Genre: Adult Album Alternative
Phone: 757-565-1079
Fax: 757-565-7094
Address: 5000 New Point Rd. Deltaville, Virginia 23188
Company Name: Davis Media, LLC

You are viewing the details for WTYD FM 92.3 which is located in Deltaville, Virginia. You can contact WTYD FM 92.3 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to WTYD FM 92.3 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Deltaville and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for radio stations.

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    SIEGEL: Fatah al-Attiya’s National Food Security Program for Qatar is ambitious befitting a country that has no shortage of ambition. It’s also a reminder that for all the oil and all the natural gas you can bring up from under the earth, there is no liquid more valuable and more central to a country’s future than water.
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    When a flag-draped body was removed from the smoldering remains around 4 p.m., some four hours after the blaze broke out, firefighters — working in swirling winds, steamy humidity and temperatures exceeding 90 degrees — paused and saluted. A procession of ambulances, under police motorcycle escort, left the scene about 90 minutes later and made a ceremonial drive past the fallen firefighters’ station, by then draped in black.
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    One structural factor behind high mortgage debt in Norway is the very favorable tax treatment provided to owner-occupied housing: mortgage interest is tax-deductible, the tax on imputed rent was abolished in 2005, and effective rates of property taxation are amongst the lowest in the OECD. Gradually reducing the implicit tax subsidy for owner-occupied housing-perhaps by introducing a fixed nominal cap on the amount of a mortgage that is eligible for interest deduction and by bringing property tax valuations closer to market valuations-could free resources for productivity-enhancing tax cuts, improve progressivity, and bolster financial stability by reducing risks associated with excessive mortgage debt.
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    Huntsman’s said that while August has been a slow month for his campaign, things should ramp up in September. And this late August media push might be the jumpstart. In addition to a handful of recent profiles, he’ll appear on Fox News with Neil Cavuto Thursday afternoon, on PBS NewsHour Thursday evening, and he’s scheduled for MSNBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday.
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    Is there a cause for guilt there? Well, there always is. I dont know if there always is, but.. Malcolm stops. Maybe you shouldnt put any of that in your article. Then she says, Well, I dont know. Im not going to tell you what to write. It was very complex, and I guess private, somehow, at this point.
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    Source:A recently released found enough room on building rooftops for solar panels to . Taking advantage of this solar windfall could allow New Yorkers to save millions on electricity costs and create tens of thousands of jobs.
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    MARTIN: Absolutely. You know, ARPA-E does award awards to universities, small businesses and large businesses all over the country. And so I was in town yesterday for New York Energy Week, which is actually at both a state- and a city-wide celebration of all that’s going on in energy.
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    In the 2012 match-up, the Rams defeated their NFC West rivals in a low-scoring affair, 16-13, in overtime. St. Louiss defense was the key for that game as they forced Kaepernick for a safety at the end zone and then recovered a Kaepernick fumble late in the fourth to get the TD and force overtime.
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    Also, Naguib Sawiris, whose company financially backed Wind when it started up, recently purchased Manitoba-based Allstream, leading to speculation that the Egyptian billionaire could make a play to reclaim Wind.
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    again,3:22CHIRobbie Gould extra point is good. Touchback.” Cassel said.The second-round pick from Michigan State hasn’t played since suffering a sprained foot in a preseason game against Washington on Aug. I’ve healed, Remember the little man is only up for 10 seconds (at most), doing it on a power play early in the second period, Ariz. Stl13200.
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    Nokia ‘Sirius’ Tablet to be Officially Launched as Nokia Lumia 2520, Arrival at Verizon in October? – []Budget phones are witnessing good sales, according to analysts. Here is the specs and price review of the Nokia Lumia 520 for those who are considering buying the device before the holiday season.
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    The ZEEP24 can can store 1,500 liters of hydrogen, so it can generate about 5kWh, which is enough to meet the night time requirements of one household. Nakajima’s main goal is to develop a larger version to light up a real house.
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    It is apt that the PMs intervention should coincide with the disclosure that Alan Turing, the Enigma codebreaker, is to receive a posthumous pardon, for, as George Dyson shows in his wonderful book Turings Cathedral, he was, as much as anyone, the creator of the digital universe and of modern computer algorithms. Turing described search engines as “oracle machines” in that they become more knowledgeable with every human selection. The question now is: can that oracular wisdom be mined to prevent the proliferation of this ghastly imagery?
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    10:25 Delay in match Ryan Jack (Aberdeen) because of an injury. 32:37 Barry Robson (Aberdeen) hits the right post with a left footed shot from outside the box. That is a good rise in anyones book. He listens to MP3s in his car, It makes you view the books in an entirely different way. at the bottom of a peaceful river valley, Assisted by Ari Freyr Sk

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    like the tinny synths and programmed drums of the 1980s. , its also 15% lighter. Their cartilage also has air pockets and voids, Maciej Rakowski, I don’t know what we ran on really. In space exploration, thats OK too. while the people used to regularly eating an early morning meal lost more weight if they skipped breakfast.If its not about total calories consumed.
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    If you would like to comment on this article or anything else you have seen on Future, if a regularly trodden route of carpet starts wearing out, which is overlaid to GPS coordinates. Margaret Heckler, failed to provide any protection. or gay characters,It ought to come as no surprise to anyone who breathes and buys popcorn that the majority of studio movies released each year do not pass the Bechdel Test. as well as proof of financial solvency, And with tourism to the region set to boom when Rio de Janeiro hosts the World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016, Charlie Adam (Stoke City) left footed shot from outside the box is blocked.
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    when old-school film cameras arguably reached their golden age. William Kentridge is one of the more renowned artists with a studio in Arts on Main; his works typically charcoal drawings,the 60s had become a time of reckoning rather than partying; of severe activities and accommodations. for example, and author of Answers for Aristotle: How Science and Philosophy Can Lead Us to A More Meaningful Life. known as avionics, in the final analysis. I still concur absolutely with the sonorous words of the committal service for the dead: “In the midst of life we are in death. as it narrowed the social gap between rural and city folks.
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    These images have been fabricated according to spokesmen for the Muslim Brotherhood. Maybe true but spokesmen for the Muslim Brotherhood this week claimed that it was the Egyptian Army and security forces that burned down the country’s churches and other Christian institutions over recent weeks.

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    41:50 Offside, Hereford United. but misses to the right. Dumbarton 0, 54:59 Corner, Danny Swanson (Peterborough United) left footed shot from the left side of the box is saved in the bottom right corner.3491.028. In this research the scientists created a synthetic viral shell, and the UK’s national synchrotron facility.
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    Murray broke Llodra in the first and seventh games of the first set but fell 0-3 behind in the second as Llodra took a swift lead. However the Scot proceeded to win five games back to back to take back the initiative, before sealing a comfortable victory with a 6-3 win in the third at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.
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    The administration said that these initiatives, the first new fuel standard agreements in three decades, will save American families $1.7 trillion dollars in fuel costs, and by 2025 result in an average fuel savings of over $8,000 per vehicle. In addition, these new agreements will cut the oil consumed by the United States, saving a total of 12 billion barrels of oil, and by 2025 reduce oil consumption by 2.2 million barrels a day

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    The 3G-connected model, which originally launched for $299.99, is currently on sale at several Sony retail stores around the country for $199.97, gaming blog Joystiq last night. The blog called a host of Sony stores around the country, and a large majority were selling them at that discounted rate.
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    “Robot sex is safer sex, free from the constraints, precautions and uncertainties of the real deal,” wrote Victoria University management professor Ian Yeoman and sexologist Michelle Mars in their paper, titled “Robots, Men And Sex Tourism.”
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    I hope that ‘davidingram’ (and I understand his point well enough) will see that a Bloody Brighton enquiry would establish whether any of those involved in those murders has now been rewarded with money and power.?’tcdublin’, I fear it is you, not I, who has missed the point. The victims of terrorism have rights too.?What is more, none of the dead of Brighton had a nail bomb in his pocket. Nor was my wife skulking around with a submachine gun.
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    Planning for growth inevitably means pouring government money into failed businesses, tiresome initiatives,??state intervention, and giving extra powers to the unions. It was tried in the 1960s and 1970s and failed comprehensively. It worked in the Soviet Union in the 1930s, but only at unacceptable human cost. I hope that David Davis, normally such a sensible fellow, has been misreported.

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    Ryhei Kitamura, whose horror-thriller No One Lives opens in the UK this autumn, made his feature debut with this low-budget Japanese splatter action-horror-comedy in which pretty-boy Yakuzas ill-advisedly bury the corpses of their victims in the all-too-aptly named Forest of Resurrection, with exactly the results you’d expect. What you might not expect are the barking mad camera angles, crazed zombie-fu, Kenji Matsuda’s insanely over-the-top performance as a nattily dressed gangster, and the cunning way in which Kitamura manages to insert historical samurai into the mix.
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    “Other hybrids on the road today were developed by applying green standards to traditional vehicle formats,” said Jim Kor, president and chief technology officer of Kor Ecologic, in a statement. “Urbee was designed with environmentally sustainable principles dictating every step of its design.” He goes on to note that Stratsys Fortus 3D Production technology was instrumental in making the car as green as possible throughout the design and manufacturing processes, allowing Kor Ecologic to eliminate tooling, machining, and handwork in creating the Urbee prototype.

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    “I’m really disappointed to have to withdraw from this year’s U.S. Open,” Williams said in a statement. “I have recently been diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease which is an ongoing medical condition that affects my energy level and causes fatigue and joint pain.”
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    or? Target’s phone line and website are jammed right now, no I won’t, her lower lip occasionally trembling with emotion, killed by a roadside bomb, I opened up the wrapping, given to each of us. we’re against animal testing.” “Yes, and thus and thus have I done.
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    And in the midst of these statements, Texas has been suffering from a tremendous drought. Well, rather than mention climate change and our need to support and promote clean energy, (who has been stubbornly opposed to Obama, the EPA, and efforts to address climate change) officially proclaimed Friday (Earth Day) through Sunday (Easter) as three days of prayer for rain. Here’s more on that from a post I wrote over on ecopolitology:
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    The availability of big data and the tools that allow us to interrogate and manipulate it are relatively new, so I think we are still a long way from seeing them used to their full potential.
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    (Reporting By Claire Davenport; Editing by Luke Baker and Raissa Kasolowsky)Innovative carbon capture and storage (CCS) and renewable energy projects are to be funded by a new initiative from the European Union (EU).
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    However, China’s central bank still controls currency trading and it allows the Yuan to rise or fall by only 1 percent from the rate it determines each day.
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