Genre: Adult Hits
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Address: P.O. BOX 1776 Traverse City, Michigan 48605
Company Name: Playtime Media, LLC

You are viewing the details for WZTC FM 104.5 which is located in Traverse City, Michigan. You can contact WZTC FM 104.5 by simply calling them at their phone number listed above. You can listen to WZTC FM 104.5 on the radio pretty much anywhere in Traverse City and the surrounding areas. So enjoy your stay at, your one stop site for Bob FM.

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110 Responses to “WZTC 104.5 FM: Bob FM in Traverse City, Michigan”

  1. Two Steps Back

    The Bob WAS a great story with a lot of people tuning in…sadly, in spite of their success they hired KLT’s recently fired morning castoff Fister. Apparently The Bob wants to build on the popularity of KLT’s promotions like “Drink Hard WIth Fister” or the famous “Pass Out & P*ss Yourself” night or just steal all the hardcore 23 year old alcoholics that worshipped him & understood his sophomoric gibberish. He was the reason I stopped listening to KLT after 20 years & now maybe I’ll give them a second look.

  2. Finster seriously???

    I want you to know I discovered the bob late last summer and havent turned the channel or listened to a cd since. Your music selection is second to none. However when I heard Finster was coming to the moring show, my first thought was I can listen to something else in the moring. But I can’t stand to hearing Finster’s voice on even comercials throughout the day. I stopped listening to 97.5 all together because Finster represents the very bottom of what our society has to offer. He is a disgrace to your orginization. You have lost a listener and a fan. Hopefully one day someone will tell me he is off the air and I will come back.

  3. You did what?

    Hired Sphincter? Did you need 30 additional unemployed listeners that bad? Maybe with a stint in rehab, classes in basic hygiene and psychological intervention you might have a morning personality that doesn’t suck…as much…maybe.

  4. Seriously? HR needs a head slap..

    Whoever made the decision to hire the multi-convicted drunk Finster after he was fired from another station should be fired themselves. Poor judgment appears to be a strong suit with this decision.

    This guy is, seriously now, a foul smelling, slovenly, piece of crud worthy of nothing, particularly a listening radio audience. Truly, he quite literally stinks of a very foul, unwashed odor, much like you garden variety street person. Why anybody qould hire him is beyond me.

    Until I hear he has ben fired by The BobFM, I’ll not listen to the station again, and I will encourgae others to turn the dial as well. Oh, the person responsible for hiring this slob has got to go too.


    This dude was like crazy a few years ago at Big Easy, he was so drunk & sucking face with some chick…hellarious damn near passed out and drove home! He rocks!

  6. The Bob

    I Like to Deacatet A Song To The Saff at Tgi his Name Is Mike His Like a Friend Anying Good Songs About Friends

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