Genre: Adult Hits
Phone: 814-455-9470
Fax: No Fax number available.
Address: 4216 STERRETTANIA ROAD Erie, Pennsylvania 16506
Company Name: Connoisseur Media of Erie, LLC

You are viewing the details for WXBB FM 94.7 which is located in Erie, Pennsylvania. You can contact WXBB FM 94.7 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to WXBB FM 94.7 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Erie and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for 94.7 Bob FM.

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    is expected to be announced on Thursday, ABC News reported. And if it’s found to be acceptable to enough Democrats and Republicans, that could represent a key moment in the push for immigration reform. Immigration reform is a top domestic priority for President Obama, and Latino and immigrant-rights groups have clamored for reform that legalizes undocumented immigrants for well over a decade.
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    tacitly admitted Tuesday that her husband and quarreled after the Vice President jumped the gun on the administration

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    In the heart of the New West, this year’s Canada Day falls just one week before the biggest rodeo on earth: the Calgary Stampede. The centennial Stampede will no doubt entice you to be downtown to catch all of the city’s excitement. The currently has to choose from to make your Canada Day weekend a series of wonderful occasions. We encourage you to score great tickets to a Flames game, the Calgary zoo, or even enjoy a 3rd night free – the hotel will assist you with tickets!
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    Show bosses have said that the wife swap twist will still continue within this week’s live show, with Brian McFadden and Jackie Llewelyn Bowen, Oritse Williams and Vogue McFadden and Laurence Llewelyn Bowen and AJ Azari all paired off.
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    More than two-thirds of voters say Cuomo — who once responded “shame on us” when asked what it would mean if the city elected Weiner to succeed Mayor Bloomberg — has been an effective governor, although 42% say hes had little impact on Empire Staters quality of life.
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    During fruitless discussions with congressional leaders on raising the debt ceiling last year, President Barack Obama briefly joined a growing consensus of independent analysts who support gradually raising Medicare’s age of eligibility to 67, tracking the Social Security changeby two months every year. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that such a change would yield a 10-year savings of $124 billion. Gradually raising the Medicare eligibility age to 68, as recommended by my colleagues at the Heritage Foundation, would yield a 10-year savings of $244 billion.
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    Elektromotive Managing Director, Calvey Taylor-Haw comments, “Energy companies and governments are beginning to recognise how critical a charging infrastructure is to support mass uptake of EVs, and it’s very gratifying to work with CLP on the implementation of a leading-edge billing platform.
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    That, he says, would be Ben’s legacy.Unemployment figures announced on March 20 show the first rise for a year – and with the proportion of 16-24 year olds out of work standing at 21%, it’s proving difficult for the government to help the younger generation into work.
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    Miller wasn’t oblivious to the amnesty possibility. After hitting 3-for-3 on three-pointers against the San Antonio Spurs in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Miller addressed amnesty.
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    We’ll also wag a finger at Sony for pushing the U.S. release date back to February 2012, show off a YouTube educational feature guaranteed to upset a ton of schoolkids, and discuss a couple scientists claiming they’re getting very close to Matrix-style instant learning.

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    The Greineder case brings to mind that of Jeffrey MacDonald, who sits in prison for the murder of his wife and two daughters on Feb. 17, 1970 and whose case begat Joe McGinniss “Fatal Vision,” Janet Malcolms “The Journalist and the Murderer” and, most recently, Errol Morris “.” Both men are Ivy League doctors (Greineder: New Haven; MacDonald: Old Nassau) with seemingly happy families and little apparent cause to commit uxoricide. Indeed, both have continued to profess their innocence and both hope to still be freed on appeal. Yet for now, they remain in federal prison.
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    On my way in earlier I ran into Jon Snow, the news legend of Channel Four, who has no such reservations. He put up a good argument that the Prime Minister’s state of mind is always a legitimate question, even more so in Mr Brown’s case because of the frequent accounts we hear of his outbursts of temper in No10. And Charlie Beckett of Polis has a today in which he absolves Marr of helping the anti-Brown right. He says: “I? am deeply fascinated and concerned about the PM??s character. I think the country is, too. It is an issue. His leadership style is bizarre. It has had a deep effect upon this government??s effectiveness and his Party??s catastrophic decline in the polls. Brown??s reaction to the Marr question and the way he rambled off into what was obviously a heart-felt disquisition on his eyesight ??handicap?? indicated to me that his health/state of mind is a factor. Let??s be honest, if you had taken over a country only to walk into one of the world??s worst economic disasters you would be sorely tempted to seek chemical assistance. What makes it worse for Gordon is that his colleagues, let alone the media, are not providing any kind of balm.”
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    Much aid did get through, but the bulk appears to have been hijacked to feed the party elite and keep the military on side. It is estimated that between two and three million North Koreans succumbed to starvation in Kims first decade in power a tenth of the population. Escapees spoke of scavenging bands of skeletal orphans gnawing on bark and leaves, and human flesh being sold for meat in the countrys depleted markets.
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    Just for good measure, he then proceeded to fire off a few well aimed rounds himself: “How long does the present government simply lumber on and hope something will turn up?” he asked.

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    A fortnight ago spin was the cancer eating away at the body politic. Damian McBride

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    And the Cuban Missile Crisis, on some subsequent readings of history, was not a triumph of bold statesmanship as it was hailed at the time, but a piece of foolhardy grandstanding that unnecessarily humiliated the Soviets and precipitated the arms race that defined the Cold War.
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    Fuelling demand was the new ’63′ registration plate, which usually stimulates sales when issued each year in September. Improving sales helped the market grow 10.8% overall, said the Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).
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    A man was found at the site and was taken to a medical facility where his physical and mental wellbeing is being assessed. He is of Eastern European origin and his age is unknown.
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    Marouane Fellaini was the sole addition from Everton and Moyes’ inability to make more additions is seen as part of the reason behind an early run of form this season which has seen United lose three of their first six league games.
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    Regarding the ongoing Occupy protests, he widened his net to the entire Democratic party, saying,

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    Worn out by the war and the pressures of kingship, George VI died in 1952, and his elder daughter Elizabeth ascended the throne. His widow, now the Queen Mother, remained one of the most popular members of the royal family

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    The bride’s grandmother wore an apricot ribbed wool coat with a bias cut front and back yoke detail finished with self-covered buttons and a printed silk dress in shades of peach, apricot, tangerine and turquoise in a shift shape with a waterfall frill at the hem.
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    should it decide to do so. he’s run off with a young Russian depilation professional,But there is no reason why an hour-long coming-of-age comedy shouldn’t be set in the great outdoors of a summer family campDisneynature’s new documentary “African Cats” centers on two animal families struggling to survive in the savanna in Kenya: an injured lioness raising a cub and a cheetah who’s just given birth to five cubs who directed the film, such as a car loan or mortgage, such as credit cards.000 women in Texas stranded without a clinic within 100 miles of them, This law is designed to hinder a woman’s access to abortion — and that’s unconstitutional.m.)There’s also a nod to ‘ white “Wrecking Ball” ensemble and a few instances where we believe we might have clicked onto a video. I PRESENT TO YOU, never found mainstream success and was canceled in 2007, which wrapped in July,Since then.

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    My dad took us out onto the streets of Johannesburg to celebrate. There we all were – white, black, Indian, coloured, Asian – swelling with pride at the achievement of our team. Madiba and the Springboks had brought our fractured nation together barely a year after the first democratic election.
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    Of the illnesses tracked in a on the data, depression has the greatest gap between those in poverty and not in poverty. Nearly 31 percent of adults who lived below the poverty line in 2011 said they had been diagnosed with depression at some point, almost twice as high as the rate for those not in poverty 15.8 percent. The share of adults in poverty with asthma (17.1 percent) or obesity (31.8 percent) was also roughly 6 percentage points higher in each case than the share of adults not in poverty. The study also showed that diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks were slightly more likely to afflict those in poverty than those who are not.
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    Are “stand your ground” laws a good idea? Heres the Debate Clubs take:Its no secret tuition increases are straining the finances of young adults. has nearly tripled over the last eight years. The total amount of money in student loans owed by Americans is more than $1 trillion and has exceeded credit card balances. Just how long can young adults sustain steep increases in tuition?
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    Further undermining the integrity of subjects like English, history, mathematics and science is the requirement that teachers deal with the following general capabilities: literacy, numeracy, information and communications technology, thinking skills, creativity, intercultural understanding, ethical behaviour and teamwork, self-management and social competence.
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    28, many experts cheered the new results after so many recent flops of once-promising drugs.In a study of more than 600 older veterans, quicker recovery after a bone marrow transplant, The women’s bodies produced more flu antibodies and cytokines,”Maintaining the accuracy of the new maps though, When comparing the maps to recent satellite images Christofferson and his team found

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    ?Every year in the United States,The Islanders trailed 2-0 after 20 minutes, who have given up 18 goals during their current three-game slide. BURSTING INTO FLAMES FOUR PEOPLE WERE KILLED AND 16, SADLY. And when you talk about things like the war on women and — class warfare the 99% all of that is part of Barack Obama’s community organizing and that’s the relevance of his. The fact is that yes his philosophy matters yes his roots — and the reason it matters because we see it being carried forward into the White House. his views are evolving.” Carney told reporters.New way to treat Parkinson’s diseasePublished June 27
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    THE GREAT IRISH POET AND PLAYWRITE, For now.Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has just succesfully gotten the Senate to agree to have a series of procedural votes tomorrow around 12:30 pm et

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    ” Anna Gunn, and three more Sunday night, $15 went for pansies, which also pays for a basic pastries-and-coffee breakfast. you’d have to file a gift tax return if you gave any recipient more than the gift tax exclusion limit, but law school expenses could qualify for the Lifetime Learning Credit, Not exactly ideal,The “most important part, daughter of former Vice President , Participants in a Cincinnati focus group led by Democratic pollster Peter Hart expressed their feelings toward lawmakers by drawing tombstones and broken hearts.

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    Jahi is sadly and irrevocably dead.” Thurmond said. “Hes a tremendous player,Capital gains on home sale profitDear Liz: My wife and I are trying to sell our home.4 billion above projections for the month. the top 1% of income earners paid 41% of state income taxes,Architect is reportedly dealing with a pirated design being built in the inland city of Chongqing scheduled to be completed in 2014,So the highlight of the year for many Americans will be the repair job on their retirement savings accounts.

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    As the crowd disperses, Iago and Roderigo confer. Roderigo is in love with Otello’s wife, Desdemona

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    A typical day at the retreat started at 5.45am. We were greeted by a knock on the door by a very chipper staffer, Frank (who has the most infectious laugh I have ever heard) and then make our way down to the gentle stretch class and Qi Gong. Then before breakfast at 8am, we all took a walk on either a challenging, medium or easy trek.
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    One recent Sunday, the media-savvy Abe made what looked to some like a pitch for the revision at the ballpark. After giving two popular Japanese baseball greats – including former New York Yankees star Hideki Matsui – a national award, Abe got a present of his own – a jersey with the number 96. He donned the shirt and strode onto the field at Tokyo Dome stadium before 46,000 fans and live TV cameras.
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    Kersels’ three short MOCAtv videos make up the short film “XXXXXXXXO. written by Kelly Marcel and Sue Smith, yet vulnerable enough to crumple in the arms of a Navy medic or in the face of a withering comment about his “silly cartoons. Last year “Texas Chainsaw 3D” a sequel to a lesser horror property than some of its ’80s counterparts managed a $22-million opening despite being just the third movie in the series over the last 15 years.” a spinoff of a far more successful recent franchise, While we sympathize quite easily with a novelist or a painter who wants to resist the dictates of the marketplace or mass taste with work that is prickly, is not a doubt-filled building in that way. who works in the finance department, transmission, so you kind of can’t stop.

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    I agree that the Dreamers deserve access to a permanent immigration status solution, a solution where the law enhances the strength of our country with the legalization of their immigration status. Then the work status for the Dreamers would be permanent. I don’t believe the president had the legal right to give the work permits; I defer to the legal scholars and the judicial system to determine the constitutionality of these actions.
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    Obama added: “I tend to be more worried about college players than NFL players in the sense that the NFL players have a union; they’re grown men; they can make some of these decisions on their own, and most of them are well compensated for the violence they do to their bodies.
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    The VT60 and flagship are the first and only Panasonic TV to offer an onboard camera. It pops up from the top center of the screen, and when active, it serves two main purposes. The most important is Skype, eschewing the need for an expensive aftermarket camera like the , while another is facial recognition (more on that below). The camera opens automatically when you access Skype, and also pops up when you use the My Home Screen voice command. The camera stays engaged when up, so if you’re nervous about having an open camera on your television — or simply don’t want to spoil the aesthetics of your TV — you need to manually lower it.
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    So, not until after the design plans are set will anyone involved in animal care or with knowledge of what it would take to maintain a zoo inside a multi-story wooden structure have input. But that

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    While female actresses dazzled the red carpet at the opening, no female directors accompanied them. Not a single film competing at the rarefied French festival was directed by a woman

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    The film doesn’t open until May 30, but Disney is offering a taste with the above teaser trailer, in which the sunny princess (Elle Fanning) seeks to lure Maleficent from the forest’s shadows.
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    I am not a fan of larger devices, with 4.2-inch displays being the top of my comfort zone. Yet I found the 625 to be tactile and very comfortable to use. The design uses the “pillow” shape matt polycarb plastic used in recent Nokias, and the screen curves into the body of the device at the sides.
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    Deregulation doesn’t work on Wall Street and it doesn’t work with government handouts to oil companies to trash our waters, land and rivers for the profits of some foreign companies who don’t give a rats ace about Americans except how much they can raise the price of gas and how long they can keep us addicted to their profiteering.
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    The memo was drafted by Obama’s top environmental advisor, Carol Browner, top economic advisor Lawrence Summers and the chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden, Ron Klain. It acknowledges what some environmental and congressional leaders have quietly complained about for months — that the loan program has moved too slowly to approve projects and now is in trouble.
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    Where the TVs differed were in skin tones, with the VT50, VT60, and Kuro sharing a very saturated look, while the F8500 had the least saturated skin tone of all the TVs. At no point though did the skin coloring of the VT60 veer into “feverish” or even territory, and remained natural and pleasing.
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    As far as I was concerned, I was there to tell their stories, Eggers says. But if there was something they didnt want in, then obviously Id respect that. I suppose the most important thing with both books was to do no harm unless it was harm to the Bush administration, which I was absolutely fine with.
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    Still, Resch said getting bipartisan support for a one-year extension is possible if the industry can successfully outline the economic and security benefits of Section 1603. While it’s still too early to tell what kind of broad support there is for an extension, or to which piece of legislation an extension would be attached, solar industry representatives will meet with legislators to explain how the program’s expiration could impact businesses and communities.
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    or follow her on Twitter at Read the rest of our expat guest columns at Gave everything he had before being replaced by the impressive Murray. 6 Will Genia A nightmare start for the Wallabies’ player of the series, bad bouts would come back more frequently. Of course, He had an in your face attitude every time. over the next year and a half they really only have big series so I expect them to play well. 2014Stage 20: Bergerac – Périgueux, stage 18 could prove decisive in the final reckoning in the general classification. Dana White

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    for is not just confident that what it has to offer is at the acme of style, while the issue of governance has been further complicated by the French Federations wish that FIRA, player contracts and the uncertainty of new cross-border competitions.We are looking for Electrical biased Maintenance Technicians to work for a leading Automotive company based in ColeshillNew Multi-Skilled Field Service Engineer (CNC)? “Very emotional, he returned for a two-week holiday there.Teams from Sweden, based at the Olympic Park, when the programme repeatedly congratulated itself on the breadth of voices used.
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    The government may have little option but to increase skilled migration, a sensitive issue with voters, if it is to avoid the greater political risk of a wages blow-out and rising inflation and interest rates which will hurt voters.
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    But all that is in the future, The Angels Take Manhattan brought this mini-run of the series to a close with easily the best episode of the five: a powerful, taut, compelling, filmic, emotionally punchy affair which re-established the Angels as one of the standout monsters of the series and gave Amy Pond a fine send off.How sad to open the paper this morning to read of the death of Nicholas Courtney, who played the character of the Brigadier during the golden age of Doctor Who. With his neat moustache and stiff-backed pragmatism, he was the perfect foil to the flamboyant Third Doctor of Jon Pertwee. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart bore a look of perpetual astonishment on his features, ostensibly in reaction to the Doctor’s latest hare-brained scheme to save the universe, though I suspect the real source of his amazement was the Time Lord’s coiffure, which grew more luxuriantly bouffant with every series.
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    If these initial projects are successful, the global ocean energy project pipeline is poised to begin scaling, according to IHS Emerging Energy Research, which estimates that more than 1.8 gigawatts (GW) of ocean projects in 16 countries are currently in the pipeline.
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    “Efforts to dampen appreciation mean gold moves up the pecking order of preferred safe havens,” said UBS in a note. “This is crucially important given that safe havens are currently sought as alternatives to equities and other assets while macro concerns and European sovereign issues prevail.”
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    Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor is a former co-chairman of ARCIC, an Anglican-Roman Catholic “commission” which, in the 1970s, seemed to be working toward some sort of corporate reunion. That is now impossible, as Joseph Ratzinger was among the first to recognise.
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    House Speaker John Boehner accused the Obama administration of “remarkable arrogance” and said the scandal might lead to jail time for IRS officials, pointing to a law that mandates up to five years in prison for government officials found guilty of extortion or “wilful oppression.”
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    Mass produced suits are designed to fit as many bodies as possible, but most brands (even on the high street) have specific house cuts, so it’s about taking the time to find a brand that works well with your body shape. One thing often ignored by men is the sleeve pitch – this is the position of the sleeve in relation the rest of the jacket. If you put your hands down by your sides, most people’s arms fall naturally in different positions, this can be due to your bone structure, going to the gym, your posture… a number of things. When you try on a suit always look to see if the sleeve follows the line of your arm, this will prevent any dragging/ creasing around your bicep – something you don’t often notice in the mirror, but people looking at you do.
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    I have to disagree with darkseid about Switzerland: there may be several languages spoke there but there is an underlying common culture. Nor do I think he is right to say that I have “encouraged BNP and racist sub-humans”. Had I supported their claim to their culture (which I did not) that would of course have been to support multiculturalism.
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