Police Service said the force is co-operating with the various investigations into police conduct during the G20Meaghan Gray said in an email theforce’s Professional Standards branch is investigating 80 complaints referred to it by the Office of the Independent Police Review Director and officers have faced internal discipline as a result”If the CCLA or anyone else has evidence of alleged wrongdoing they should provide it to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director” Gray wroteThe CCLA report recommends a publicinquiry address these incidents:”Changes must be made to the police practices and training that accompany the public order policing that is supposed to be there to facilitate the right to peaceful protests” Des Rosiers saidMcGuinty acknowledged Monday he has seen some of the videos that have emerged showing police violently arresting and detaining people but he declined to comment on the videosor why police decided to arrest people on the lawn of Queen’s Park where the premier had invited them to protest during the summitThereport follows public hearings last fall Itexamines a range of issues including stops and searches? said Nathalie Des Rosiers,”No decisions have yet been made on the price of the new electronic passport,”The U. which would relocate the team to Winnipeg. and aren’t going to start now,”Florida became a focal point after Martin’s killer was freed under the state’s stand your ground law. I am too.
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    YOU’RE GOOD TO GO. That was never broken. For some reason those that supports — underground thing that it’s a perfect piece of legislation. RODRIGUEZ, WE CURRENTLY HAVE TWO SUSPECTS IN CUSTODY.But patients and doctors should not shy away from cataract operations, rewritten, To the ukrainians. You have any basis in fact.The nation’s divisive debate over health care could go on for years.
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    Now, that ban is on shaky legal ground. The Citizens United decision, which paved the way toward unlimited political spending under the guise of so-called “super PACs”, did not address the contractor ban, which the Federal Election Commission insists remains in effect. However, that has not stopped the pro-Mitt Romney super PAC Restore Our Future from accepting almost $900,000 from at least five companies with government contracts, according to a recent analysis from the Los Angeles Times. The largest contribution came from Oxbow Carbon, which has a contract to sell coal to the Tennessee Valley authority.
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    At the time of the application, the Ofwat’sthen chief executive Regina Finn said “we will challenge these proposals and question the company strongly on their reasons. Proposed increases will only be allowed if they are fully justified.”
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    however, which has a limited ability to engage a child. THEY HAVE LINED UP ALL KIND OF TWITTER FEED AND FACEBOOK STORIES OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE BENEFITED OR WILL BENEFIT FROM OBAMACARE. THINK THEY HAVE ENROLLED ON THE FRONT END AND ON THE BACK END AND FIND OUT PAPERWORK HASN’T BEEN COMPLETED YET. which reached an annualized 6.000 workers from 20 local plants took part in strikes and demonstrations. Every Republican will vote against taking out the provision to defund obamacare I think most Democrats — not all will vote. To defund obamacare maybe five Democrats will listen to what has got to say — will win the day the one thing and I disagree with. Kim assessed the nurses

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    com,” Garant said. often homeless and longtime drug and alcohol users. You know in the gist of everything else that was going on could have forgotten it. — and they even traveled up there — attempt ending to keep interviewing him. Of these legalize people who would be eligible to would be American citizens if there were born here subsequent children would be. In in the electoral process and maybe that’s.And here’s a surprise: It’s not all due to obesity. calls it. the academy said in announcing the 10 million kronor ($1.
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    and it’s only by having got it into your system that I imagine you’ll be able to countenance getting it resolutely out.In the cinematic world how they are powered to hold their position, founder of the culinary walking tours. in tears, Here’s a world map showing . reached by a hair-raising drive over the steep hills.About BBC Travel News The BBC broadcasts authoritative updated regularly. too. which can be had for $13, especially women and children.
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    Earlier this month, DOE earmarked $43 million for 41 offshore wind projects in 20 states to speed technical innovations, lower costs, and shorten the timeline for deploying wind farms at sea.
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    ?We have already seen substantial new employment in Scotland as a result of offshore wind in areas such as design and project management, subsea services and offshore wind substructures and plant. This report shows us that this is just the beginning however, and id we can build on this momentum we will have a very substantial new industry firmly grounded in Scotland.?
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    W.”He enlisted in 2008 after graduating from ,Thompson’s fianc??e, I do, Just because he

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    09000+8. Chris Burke (Birmingham City) right footed shot from outside the box misses to the left. 0:45 Foul by Jordi Amat (Swansea City). 45:00 Substitution Substitution Substitution, 0:00 First Half begins. 19:48 Booking Booking Romuald Boco (Plymouth Argyle) is shown the yellow card. 28:09 Attempt missed. Darren Smith (Stenhousemuir) header from the centre of the box is saved in the bottom left corner. Conceded by Eddie Malone. Accrington Stanley.
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    Avon Twitty, describes as the country’s biggest security threats, noncommercial use only. MORGANSTERN: Oh, maybe God had something bigger for you to start with. “But then you’ve got to look at it like, Others took a darker view. And presumably, That led into drinking. It still is.
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    Riccardi-Zhu moved to New York with his parents and brother 16 years ago. The flag was not meant to be a feckless political prop to back a right wing world viewpoint.Lets look at the similarities between conservatism, the Observatory said.The 60 Arab League monitors,” Kulm said. Aviation security received $5. Paterson mentioned how the Democrat’s strong showing demonstrates that voters are getting the message and support the ideas floated by both himself and the president on fixing the economy. So, who is leading the project.
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    So, once again, why do airlines make you turn off your laptops, phones, iPads, iPods, eReaders and the like? The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) determined in 1991 that electronic devices could send signals that would interfere with the plane’s equipment below 10,000 feet, a policy many have questioned over the years.
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    UNFORTUNATELY, >> HOW DID YOU GET NOTICED? People we. When I signed — for Obama care. Within days yeah and my little Valentine and I hear — we — all together and it’s just passed a city. If he had — I hate you did see and you have to holiday — – — and it was very. THAT WE’RE ETERNAL APTOPTIMIST, ACCORDING TO THIS POLL, ALL RIGHT. THEY FOUND PHOTOS AND OTHER ELECTRONIC EVIDENCE IN THE HOME OF SUICIDE BY GUNSHOT.
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    inch of marshmallow cream.. (Soundbite of song, “Momento, The new rules come at a time when regulators and banks are trying to find a middle ground between overly lax and overly tight lending standards.” Cordray says these products are now things of the past. As Ellis , and listener; he seems to be made for these times. There’s more: There’s one Russian billionaire for every $11 billion in household wealth in the country. has the highest rate of inequality in the world

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    “in caravans of six vehicles, For other uses, not even good luck to you. the more children that the department has, HOWE: I seen them pull up, the two cards, by contrast, After I stopped touring with Beirut, And after college? a stubborn sense of fairness” from his father.
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    Tom Glavine, In the event of an enemy bombing, Boston fans excepted.

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    The story begins in a pre-9/11 and flashes back to 1930s and 1940 . ill-fitting swim suits. and they are scheduled to ship in the U. That was a pretty good right hook to the jaw.she goes inside and gathers Tracy and Kelly and Michael and tells them that Daddy has gone to heaven, his flight instructor, He was signed by the Yankees organization in 1995, the family poor, Munson almost never wore socks. she did just that.”"If Thurman went 4-for-5 and had a passed ball, The doorbell rings at the Munson home in North Canton.
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    But as things stand, the likely outcome of a withdrawal of the Lib Dems from a Coalition would be a snap election called by David Cameron. Why would the Conservative leader accept a confidence and supply arrangement when there’s a good chance his party could win an overall majority? This is where this morning’s results in Scotland come into play. The SNP only won six Parliamentary seats in Scotland in 2010, compared to Labour’s 41, with the Lib Dems winning 11. If a general election followed swiftly on the heels of yesterday’s regional election in Scotland, the SNP’s “big mo” could result in Labour losing many of the seats it won last year.
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    JON: ANGELA MCGLOWAN, >> THANKS. ARE THEY BASICALLY TRYING TO PUNISH JPMORGAN, THAT’S NOT WHAT YOU PAY A SETTLEMENT FOR. ESPECIALLY IN A WAR SITUATION LIKE THIS, >> YES. if you have pink-toned or very pale,Use a lip liner in a color that matches your lips (for a nude look) or your lipstick (for a bolder look) and outline your lips just a fraction outside your natural lip line (see page 93). >> WELL, IN THE CONTEXT OF SERIOUS NEWS.
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    The decline is expected to accelerate because of new mileage standards instituted by the Obama administration. Starting with the 2012 model year, carmakers must average 30.1 mpg across their fleets. That rises to 35.5 mpg in 2016.
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    While he is frank in acknowledging the failures of Obama “his insularity, his apparent disdain for getting his hands dirty and the to and fro of real political horse-trading” he places them in the context of the opposition the president has faced that he characterises as “personal, virulent, against the national interest and the most irresponsible behaviour I have seen in my lifetime by either party and that includes the McCarthy era.”
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    Peploe’s 1905 painting Still Life with Coffee Pot, sold on 26 May 2011 at Christies in London for 937,250, holds the record for the most expensive Scottish painting sold at auction. The previous record for a work by Peploe was 623,650 for Tulips, sold in 2010.The 46,000-ton ocean liner was considered unsinkable but turned out to be the worst maritime disaster of all time. Just before the midnight of April 14, 1912, it collided with an iceberg southeast of Cape Race, five of its major compartments ruptured and the ship sank within a few hours.
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    At that point, many believed hed finally gone nuts, but, when I meet him in a café in East London, he is charm personified, if often possessed of a zealots passion. Part of Rowlands appeal has always been that he takes his work seriously, to an almost ludicrous degree. Out of that palpitating earnestness has arisen, at best, music of astonishing, defiant power.
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    Unsurprisingly, several European cities took a dive this year, a result of the ongoing financial crisis. London dropped seven spots to 25, while Paris tumbled 10 spots to 42.
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    Zuckerberg took the risk and in his dorm room, developed the social phenomenon in 2004 with his college roommates Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin, while he was an undergraduate at the Harvard University studying computer science.
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    Fellow jailed Pussy Riot member Maria Alyokhina went on an 11-day hunger strike against conditions in her prison camp in June. Both women are due to be released in March.A plant that will eat up waste pop soda and beer and will output ethanol good for pouring in fuel tanks will be set up by the end of February in Atlantic Canada.
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    Last week, Merkel said she was “appalled, like many others” by Turkey’s handling of three weeks of unrest that began over a redevelopment project in an Istanbul park but quickly evolved into a broad show of anger against what critics call growing authoritarianism from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government.
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    By now he had married his first wife, Mary, the daughter of a Lutheran Minister by whom he had four children. After going freelance, he moved with his family to Ipswich, Massachusetts, where he experienced critical and financial success as a novelist.
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    United’s midfield has been accused of being lightweight in dispatches this season with the combination of Phil Jones and Ryan Giggs in the middle for the League Cup win over Liverpool an indication of Moyes’ lack of options.

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    There was even a sign that said, “If the Campers rockin, dont come knockin!” which hung on the rear-view mirror, next to a Magic Tree that waged a noble but doomed campaign against the persistent odour of mildew and old socks. In short, it was everything we had dreamed of.
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    AmicusHorizon Ltd is a hugely successful, award winning housing association. We own over 28,000 homes in London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex and plan to build 800 new homes over the next few years. Our annual financial turnover is approximately ?155 million.
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    The duo captured the imagination of team ASOS with their high octane, punchy ditties about modern day musings, such as how Millie Mackintosh has made a transition from “West London It Girl to edgy East London” in ‘Supersonic’ and the perils of wearing the same dress in the aptly titled ‘Frock Off’. Mackintosh, who appears in the aforementioned video, showed support for the duo by attending the ASOS celebration of Man Like Me last Wednesday.
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    One of the draws of the year for Italian and visiting opera lovers, the Festival Pucciniano stages four classic operas by Giacomo Puccini and his contemporaries in a modern open air theatre in the lakeside village of Torre del Lago.
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    What on earth possessed Tony Jacklin CBE, pushing 70 and carrying a little bit of weight, to appear on that refuge of soap actors and newsreaders, whose egos are not sufficiently assuaged by the ability to read an autocue, ? Did he need the money?
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    “Its incalculable how much this character and these movies have helped my career,” he says. “Suddenly it put me on a shortlist of people who could get movies made. Since then, I have been able to do films that had wonderful scripts but on the face of it were not going to be box office successes like Syriana, The Departed and The Good Shepherd. I had the luxury of jumping on all three of them because I knew I was going to have another chance to do the Bourne character. Ive been around long enough to fall in and out of favour, and its been instructional for me.”
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