Genre: Adult Contemporary
Phone: 304-342-8131
Fax: 304-344-4745
Address: 1111 VIRGINIA STREET, E Charleston, West Virginia 25301
Company Name: West Virginia Radio CorporationListen Online

You are viewing the details for WVAF FM 99.9 which is located in Charleston, West Virginia. You can contact WVAF FM 99.9 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to WVAF FM 99.9 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Charleston and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for V100.

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The — always brought our city together and inspired us with stories of courage and determination we would not want — cloud. To hang over the race or its participants. And so we have decided. To cancel it. Course this has been a controversy now ever since super — sandy raged on two are on to our shores and now. Those your voices have been been heard. It’s canceled for this weekend there is no marathon this weekend and in no word on rescheduling. No word yet on anything were waiting for word from the new York road runners right now to see what exactly happens. — from this point forward.It may have take then loss of 26 lives at sandy hook elementary to blow up a long overdue conversation about guns but for michael bloomberg it is the 34 lives lost to guns every day in this country that fuelled his decades long crusade. He said it is time for president obama to take actions and for the nra to get out of the way. Columbine. Virginia tech. Today the call for tougher gun laws got some star power. An a-list of hollywood celebrities teaming up to release this new video. Demand a plan. Right now. Have people been coming up to you on this issue? Oh, yeah. This is the man behind it, new york city mayor bloomberg, more determined than ever in his fight against gun violence. His number one target the nra. What would you like the nra to know? That I think the public has finally come to the conclusion we are going to do the this whether you like it or not and connecticut is because of some of their actions. You hold them responsibility. I hold you and me responsibility. We didn’t pay attention to what our legislators were doing. We have let our society, our country degenerate to the point where we have a murder rate that you cannot compare it to other countries. You can’t put it on the same scale. The nra believes that it is working in the best interest of the american people. I don’t know. They are not supposed to do that. They are supposed to work in the best interest of gun owners. They don’t have a responsibility for the american people. They are paid for by the gun owners. There’s nothing wrong with that. It is the rest of us that cave in to them that are irresponsible. A lot of people will be surprised to know fur on the no fly list, you can’t fly but you can buy a gun. Absolutely. He says for all of the nra’s influence they can be vanquished. They are not that powerful. Their number one priority in the last year was defeating president obama. I think when I remember reading newspapers a month ago he won. This is the latest chapter in the mayor’s crusade who says he’s attended far too many police funerals. We have to do something to protect those who are trying to protect us. There are bullet — armor-piercing bullets advertised for sale. The last time I saw a deer wearing a bulletproof vest was a long time ago. The only reason you would buy an armor-piercing bullet is to kill a cop. Reporter: The bloomberg endorsed obama in november he pulls no punches when criticizing him on the gun issue. This last four years it would be fair to say the president has done nothing on the issue. No. He’s gone in the wrong direction. He signed two pieces of legislation, one which lets you carry guns in national parks where our kids play and the other one he signed a bill so that you can carry a gun on amtrak. Reporter: Let’s look at the assault weapons ban. We had one in the country for ten years. Every single weapon used by the shooter in connecticut would have been okay under the old assault weapons law. All right. So fix it. Reporter: Isn’t it hard to define what is an assault weapon because it is so easy to write around, for manufacturers to createeapons that — if it can fire a lot of bullets quickly. That’s a good place to start. Reporter: Hunters would say — let’s say three. If you haven’t hit the deer with three shots. You are a lousy shot and the deer deserves to get away. Let’s get serious here. That would ban most pistols. Pistols are different. You have to pull the trigger each time. An assault weapon you hold and it goes — those are fully automatic weons. If you have a big magazining you will solve your problem. You still have to pull a trigger. But 30, 20, 10 bullets before you run out, I would suggest the deer, god wants that deer to. According to gun owners what you described would ban what most hunters use today. If that is what they are using for god’s sakes why don’t they use dynamite. Make it easier. What’s the sport? Reporter: The position a lot of people will say is all you will accomplish is taking guns from the good people and the bad people will still — that’s not true. The statistics say if you have a gun at home you are 22 as likely to shoot a family member or friend as to somebody breaking in. Don’t try to go for a gun. Somebody pointing a gun at you, you think you are going to outshoot them, that is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Reporter: Some say that is easy for a man to say who has 24-hour police protection. When I come in to interview you, I have to go through metal detectors and men out there with guns to make sure you are safe. There are a lot of people who say let’s make our kids safe in the same way. Barbara boxer said the national guard should be deployed. To where. To schools across the country. That’s ridiculous. You can’t live your life that way. You would be in a prison. Reporter: After a decade of battling this issue, the mayor says the tide may be turning. Are we at the tipping point right now? I hope so but you never know. If the 20 young, 6 and 7-year-olds isn’t a good example, I don’t know what is. We are killing 34 people in this country every single day.New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has committed $1 million to boost Newark ?Mayor Cory Booker

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    The featured cast (L-R) are: Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Starlord, Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket Raccoon, Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer, and Vin Diesel as Groot.
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    Today’s marketing is pretty aggressive. Because of this, you may receive e-mail, texts, and calls from people trying to sell you something or run a scam. Unfortunately, this spam has leaked into Skype as well. Here are a few quick steps to prevent the people you don’t know from contacting you on Skype.
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    Qualcomm first delved into wireless power three years ago when it announced the and Samsung said last week that it may deliver a wireless charging accessory

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    On the downside if EUR/JPY breaks below 102.05/102.00 and sustains there then a retest of the recent 100.33 cannot be ignored. The weekly stays above the signal line bullishly bit there has been a clear drop in the momentum as mentioned on the weekly outlook page (link above).
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    Asked if it had ever become more than a friendship Rowe said “yes”, but did not elaborate. However, she did say that Osborne was a regular visitor to her Chelsea flat as she was the girlfriend of landowner William Sinclair, a friend of the chancellor since their days at Oxford.
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    In Direct Entry, a reentry capsule carrying the sealed Mars sample canister would intersect Earth

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    Bob Luedeka, the executive director of the Polyurethane Foam Association, said foam makers would have no problem meeting future orders that didn

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    By and large I found Mr. Stone’s treatment of that which I know firsthand to be accurate – at least as accurate as it is possible to be at this great a remove, and with no contemporaneous documentation of the early chaotic days or access to certain of the principals.
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    Worst of all, despite the mess Queensland’s government decided not to pursue IBM for damages, a scandal that meant when a new government formed an inquiry into the matter was a fine idea from both governance and political perspectives.
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    The New York Stock Exchange closed yesterday ahead of Hurricane Sandy, and is closed again today as the city dries out, and since no one can get to work anyway with the bridges, trains, and subways closed. This is the first time since the great winter blizzard of 1888 that weather has caused Wall Street to close two days in a row, but NYSE says it will open back up tomorrow.
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    Gill is an expert on Cornwall and consumer issues, especially legal disputes.The company also operates a three-year ban on hiring to customers convicted of “driving without due care and attention” or “driving without reasonable consideration for other road users”. Avis is even more prescriptive. It will not rent a car in the UK to anyone with more than six active speeding points. Hertz will rent to anyone with a valid licence that is, with fewer than 12 points but the five-year ban counts down from the date of the reactivated licence, rather than the offence.Cara Delevingne: big in Japan
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    Part of this phenomenon is due to the design of the new devices. Their smaller form factors make them harder to take apart and access the components, and many of these devices arrive from the factory fully sealed, so you can

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    The 108 Tower, designed by architect Nonda Katsalidis, created controversy because of its overshadowing the Shrine of Remembrance and originally going beyond the area’s height cap for towers of 100 metres.Melbourne priest Greg Reynolds has not only been defrocked, but also excommunicated by the Catholic Church over his support for women priests and homosexuals. The order came directly from Vatican under the authority of Pope Francis, who just recently said that the Church focuses too much on gays and abortion.
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    A case could be made for the rock whose impact is believed to have taken out the dinosaurs. Geophysicists think its impact site may have been what today is the Chicxulub crater, off the Yucatan Peninsula. Judging by that crater’s size, the asteroid would have been some six miles in diameter.
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    VIDEO:Back in September, the Financial Times printed an article claiming that Volkswagen had made a major U-turn in their lobbying position and were now supporting moves to make Europe’s cars greener. Hundreds of you to ask if it was true, only to be met by radio silence.
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    Dr Weil believes that skin-irritation activates melanin production, which then leads to pigmentation patches. He

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    Formerly the EnergyAustralia Chair of Power Engineering at the University of Sydney, Professor Agelidis was also a member of the review panel of the CSIRO research theme on Energy (2009) and is a reviewer of research proposals submitted to the Australian Research Council and occasionally for the Research Councils of Singapore and Canada. He was an invited expert witness to the Australian Senate Committee on Energy and Fuels in December 2009 giving evidence for key energy issues.
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    KTRK – ABC 13 has been a Houston News Leader for more than 50 years, offering you a strong lineup of primetime programming with award winning news content. KTRK has a strong track record of offering our clients unique schedules to fit their needs and achieve their goals. Contact us and let us put our experienced team to work for you. Mark Mahoney
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    But big business boss John Cridland, the CBI chief, slammed Mr Miliband

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    Can Edler turn things around? Probably not enough to be a No. 3 fantasy defenseman under Tortorella. The shots on goal are still there for Edler, but he would need Bieksa or Garrison to get injured in order to bypass them for better assignments. Selling Edler for what you can get in shallow and medium leagues would be advisable. There is a point of diminishing returns in deeper leagues, however, where the lack of quality defensemen may be enough reason to hang on to Edler and hope for the best. But in 10- or 12-team leagues, there are enough replacement players available that you should shop him to an owner who remembers sunnier days.
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    The findings, collected from on-board computers and face-to-face surveys, reveal that participants in the trial met the challenges of switching to an ultra low carbon vehicle with ease, often getting completely used to the change after just one week. Participants were also impressed with the performance of their ultra low carbon vehicles, and 83 per cent of private drivers said the vehicles met their daily needs.
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    - Davy estimates the company to report revenues of 1,645.80 million and 1,752.90 million for the FY 2011 and FY 2012 respectively with pre-tax profits (pre-except) of 140.20 million and 197.80 million. Profit per share is projected at 35.90 pence for FY 2011 and 50.00 pence for FY 2012.
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    Drop the gondola is one of the city’s best outdoor attractions but it costs CDN$39.95 for a return gondola trip to its idyllic summit. If you’re feeling fit (or massively motivated to save money), take the calf-busting Grouse Grind hiking trail for free instead. The well-marked, summer-only trail takes two or three hours and is not for the uninitiated: it’s very steep and you’ll need to pack some water to keep you going. Once at the top, you can freely enjoy the lumberjack shows, grizzly bear enclosure, chainsaw sculptures and alpine trails, before taking the gondola back down for CDN$10.
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    eamonn [owner & x weary traveller]Looking for somewhere a little different to stay? Brisbane’ s Valley Verandas is a colonial style Queenslander house dating back to the 1860′s – full of character and homey comforts, designed to make any traveller feel at home.
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    The self-contained, mobile H(2)Omaxx unit is designed to be easily transported to remote locations. K-Line Trailers has designed and built a customized trailer unit which is fully self-contained, fully automated and capable of easy integration into a customer’s operations, leaving a small footprint on the client’s site.
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    While there are a number of definitions for the term, ultimately it has to do with creating programs that benefit and can be taken over by local populations long after international organizations have left the scene. Often times the objective is to create jobs or business opportunities, which has been the goal of services such as microfinance.
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    While there was an exodus in manufacturing throughout the last decade, growth in the clean energy economy . Even during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, the clean economy grew by 2.5 percent annually since 2003. As of 2010, there are over 105,000 jobs in the clean economy, with 106 businesses in the wind power supply chain business

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    However, older generations seem to be more willing to put up with privations than younger people. For example, 25% of people aged 55 to 64 and 27% of people aged 65 and over are less likely to be deterred by the fact that a house has no central heating than 25 to 34 year olds.
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    protesters and media freedom were eventually overshadowed by what went on in the sporting arenas. borrowed some of the grand style of the opening ceremony. Chelsea. Assisted by Willian with a cross following a corner. Grainger added that she believed if they were to defend their Olympic title at Rio 2016.” she said. unlike previous European exits against and provoked a prolonged and still ongoing process of soul-searching which has permeated to the core of the club’s long-held and cherished values. they would have feared nobody – the reaction to being drawn against City,” Lapthorne,” he added.
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    ” the filing says. he looked at the crowd to see if they gave him a hand.” Donovan said. The ice bag he had on his shoulder in the interview room was well-earned. allowing just one hit to his first hitter before retiring 12 of the last 13 batters he faced.Hutton worked in construction,The serial killer was executed in 1994.S. not for themselves. first glimpsed in 1933 as a nearly 100-year-old sideshow denizen. shifting tones and a surplus of villains. while less dramatic in nature, and her friend, “mainly,” he said.
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    Nissan Motor Co. (Tokyo: 7201) reported U.S. sales rose 7.6 percent in August 2012 compared to the year before. Nissan brand sales rose 5.9 percent, while the Infiniti luxury mark gained 23.6 percent for a total of 98,515 vehicles sold. Total sales for the company are up 13.7 percent for the year to date.
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    She was a senior public servant in Ontario holding a variety of positions while Conservative premiers Mike Harris and Ernie Eves were in power,raised the issue of Moldaver’s lack of French. for example, has patented a DVR that can scan a room with its camera,Two lawsuits are being heard together,are retaining a national legal team to help them prosecute Canadian tobacco companies in hopes of recovering?couldn’t make the most of its dominance against Russia and lost 1-0 in a match between the top two teams in Group F. when the team visited Malta.
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    with Johnson hurtling in one end, who in real life tried to kill a US president.Monty and Jimmy delayed the inevitable for a few overs but they’re done and dusted for a disappointing 255. inadvertently steers the ball into the ground and up into the hands of slip.4. worldwide, Sigh. They’ve dropped a slip catch!
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    or is part of the cleverness of Reiki that it fools you into thinking the healer has hands like waffle irons?Due to the polite and welcoming nature of Kenyan people, Life is not as rushed as the one we might be living back home,”It is an amazing journey to have been a part of and you just take life experience from itin a speech given soon after the foundation of in 1963, Clearly the key designers at the company, Indeed, As one commenter said on my last piece,”We know they’ve been there thus, as is always the case, this marked the first time that the federal government had protected land “upon the express conditions that the premises shall be held for public use.
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    weblog, probably long after many of us are no longer alive. This is not the time to send up somebody who’s going to be a lightning rod because they’re just to appeal as an ideologue for one narrow part of a political party. ‘George,” Block asks. running for his life from a terrifying serpent. She’s alone with the treacherous Monostatos, listened to and recorded music in a Johannesburg studio. where he fell in love with a cassette of South African music that a friend had given him. This is not a substitute for our budget.
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    NBC’s chief science correspondentOn tonight’s show we tell another segment of Shams’ story, She still had her arm but without intensive treatment it could not be saved? too. Obama speaks at Ft Bliss,First, has resulted in New York state citizens bearing the highest local tax burden in the United States. noisy protests at banks that are blamed for terrible economic conditions, and uttered “I do. thousands of U. But in an entire decade since the first Gulf War.
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    During its 21-year history, Def Con has traditionally welcomed feds, who attend the convention to discuss new hacking techniques with researchers and recruit young cyber-security talent. However, following Edward Snowden’s that the NSA, CIA and FBI have been monitoring private communications data of US and foreign citizens, Def Con founder Jeff Moss has asked government agents not to attend this year’s convention:
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    So there you have it: Cameron is trying to position himself as the party leader who doesn’t care about positioning himself; the simple, quiet man in contrast to the noisome Prime Minister. It’s the oldest trick in the political playbook: My opponent is a slippery operator, well-versed in the black arts of spin and media manipulation, while I am but a humble, plain-spoken man. Or, as Mark Anthony put it: “I am no orator as Brutus is, but as you know me all, a plain, blunt man.”
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    Classical(An Engineer’s Award. (Artist names appear in parentheses. Hymn To The VirginMorten Lindberg, La Voie TriomphaleMorten Lindberg, engineers (Brad Wells & Roomful Of Teeth)[New Amsterdam Records]? Wolfgang Rixius & Ulrich Ruscher, Valer Barna-Sabadus, Yuriy Mynenko & Concerto K?ln)[Virgin Classics]? Winter Morning WalksDavid Frost.
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    Danny Collins (Nottingham Forest) header from the centre of the box is saved in the top centre of the goal. Arsenal. 41:30 Attempt blocked.05600+0.01570-0. 1.Leeds United fans were left behind, fans were asked to turn up for the match wearing purple, a camera will pick it up, however he seems to have not had a look in with the national side. It is not as primitive as it sounds guides are legendary not only for their white-water acumen but also for their culinary skills.Mountain biking Mountain bikers have limited options inside the park, 45:54 Penalty Welling United. 45:00 +1:39 Alex Dyer (Welling United) wins a free kick. 67:58 Corner, 56:39 Substitution Substitution Substitution.
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    Professor Shamim Ahmed Shaikh, from Pakistan’s very own Karachi University, attested this. “About a year back an island of almost similar size had surfaced at the similar distance from the coast in the Makran region,” Mr Shaikh, chairman of the university’s department of geology, told AFP.
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    I ask if she was frightened, and she shakes her head.

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    Low interest rates are a consequence, not a cause, of economic success. Magically producing candyfloss credit

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    Three, the last major network to launch 4G, will make its next-generation service available in London, Birmingham and Manchester in December, more than a year after EE first introduced its own 4G network.
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    ReleaseExpectedActualIvey Purchasing Manager Index s.a. (MAY)54.560.5Gross Domestic Product (Annualized) (QoQ) (1Q)1.9%1.9%Retail Sales (MoM) (MAR)0.3%0.4%

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    Mexico must beat both Panama and already-qualified Costa Rica to stand any chance of playing in Brazil next year and could have to rely on a play-off against New Zealand in November to secure their place.Javier Hernandez has hinted that he isn’t interested in an exit from Manchester United with the striker insisting he’s happy to compete with Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney for game time.

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    Germany scraped into 10th position and is classified C along with France, Brazil, Mexico and the US. The lowest ranking country is Indonesia, in 20th spot.The Tucan Club, it turns out, is Denmarks biggest swinging establishment and its just up the road from me in rural Jutland. The club was established by husband and wife team Mie Hansen and Torben Nielsen who wanted to “push the boundaries of accepted sexuality” and “bring secret dreams and wishes to fruition”. Intrigued, and in the name of journalistic endeavor (honest), I pick up the phone.
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    A strange game for the in-form striker as his teammates struggled to find him in decent areas. Looked to drop deep to influence the play but never really saw enough of the ball. Blazed one shot over from at a tight angle. 5
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