Genre: News/Talk
Phone: 603-436-7300
Fax: 603-430-9415
Address: Rochester, New Hampshire
Company Name: Capstar TX Limited Partnership (Clear Channel Group)Listen Online

You are viewing the details for WQSO FM 96.7 which is located in Rochester, New Hampshire. You can contact WQSO FM 96.7 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to WQSO FM 96.7 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Rochester and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for 96.7 The Wave.

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One Response to “WQSO 96.7 FM: 96.7 The Wave in Rochester, New Hampshire”

  1. John Bearden

    Don’t like this station. Almost at the point of changing the button on my car radio. Can’t decide whether they want to be a talk/news station or a sports station for the sheeple. Used to listen to this station on my phone when I wanted to hear Glenn Beck while at work. Then they stopped working on TuneIn and went to iHeart excluslively, so I downloaded iHeart. Then my phone broke and I replaced it with an identical phone…tried to reload and this is what I got….
    News Radio 96.7 (WQSO), Rochester, NH
    This favorite will not work with Blackberry for the following reason:Restricted by the broadcaster

    Seems silly since the ‘restricted’ software worked on my blackberry
    until I needed to reload the app.
    I now listen to Glenn Beck on a Rochester, NY station, and I listen to Kim Komando on a west coast station, since the Wave would rather get a kickback from iHeart than run the ‘superior’ and more inclusive app TuneIn.

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